Brought By Fate

Brought By Fate

By:  Pippa Moon  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Promise me, you will hide her and keep the truth from her. I never want her to know what she is or where she came from.” Esmes mother begged on her death bed as she handed her infant child over to her friends. “Raise her as your own, please!” She had spent years running, hoping to find a way out of the deal she had made with a demon that would cost her not only her life but her only child’s freedom once she turned 18. With her mother gone and her wolf stirring Esme finds herself rebelling against the ties of family and friendship as she nears her 18th birthday. Sneaking out to a party Esme finds herself auctioned in an underground world where mafia reign and rules don’t apply. At least not for the formidable alpha and mafia boss Matteo Accardo, who thrives in the dangerous world of corruption and sin! She may be his mate, but that doesn't mean she gets a happy ending- no one does in the chaotic world of sex, money and power! At least until now…

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Regan Davis
Amazing book as always!
2024-02-18 04:14:19
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Trisha Reynolds
Absolutely loving this book and author!!!
2024-01-24 14:28:50
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Pippa Moon
Happy new year everyone! Updates will be after Monday when I can get to work & have some space to write, for the time being, I have a houseful of poorly children & partner (who is actually worse then the kids) which is not ideal for new year so I will be looking after them. But If I can I will! X
2023-12-31 04:54:02
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Pippa Moon
Hiya all. Updates will be just after Christmas, I have taken the holidays off to be with the kiddies! If I get spare time I will update when I can but otherwise I will be back after Boxing Day. Merry Christmas all! Hope you’re all on the good list!
2023-12-23 03:02:43
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When is next update?
2023-12-21 19:09:14
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Jessica Berry
2023-12-08 17:02:39
78 Chapters
~Emmy~"One Million!" Someone shouted from my left, my eyes narrowed on the male in the crowd, pointing at me and laughing with his associates. Anger rippled through me, seeing him grab his cock and nod to me subjectively. Pretending to gag, I examined him with contempt. "Let's not pretend you know what to do with it, buddy!" I screamed over the chatter in the chamber. The room erupted in laughter as someone else threw another bid into the room. "Two Million!" An aged voice offered. I looked behind me to the male I had been told to call Sir, overseeing the girls being auctioned today and snorted. "Come on, he'll be dead by morning!" I dismissed his bet with a flick of my wrist."Come on, fellas, we can do better than that; she's a pretty wee thing. A natural blonde. I have checked myself!" Sir announced, shooting him a death stare. I spat at his feet, embarrassment washing over my cheeks. "She's a little feisty, but I guess that's what you get when you have grown up with savages a
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~Matteo~"Are you sure you want to do this, sir?" Samuel, my second, asked from behind me. I could feel him watching me closely as I watched the girl being auctioned off on stage; he no doubt disapproved of my interest in her. "Why wouldn't I?" I asked casually without turning from the glass panel where I watched the blonde-haired girl stare up at the booth I occupied on the balcony with contempt. I knew the lights would be blocking her vision of Samuel and I, but luckily, I could see her perfectly. "Well, she is not like the usual stock we purchase," Samuel admitted plainly, stating the obvious. "I am not sure we have enough sedatives to dull her feistiness and make her compliant." He lamented, looking out the window at her. "Why would we dull her ‘sparkle’?" I asked, loving how she stared into the glass; it was like watching a tiger at the zoo. It was beautiful, majestic but wild! You could see its power, its killer instinct, and its need for survival as clearly as you could see
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~Emmy~Shuffling forward slowly, thanks to the iron restraints attached to my ankles, I made my way into a shady room. "Oh, look, another room that stinks of piss and death!" I snorted sarcastically, glaring over my shoulder at Sir. "Although that might just be you, old man!" I added with a sly grin, earning me a slap to the back of the head. "You need to learn some manners!" Sir snapped at me hatefully. "Yeah, forgive me, I am a little out of touch on the etiquette for how one is meant to address her kidnapper." I barked, rolling my eyes at the stupid prick."With a little more respect than that!" He grunted, kicking my legs out from under me as he let go, allowing me to tumble to the floor with a yelp. "Careful now, Sir, you wouldn't want to damage me before I am paid for." I scoffed, rubbing my sore hands from the impact of the fall. "You are already paid for!" He laughed, kneeling in front of me, his face hovering close to mine, close enough that if I wanted to, I could headb
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~Matteo~I wasn't lying when I said she was mine, and given how Blaze was itching at the walls of my mind, he, too, agreed. She was a wolf; I could smell it on her, but the way she held herself intrigued me; she was like no wolf I had ever encountered, nor human. She was different, and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing yet. Stepping closer to her, the need to touch her too strong to ignore, I closed the gap between us, lifting my tattooed knuckles to run down her cheek, coating them in the blood that had dried to her skin. "Are you going to be a good girl for me? Or do I have to keep you restrained?" I asked coldly, searching her eyes for a trace of the wolf I felt inside her. "Fuck you!" She growled, spitting in my face before turning her head quickly to bite my hand that traced her skin. She was quick, but I was quicker; moving my hand before her teeth had a chance to pierce my skin I dropped it to her throat, gripping it in my large hands I tightened it around her slender t
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~Emmy~ Beads of sweat dripped down my face and onto the blindfold that covered my eyes, inches away from my dried and chapped lips. My heartbeat increased with each passing second. The sound of wind whirling by the vehicle I knew we were in was the only sound I could hear."Hello?" I tried to say, but my words were suffocated by something that had been placed in my mouth. "That will teach you to bite!" The voice giggled in my head, making me groan. I had woken up to the soft lull of the car as we drove down what I assumed was a highway. We had been driving for at least twenty minutes when the car pulled to a stop, and whoever was in the vehicle exited.Restraints completely immobilised me. My wrists were encircled behind my back by the ominous cold metal of what I could only assume to be wrist cuffs. Hard metal ran up my back to where a frigid chain ran around my neck. Every move I made had the chains clank together. My whole body ached and screamed for relief from the position I w
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Emmy***Three weeks earlier*** "Can I go out tonight?" I asked my Ma for the fourth time this hour; I knew what her reply would be. Yet I hoped she would say yes, anyway. I could count the number of times my mother had let me out on my own on one hand. You wouldn't think I was seventeen months old! Not seventeen years old!"Eighteen soon!" The quirky voice whispered in my head, making me frown softly, forgetting for a second my mother was staring at me. "What's wrong?" My mother asked quickly, her eyes scanning my features and scrutinising my facial expressions carefully like she always seemed to of late. "Nothing!" I snapped, crossing my arms over my chest with a pout. I knew if I told her the voice was back, she would shove another pill down my throat, and then I definitely wouldn't be allowed out! I knew her concern was coming from a good place. No one liked a crazy female! Not even us gypsies! But it didn't make it any easier to swallow; I wanted my freedom out of this damn wo
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~Matteo~"I don't think this is necessary!" Blaze whinged while he watched our mate over the top of my laptop that sat on my lap. He had moaned the whole car journey, to the point I wished I had gagged him too. He had been a silent passenger since our previous mate's death, pretty much leaving me to run the show. At times, I had wished he would come back to take some of the weight on his shoulders for the life we led, but if this was how things would be, I would have to speak to Samuel about a supernatural way to mute him. "I don't care what you think!" I snapped as I typed away on the keypad that sat on my lap. She has been babbling to herself on and off for an hour before finally giving in to exhaustion. I suspected she had been talking to her wolf, although I didn't understand why she wasn't doing it internally. Something I would ask her when I got her back to the penthouse. Maybe Gypsies did things differently to the rest of us. A smirk slipped over my lips, hearing her moan in
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~Emmy~Waking slowly, I yawned softly, my body stretching out on the softest bed I had ever slept on. "Damn, did I die? Am I sleeping on a cloud?" I mumbled as my eyes opened to see I was surrounded by crisp white linen. Snuggling back under the sheets, I closed my eyes again before they shot open as memories of the last few days danced across my mind. Kidnapped, auctioned, restrained, and ... Nothing after being restrained, only foggy memories of a conversation I knew had to be a dream. "I was beginning to think you would never wake up!" A serious voice announced from somewhere in the room. I wanted to bury myself under the sheets and pray it was all a dream, and I was about to wake up in my mother's wooden caravan on a bed made of lumps and bumps. But hearing the footsteps head my way, I braced myself for the cold reality that none of it was a dream. The sheets were pulled from me and thrown back; light blinded my eyes from an open window. Seizing my chance, I jumped and slammed
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~Matteo~Sitting in my seat, I sensed Blaze moaning that she was out of sight and smirked; he was so whipped already! Although I expected nothing less! As I walked by her, I could see the clogs turning in her head and knew she was about to do something reckless. That most likely would end with me not being able to eat my fucking breakfast before my meeting started because I had to teach her a damn lesson.. again! I remained silent but motioned for the chef to bring the food forward; I watched him pick up a tray filled with pastries only to freeze as his eyes lifted beside me. A soft blush crossed his cheeks as he lowered his gaze and looked at the floor, clearly trying to show respect. Closing my eyes as her sweet scent drifted by me, I sucked in a breath to silence Blaze, who was howling like a dog in heat. Opening my eyes, I looked in the direction I sensed her and found myself frozen just like my chef, seeing her stride past my seat as naked as the day she was born, her skinny l
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~Emmy~I wanted the ground to open and swallow me alive. I had bared my body to him, hoping to get a reaction, yet the only response I got from this smug bastard was amusement. I guess he is used to seeing naked women, and my body doesn't interest him. "Oh, it does!" The voice countered. "He is just more stubborn than you!" But these men who had joined us, although not looking at me directly, gave me the impression that they wanted to do more than sit at the table with me. They wanted to look but undoubtedly were trying to be respectful of their host! Perhaps respect is what I should have shown him in order to get what I wanted, but then I never did things like most people! "Probably why you are in so much shit!" The voice I was trying desperately to block out laughed, making me wince. I really was starting to miss those purple pills because she was starting to become a constant companion, One I did not want nor as for."How was the auction Matteo?" A male at the top of the table a
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