Dangers with obsession

Dangers with obsession

By:  Naughtybutsweet1  Completed
Language: English
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It's hard when you fall in love with your teacher. It's even harder when he falls in love with you. Brenda Greer is your topical senior in high school. Popular, smart and all-around good girl. But when Mr. Dalton Canes takes the job as the new young and hot History teacher. She can't help but notice him and he can't help noticing her. She does her best to hide her feeling as he takes over her whole world; At first, he is everything she has ever wanted. Until someone finds out and she has to end things with him. The only problem is he is not willing to let go. Something changes about Mr. Dalton Cane.

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Really great story in the beginning there are a couple times a couple pages repeat them selves and it will throw you off put nothing that turning the page can’t handle lol other than that I can’t complain so I’d recommend this as a good read. Enjoy I know I did!
2022-03-31 17:50:34
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There are a couple pages that repeat I don’t know if you can fix that
2022-03-31 13:36:49
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This was an awesome story. I was hooked from the very beginning. It kept me guessing and I love that. Kudos to the author.
2021-11-19 13:04:28
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Ashley Turzilli
Love love love! Read the entire book in two days!
2021-07-15 11:08:02
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Ilove You
amazing book
2021-03-22 08:31:06
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Lex88 Salvator
I need more im addicted please update the minute you get a chance I need to know whether its luca or Dawson
2021-02-09 08:33:36
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Julie Rostollan Cowgill
awesome book
2021-02-06 14:54:42
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Love this author's work. She does a fantastic job of immersing you into the world she has created. A must read for sure!
2021-01-23 09:50:20
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Jade-Queen Dean
This was an okay book, it kept you interested but it was just to much, to many men and kinda drawed out.....
2021-02-22 09:20:58
42 Chapters
I saw her before she even reached me. My best friend since kindergarten, Christina Smith came running over to me. "Did you hear?" I looked up at her from my math homework. "Hear what?" "Mrs. Covile passed away last night." Mrs. Covile was our history teacher. She was also over one hundred years old and very strict in her ways."Wow really, that's sad. How did she die?" "I don't know, old age." We both smiled. "Anyways, there's a rumor that we're getting a hot young new teacher to take her place." Christina has always been the guy's girl. She is that typical girl's girl. She loves attention and had always been the life of the party. She is also my co caption on the squad. We have been pretty popular most of our school years. Both our families come from money and here in this small town that means a lot. I'm an honor roll student and I care about my work. Where has Christina is a good student, but its the last thing
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"Did you get the papers graded from the quiz I gave on Monday?" Dalton asked me. I looked over at the six different piles of work in front of me."Of course I did." I looked at the files in front of me. Shit, I still had them. "Sorry," I said and stood up and walked the files over to him. He gave me a look and took them out of my hands. I scrunched my nose and went back to the floor. I've been working with him now for a little over a week and he has been more quiet than normal. Normally he talks to me a little and he hasn't been doing that. "Sir?" I said and looked over at him. He look
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I've been sitting in my room for the last hour. Trying to understand what just happened with my teacher Mr. Canes. He kissed me, he actually kissed me. There was no one I could talk to about this. Not even my best friend Chris. I couldn't tell anyone. I keep touching my lips. My head could see nothing else but the two of us kissing. I remember him pulling away and just looking at me. He then apologized to me and walked off. He could lose his job over this, but I would never tell. In fact, all I could think of was I wanted to kiss him again. His lips were soft and he was gentle with me. He made my body feel a way that I have never felt before. He is everything in a man I could ever ask for. Oh my god was I actually thinking of trying to be with my teacher? He is probably losing his mind r
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The next morning I woke up in my own bed. I laid there and the first thing on my mind was Dalton. The memories of last night started to flood into my mind. I couldn't help the smile that came across my face. Oh my god, I was with my teacher last night. I straightened out and just closed my eyes. I could still smell him all over me. The things he did to my body. I could still feel him all over me. His lips and his hands, the way they touched me.The night before...
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Over the next week, I learned a lot about Dalton. He was a man of many things and truly liked his control. He was stern with me, but not in a harsh way. I believed it turned him on to force his dominance on me. I was all too happy to submit to him. I liked to keep him happy but I also liked to keep him on his toes. Sometimes I would act like a bit of a brat. Even though he would act as if it got on his nerves. I know I turned him on. He has still kept to his word and hasn't taken me yet. I don't make it easy on his either.In class, I tease him doing my best to not show it to anyone el
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We got back to his place and we were in a lip lock as we made our way inside his place. "Do you want me to go home?' I asked him in between kisses. He looked at me funny. "I just want to keep you doing this right." He let out a huge breath and went back to kissing me."You'll go when I say you can go." I let out a little giggle. I loved his assertiveness. It turned me on more. I felt something hit the back of my knees and I was laid back on his bed. He hovered above me and just looked at me. "You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen." I smiled at him. "Tell me, tell me who you belong to." He hissed out. 
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"If you don't stop sexually harassing me at school. We're never going to get anything done." I tried to tell him while he had me pressed against his desk with his lips and tongue all over my neck.  "Do I look like I care at the moment?" He hissed out into my ear. I had to giggle at him. "No, I guess not.” He lifted me up and I was now sitting on his desk. "Your very naughty Mr. Canes." He eyed me for a moment. "It's your fault. I wanted to wait, but you corrupted me." He wasn't wrong and I wasn't making it to easy for him. I just smiled and bit my lip. He shook his head and then being funny, he lifted my shirt and placed his head inside. He started to kiss the tops of my breast. That's when I thought I heard the classroom door close. I looked at the door and moved Dalton away from me. "What's wrong?" He asked me. "Didn't you hear that?" I asked still looking at the door. 
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I spent the weekend in my bed. I had my parents convinced that I just wasn't feeling well. My mother would check on me but other than that they pretty much left me alone. Chris showed up some time on Saturday. I told her what had happened with Dalton. She did her best to try and get me to get out of bed, but it wasn't working. She also threatened Dillion's life a few times. Sunday was the real kicker when my parents were out. Dillon showed up at the house. I crossed my arms at him at the front door. "What do you want? You're not coming in here." He looked upset. "Come on Brenda, I only did what I did for you're own good. He is a grown-ass man." "Who the fuck are you to determine my life, Dillon? You know nothing about us. I did as you asked me to now stay out of my fucking life." I slammed the door on his face and ran back up to my room. I ended up staying home from school on Monday. I just couldn't do it. Chris came over with some school wo
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Dalton and I have been doing our best to hide everything we do. It's tough and I have played my part. I wanted to be back in his classroom for the free periods, but we both agreed it was for the best to stay away from each other at school. I was sitting at my dining room table doing some work with my mother when we had a knock on the door. I watched my father answer it. We could see the front door from the dining room table. It was Dillon's mother and father. Dillon's mother had a very worried look on her face. I got up and walked over to the door. "Hello Brenda, we're sorry to disturb you and we know you and Dillon had a fallen out, but he has been missing now for two days." My mouth fell open. "Missing?" I asked. "He hasn't been seen since Thursday night and he told us he was going to meet some friends. We haven't seen or heard from him since then.""Have you gone to the police?" I asked and they both told us ev
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I don't know how I ended up in the hospital. I haven't really opened my eyes much. I know my parents are here. I can hear their voices. The doctors are always talking. I hear the beeping noise's all the time. I want to hear his voice, but I don't. I try to move around but someone always stops me. My head hurts and I can't really feel the rest of my body. I have no concept of time. I don't know how long I have been here.Finally my eyes open enough for me to take in the room. I can see the cast on both of my legs. The rest of my body looks okay. I see my mother sleeping in a chair and m
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