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Cara, who was born as an Omega, tries to make her family happy, breaking the stereotype of an Omega who can't do anything. Being someone who is considered weak in her environment makes Cara experience difficulties, she has to face various problems in her life until she finally meets her mate, an Alpha who almost rejects her as own mate.

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2023-03-14 02:41:34
21 Chapters
Chapter 1
This world is filled with greedy people, who only care about their own desires without regard to the needs of others. The strongest will gather with the strongest, and the weakest will be discarded.There are three genders that differentiate them, Alpha, Beta and Omega. Just think of the three genders as their second gender as humans, gender is formed from when they are born, many factors influence the formation of gender within them, but the main thing is strength.Alpha is synonymous with males who are more dominant, independent, smart, fighter, strong, brave, everything related to someone's greatness will make them born as an Alpha.Alpha is a born leader for their next pack, Alpha also has its own level to differentiate it. Fighter, usually those who protect their pack from anyone's attacks, Wiser, usually those who provide direction for what they should do next to survive and the highest, , the highest throne for a leader, but not many are born as Hyper, only Alphas can tell the
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Chapter 2
Cara pass her days with the same thing, she wakes up, has breakfast with her family, goes to the coffee shop until late afternoon and comes back before dark, yes as an Omega, she must be at home before it gets dark, because it is very dangerous for her.Cara and Gemma had different directions for home, they would enjoy a cup of coffee before heading home and talking about simple things."Gemma, how is your relationship with your boyfriend? I rarely see him coming here anymore to pick you up" Cara said."Eric? We broke up, he's an Alpha, dating me is a waste of time" Gemma said."What do you mean? You guys love each other, it's not a waste of time""Cara, Alpha and Beta can't be together, even if they love each other, that's the limit, didn't your parents ever tell you about that?" Cara just shook her head."They should have told you since they know your gender, you're an Omega, there will be a lot of problems in your life after the gender results come out and those problems happen bec
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Chapter 3
The next dayThey had breakfast together as usual, it rained every morning, but it wasn't as heavy as yesterday. The way she eats her food, her mother makes soup and it refreshes her throat very much, her body feels warm and she feels better. Her mother is really good at cooking. All the dishes she makes are delicious."Cara, you have to remember, your heat cycle is coming in 6 days, have you asked your boss for permission to take the day off?" her mother said."Yes, I have asked my boss for permission, I have to go before it's too late" Cara said."Don't forget to take the blocker your father gave you" her mother said."Yes mom, bye i love you" Cara got up from her chair and approached her mother and kissed her, she also hugged her sister before leaving.That morning the streets were very busy, maybe because it wasn't raining as hard as yesterday, that's why many of them wanted to walk. As she was walking, she suddenly saw a man, a man she seemed to have met before, but she forgot wh
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Chapter 4
Dinner was ready, her mother called her two daughters for dinner. Cara and Rosie went downstairs together to meet their mother at the dinner table. They sat next to each other, facing their mother. Cara and Rosie saw clearly her mother's expression at that time, her face looked sad, unlike usual."Mom, what happened to you?" Cara said and her mother stared at Cara and Rosie before her."Nothing, I was just thinking of something" her mother said."About what?""Cara, it's a matter of parents, you and Rosie just focus on your life" her mother said."Parents' problems? But we are a family, shouldn't any problems be shared together?" Cara said."Cara, you won't understand, it's too complicated if I have to explain it to you two" her mother said.Cara was silent, and so was Rosie. They returned to eating their dinner in silence. There were no more conversations after that between them. Cara occasionally saw her mother's face, she knew her mother was feeling sad. But it's impossible if it's
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Chapter 5
The first day of Cara's heat cycleOnly screams could be heard from inside Cara's room, she locked the door from the inside so no one would come in. She just curled up in her bed, enduring the excruciating pain in her body, she felt like her bones were crushing, her back felt very hot and her hips ached.There was nothing her mother and Rosie could do but hope Cara would be strong through it all, for a week she had to feel the pain. So far she's gotten through it, at night she'll take suppressants to ease the pain so she can sleep. Although that doesn't change anything.Cara just cried in the middle of the pain, she thought about what Gemma said, is it true that if she met her mate, she wouldn't feel pain like this again?•••That morning Noah came to the coffee place, he was expecting to meet Cara at that time but he only saw one waitress there and that was not the person he was looking for. Noah approached Gemma who was in front of the cashier."Morning, what would you like to order
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Chapter 6
One week laterCara woke up from her sleep, her body ached, her whole room a mess. For a week Cara never slept well, she always woke up in the middle of her sleep because she felt pain all over her body. But that morning it all started to settle down, she got out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror. She looks messy.Not long after, the sound of knocking on the door was heard, and the voice of her mother calling was heard too."Cara, are you awake? Breakfast is ready" her mother said."Yes, I'm coming" Cara said.She decided to take a shower and tidy up her room before leaving and approaching her mother and sister at the dining table. Rosie immediately hugged her tightly when Cara got close to her."You're great Cara" Rosie said."Thank you Rosie" Cara sat at the dining table and her mother handed her a plate with side dishes."You have to eat a lot to fill your strength" her mother said."Mom" Cara said."Hmm""How did you endure the pain during the heat cycle?""It hurts as mu
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Chapter 7
It was not a normal day, there were lots of male customers who seemed to be trying to seduce Cara, she had tried to hold back, to be honest she was annoyed at that time, but she had to finish her job. Gemma, who saw the look on Cara's face, approached her and elbowed her."Hey, what's wrong with you? Why are so many customers asking your name? What happened?" Gemma said."Actually, I wasn't wearing my blocker today." Cara said."What? Are you crazy? Cara, this is dangerous for you, you will go home alone, through the streets full of Alpha out there" Gemma said."I know, I know I'm crazy, but Gemma, I can't hide behind that blocker all the time, I have another life, I have to find my mate, my heat cycle is so painful every month, I can't hold it alone, after all I only have 7 years to survive""But you should have told me earlier, I could take better care of you. Do your parents know about this?" Gemma said."My mother and sister know, but not my father, he will definitely be angry whe
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Chapter 8
After explaining many things to her father, her father finally agreed, he would give Cara his full trust to live her own life. But with one condition, she must always tell her father or mother, who will be close to her, friends or boyfriend. Cara had to tell her parents everything and Cara agreed, it was easy for her.When Cara returned to her room, she plopped down on the bed, she smiled seeing Sean's jacket close to her. Sean's jacket distracted her, she took the jacket and brought it down with her. She sniffed the scent on the jacket. Oddly enough, the scent was really driving her crazy.She imagined Sean's face before her, when he saved Cara from that lewd Alpha. He looks cool, standing in front of Cara, calling her his mate. The interested way he called himself and Cara were different. She got up from her bed and opened her laptop.How to find out in more detail what Hyper is, what makes him different, even though her mother has explained it to her, she has to know more about it,
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Chapter 9
The next dayNoah was already waiting in front of the coffee shop, he was waiting for Cara to come at the same time as before, it seemed he really fell in love with Cara. A smile even appeared on his face even though he had not met Cara. He entered with his head down at that time, but he already smelled his favorite scent getting closer and when he raised his head, he saw Cara walking towards him."You again, why do you always come here? Can't you make coffee at your house? It's still too early, I don't think your house is near here either" Cara said and passed him, she walked into the coffee shop, greeted Gemma before going into the crew room to change her uniform.Gemma approached her in the crew room, she was wondering what happened to Cara last night, did she come home without problems, or did something happen to her."Are you all right?" Gemma said."Yes, why?""Thank goodness I thought something bad happened to you, I wanted to call you last night but I was so tired and fell asl
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Chapter 10
Actually Cara was interested in Noah's offer, as long as she was alive, Cara really only had her family, she never even went out with Gemma. Weekends are indeed the time when the family gets together and spends time together. But in this new life, Cara wants to do something different, she intends to tell her parents first and contact Noah for answers.It was a very cold afternoon. How to walk on a street that wasn't as crowded as usual. She listens to music with her earbuds. While humming she passed the same road every day. Then her eyes fixed on someone in front of her. She was sure it was someone she knew, the closer she got to the man, the more scent she smelled and she knew who the man was."Sean" Cara said."Oh hi" Sean said."What are you doing here?""I'm waiting for someone" Sean said."Ah well then, I'll go first" Cara said."Wait.." Sean held Cara's hand, but he immediately removed his hand from Cara's hand before Cara cursed at him like what Cara did to Noah."What?" Cara s
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