Born of Revenge

Born of Revenge

By:  jay.g.grenville  Ongoing
Language: English
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His wife cheated with my husband. In retaliation, he suggested one night together: one night of passion, born of revenge. I wasn't supposed to see him again, but there were consequences we didn't expect. And then I found out who he really was...

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I'm loving this story! I'm hooked on it!
2022-10-07 13:06:28
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I hope you update soon. Six chapters in and I’m hooked. It’s a really good one and I hope you know that.
2022-10-06 08:20:34
10 Chapters
1 - Happy Anniversary
~Jessica~“What are you doing here?"My husband meets me at the top of the stairs, his gym shorts hugging his slender hips and his body covered with a thin sheen of sweat. He must have been in the middle of his workout routine when he heard me come in. That would explain why he's out of breath."I thought you had that big meeting today," he reminds me.“I did, but I thought about what you said the other day, and you’re right. I’ve been too focused on work lately. I wanted to surprise you.”I hold up the Victoria’s Secret bag filled with silky lingerie that I bought as a special treat, and for a second, his eyes light up the way they used to before we started growing apart.But just as quickly as the light appears, it extinguishes once again. “That’s sweet, baby, but I didn’t know you were coming home. I’ve made other plans.”He’s still standing at the top of the stairs, his body blocking my way. When I try to move past him, he doesn’t budge.“Other plans?” I ask in confusion. “On our
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2 - Enzo's Office
~Jessica~With nowhere else to go, I return to the office. The elevator doors close behind me and it takes me a minute to realize I'm not moving, since I didn't press any of the buttons. My body feels slightly disconnected, like I'm just watching it move rather than controlling it myself.My assistant, Matthew, looks up in surprise when I walk past his desk. “Mrs Parker? Did you forget something?”“No.” I leave my answer as simple as that as I walk into my office and shut the door, leaving the lights off. A wall of glass covers one side of the room, usually giving me a view over the Manhattan skyline that I can't get enough of, but right now, I leave the window dimmed. I want the darkness. I want to drown in it.How did this happen? I'm an intelligent, independent woman. How did I end up as someone betrayed by the people closest to her? I honestly thought I was too smart to ever end up here, but maybe being smart doesn’t have anything to do with it. Maybe my husband is just a bastard
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3 - One Night
~Enzo~I give Jessica a minute to absorb what I’ve said, watching as the shock of it gradually gives way to the interest I knew would arise once she had a chance to think it over. It’s poetic justice and I know she’ll appreciate that. Her husband and my wife decided to play us for fools, but we won’t give them the satisfaction. Instead, we can satisfy each other, and I’ve known from the first moment I saw Jessica Williams that she would satisfy me in a way my wife never could.My marriage to Chelsea was an arranged one, forged in an alliance between our families back when we were still children. Love never factored into it, so I had no problem admitting I never loved her. I’ve never loved anyone, but I have lusted after women. With Chelsea, I didn’t feel either, dooming our marriage from the start. Still, I played my part, marrying her, fucking her, and staying faithful to her so that when she slipped up, as I knew she would, the blame would be fully on her. I can walk away with a c
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4 - Good Girl
~Jessica~I can’t believe I’m doing this, but as my body swims in a pool of desire and need, I can’t deny that I am. I’m about to have revenge sex with quite possibly the sexiest man I have ever seen, a man I barely know, and one that is, technically, still married. So am I, though. That’s kind of the point.His body is hard against mine, every inch of him feeling solid and sculpted beneath the expensive clothes he’s wearing. I’ve never seen him in anything other than a suit, first on his wedding day and now today, but even from the way the fabric strains across his form, it’s obvious that there’s nothing soft about him. Certainly not the cock I can feel pressing into me as he pulls my hips closer, his hands grabbing my ass roughly and possessively in a way that makes it clear there’s going to be nothing gentle about this at all.Good. I want it to hurt. I want it to be so that there’s nothing in my head but the exquisite pain he’s giving me. His kiss is bruising too, his lips and t
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5 - One More Time
~Enzo~That was even better than I expected, and my expectations were pretty fucking high to begin with. My cock is still inside her, still wrapped up in her warmth as I run my hands down the flawless skin of her back, and all I can think about is having her again.That wasn’t the plan. This was meant to be a one-time thing to get Jessica out of my system before I go back to Italy and leave the mess of my marriage behind. My men will take care of everything that needs to be done here and I can go back to where I’m needed, unencumbered by Chelsea or any other woman.As soon as Jessica leaves here, it’s finished, so maybe… maybe she doesn’t have to leave just yet. I’m not a man who lacks discipline. I have never had trouble denying myself anything before, but as my body continues to bask in the pleasure of what we’ve just done, I find myself making excuses.Leaning down, I kiss Jessica’s neck as I pull out of her, nipping at the sensitive flesh with my teeth, and she shivers beneath me
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6 - Nausea
~Jessica~Three months laterThe water is cold in my office restroom as I splash it on my face, trying to fight down the nausea that has been plaguing me all morning. It hasn’t only been today, either. All week, I have felt off in the morning, my body refusing to cooperate with good health despite all the pleas I make to it. We have an important product launch today and I need to be on top of my game. I don’t get stage fright, so why I should be throwing up before going to make my presentation has me completely baffled.Taking a deep breath, I touch up my makeup, dabbing a little more concealer under my eyes. Ever since I left Kyle, I’ve had a new energy and purpose when it came to work - or maybe it’s just since I was so thoroughly fucked by Enzo. He sent the picture from that night to both Kyle and Chelsea as he promised, but I haven’t heard a word from him directly since that night. I could feel used, but I don’t. I have no regrets about that night. If he used me, I used him right
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7 - Father
~Enzo~ Sometimes, you can break a man with instruments of torture. As his bones shatter and blood pools, he’ll eventually give in and do anything you say to stop the pain. I’ve only met one or two who couldn’t. If you let him live afterwards, he’ll never be quite the same, knowing he wasn’t as untouchable as he once thought he was. And sometimes, you can achieve the same thing without any violence at all. I haven’t laid a finger on Salvatore Motta, but the look on his pale face as he sits across the desk from me in my office in Napoli tells me that he’s broken all the same. His aura of invincibility is gone. “You can’t do this, Enzo. Your father was my best friend. We swore an oath to each other…” “An oath that your daughter dishonored when she chose to go behind my back and make a mockery of her vows. Your grievance is with her, Salvatore, not me. Because of her actions, the Motta family is no longer under my protection and that means your business is fair game. At least I am pay
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8 - Unexpected Trip
~Jessica~I sit alone in my Manhattan apartment, my phone in my hand, wishing I could have a drink. Several drinks, in fact. Enough to make my life make sense again. The doctor called me with the test results earlier today and she must have called Kyle too, since I’ve had multiple messages from him claiming that I’ve rigged the test somehow. He is sure the baby must be his and that it’s a sign that we should give our marriage another try. I don’t know what happened to Chelsea. Honestly, I don’t care. But this is exactly why I didn’t want the baby to be his, because I knew he would use it to try to find a way back into my life, or at least into my bank account. However, the results are not rigged, at least not by me. They state clearly that there is no chance that Kyle Parker is the father of the baby I’m carrying.Which means there’s only one man who it can belong to.Unseeing, I stare out the window at the New York skyline, the lights of the skyscrapers twinkling like thousands of
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9 - Question and Answer
~Enzo~Even jet-lagged and wearing the crumpled clothes she’d slept in on the place, Jessica looks just as stunning as I remembered. It would take more than one night of worry and discomfort to hide her natural beauty. I can’t see any sign of her pregnancy yet, but I suppose it’s still too early. The only thing about her that’s not picture-perfect is the look of disbelief and growing anger on her face.“You? You’re the one who sent these men? Are you kidding me?”When Chelsea yelled at me, her voice sounded shrill and unpleasant, like nails on a chalkboard. When Jessica yells, her voice gets deeper and somehow sexier. I’m glad that I’m sitting down right now with my desk to hide me because I’m getting more turned on by the second. Clearly, our one night together did nothing to quell my desire for her. If anything, it’s even stronger now that I know just how compatible we are. “It’s nice to see you too, Jessica. The urgency was regrettable, but necessary. I didn’t want to take a chan
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10 - Confrontation
~Jessica~I have never been more furious in my whole life, not even when I walked in on my sad excuse for an ex-husband cheating on me. What in the world gives Enzo the right to kidnap me and bring me halfway around the world, and then tell me that I’m staying here whether I like it or not?He has a right to know I’m carrying his child, certainly, and I was going to tell him that before he spied on me and found out the truth for himself. But the fact that I’m pregnant gives him no ownership over my body or my life, no matter what he seems to think.And this excuse he’s given me that people might try to kill me? It sounds like a paranoid over-exaggeration. Even if there is some danger that I’m not aware of, he can hire a bodyguard for me if that’ll make him feel better. It doesn’t require completely upending my life. “If you think I’m going to thank you for anything you’ve done or said, you’re delusional. I’ll thank you when you put me back on that plane, let me go home, and discuss h
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