Bitten by Desire: A Werewolf Tale's of Reverenge

Bitten by Desire: A Werewolf Tale's of Reverenge

By:  eliynorma  Ongoing
Language: English
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Love between two worlds collides in a story of passion and inner battle. Lei, a feisty half-wolf girl, falls in love with a charismatic werewolf from the from the elite Sun Clan named Sol. However, Lei must hide her relationship with Sol because she has been betrothed to Sergey, the leader of the Moon Clan who is the archenemy of the Sun Clan. Lei realizes the feud between the clans cannot defeat her growing feelings. However, her parent's live under Sergey's control keep Lei trapped. Lei realized that any choice could trigger a major war between the clans. However, Lei must still choose whether to follow her heart and face great danger, or must sacrifice her love for Sol for the safety for the respective clans.

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nice...... i like this...
2023-08-30 15:07:48
25 Chapters
1 | Goddess of Heaven
What's so attractive about a nerdy girl with geeky looks and thick glasses?Nothing!That's how it should be. But people in this school treat me like a goddess of heaven.Correction, not everyone. Just a select few guys who unluckily make up two-thirds of the male student population in this school.As a result, this nerd with an ugly appearance and thick glasses framing her eyes was forced to accept the fact that her enemies were multiplying."Hello, dear. How's school?"I groaned in frustration. Mom, who picked me up this afternoon, asked the question in an annoyingly cheerful tone."It makes me sick," I replied curtly."Oh yeah? It's been three months since you transferred to this school. You shouldn't have any friends, right?"I rolled my eyes. This was our epic conversation this afternoon.While other parents were vying to encourage their children to have lots of friends, my parents were advising me to keep my distance from others and not have frequent contact with humans.This is
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2 | Werewolf Attacks
Okay, this isn't right.How could I fall into the arms of such a handsome man!That's right! He's really, really handsome!Oh, my God. I can't breathe!"Hey, are you okay?" He repeated his question again.I tried to stand up straight. Damn. The legs were as soft as jelly.Instead of being able to tread properly on the sidewalk, I staggered forward and almost fell. That's when this handsome guy pulled me back into his arms.God, I can't face this attack of handsomeness twice.But... wait a minute! Since when did a werewolf like me recognize God?"It looks like you're okay. Do you need me to carry you to your house?"I shook my head. My face felt hot. I quickly let go of his embrace and stood at a distance.This time I managed to stand up straight. My gaze was glued to the man who was right beside the trash can.He was tall and slim. He reached at least 190 centimeters, very tal
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3 | Duel in Leo Carillo
My mom and I ran as fast as we could. We took the car and drove to the beach."Damn it. Where's the beach my future son-in-law is going to?"I glared in annoyance. How could Mom use that term in such a critical situation?"There are many beaches. I was attacked at Leo Carillo. Is it possible the boy went there too?"I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate. Unfortunately, my ability as a half-werewolf could not sense where Sol was."Ah, is that Sol?"I opened my eyes. We had just crossed the beach of El Matador. My eyes blinked as I saw a familiar figure laughing with two men and a woman.I wanted to jump for joy. At least they were s
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4 | Deadly Blink of an Eye
Who was the werewolf yesterday?The question kept running through my head. Two days had passed since the incident with the two foreign werewolves on Leo Carillo beach.Mom and I were lucky because at the crucial moment a savior came. Another werewolf with an equally large body, brown fur with snow-white patches, and dark gray eyes that glinted softly.I don't remember anything wrong. Those eyes were indeed softly glowing instead of sharp like a typical werewolf. Even more astonishing was that he managed to kill two of our attackers in just one hard chop.That werewolf was really strong.Annoyingly, after saving us, the werewolf just ran away. He did help us kill the attackers, but he didn't have to leave the job of cleaning up the mess to me and Mom, did he?So that night we had to drown two of the werewolf's bodies in the sea. For Mom who was injured and me who was in human mode, carrying two large werewolves was certainly very draining."Lei, have you done Professor Thomas' essay?"
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5 | Love at the First Sight
The girls just left me after being satisfied with slapping and humiliating me in front of many people. I adjusted my sagging glasses. With my chin held high, I walked out of the corridor towards the backyard of the school. Paying no attention to the curious stares of the other students.In the end, I skipped class.Yes!My mood was completely ruined. Being half-human turned out to require great sacrifice. Instead of turning back to class, I jumped over the school fence after covering the CCTV with a tissue.The full moon was still five days away. However, my body was already broken. The aches and pains typical of my werewolf body were starting to take over. Add to that the bullying by the girls at school, and my mood had dropped dramatically.Malibu offers no safe hiding place for an abnormal creature like me. It was different from Alaska, which was full of trees and lacked humans. I had to settle for walking along the sidewalk in the hot summer sun."Hi, Lei."I almost tripped over m
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6 | The Beloved in Malibu
Damn, his dark aura is so strong.I took two steps back. My smile was obviously fake. Desperately trying to cover my head was futile. Sergey was very adept at pulling back the curtain in my head and could easily read my thoughts."Sol?" The man asked in an icy tone.I swallowed. This was what I didn't like about Sergey. While many other werewolves in the clan adored him, to me Sergey was more like a monster in a very handsome human form.If I had to choose, I wouldn't want to meet him at all. Oops, stop my stupid brain! Don't think and talk too much! Sergey would know what's going on in your head!"Who is he?"Sergey's cold tone made me shrink. I was getting uncomfortable standing on the sidewalk like this. Damn it, there was no one near me.And why didn't Sol follow me earlier? God, I didn't know whether it was best to walk alone or to get caught with Sol."He's my new neighbor." I replied in a frightened squeaking tone.Sergey walked over. I swore under my breath as my back hit the
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7 | Unexpected Romance
I looked up. My stomach twisted in horror when I saw who was standing next to me."Wah. Wow. Looks like you skipped school for a romantic lunch date."I swallowed. The last thing I wanted right now was to be caught alone with Sergey by my classmates.Standing next to me was the popular queen of the school and the drama queen who loved to bully people. The bullying I experienced today was nothing compared to what Gwen was doing to the whole school.The name of this crazy bully is Gwen Simpson. Her profile is perfect. She's a real-life Barbie.Slim. Tall. Blonde. Blue eyes. Big chest. Small waist. And an insignificant amount of fat on her body.That's Gwen. The girl who likes to change boyfriends, but dislikes me the most, because she thinks I always get the attention of the boys at school."Ops, sorry to interrupt your date." I said nothing. Of course, Gwen's apology was far from sincere. I knew that.Since the second day of school, after half a dozen popular boys who saw me in the ca
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8 | The Werewolf Hunters
I avoided Sol.Ever since I caught him making out with Gwen at her door, I've felt resentful.It's more of a disappointment and anger that has no clear end. I know I have no right to be angry with Sol.But I still felt extremely angry. Of all the girls at school, why did he have to be with Gwen?As if I wasn't annoyed enough, Sol suddenly became aggressive with me. Unfortunately, we had a lot of the same classes.I tried to keep away from him. Every free period I hid in the school library, the only place where excessive conversation was not allowed.Oh, don't think Sol didn't try to talk to me. He did, but I always found a seat near the librarian. Whenever Sol spoke, the librarian's stern hiss could be heard immediately, telling the boy to shut up."Lei, do you want to walk home together?"I slung my backpack over my shoulder. My look was cold."No, I don't. I'm going home with mom.""I'll ask your mom for permission to bring you home often. We're on the same side." Sol was still adam
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9 | I am Not a Mad Dog
We spent the rest of the week feeling uncertain. Sol and I didn't talk to each other. Sol was getting closer to Gwen and making the living barbie grow a big head. And my fan population among the boys at school also grew after I became colder and nastier to them.Dad agreed not to move out of Malibu in a hurry. Since Alabama and Los Angeles were quite far away, he thought it was still safe for us to stay here.However, the feeling of dread didn't go away. Moreover, the elders in the clan had contacted my parents and asked them to look after me.Sergey was still missing. Our werewolf radar couldn't find him anywhere. Foolishly, there was a rumor circulating among the Moon Clan that I had received an inheritance from Sergey in the form of a potential offspring."Asshole." I cursed softly at the memory of that cheap rumor."How could they think I was carrying Sergey's child. Oh, my God. Not in the human world, not in the wolf world, those sly gossipers still exist."I exhaled loudly. Next
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10 | Defeaning Screams
How dare she yell at me like a mad dog!My howl increased immediately. My fangs lengthened. My patience, already as thin as a cloth cut in half, vanished.My forelegs scavenged the ground, ready to take a stand. I didn't care if I hurt Gwen. It was a good thing the annoying girl was out of my sight.Within seconds I jumped low towards Sol and Gwen. I deliberately didn't jump high because, well, they were humans.What the hell could a human do when confronted with me?Unfortunately, I was too boastful. I underestimated their abilities.No, not them. It's more like Sol.Just as I was about to reach the top of Gwen's head, Sol's hand suddenly reached out to grab my front leg. I was surprised to feel a strong grip on my ankle, followed by my body floating as Sol spun me around.Oh my God, did I just say she spun me?Damn it! Where did Sol's power come from? An ordinary human shouldn't be able to do this to me.Sol's spin threw me slightly to the side, away from Gwen. My feet landed softly
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