Diary of a Stalker

Diary of a Stalker

By:  Pjjordan'da Dragon Sworn  Completed
Language: English
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I know every single detail about your life, where you work, all your friends, where you love to hang out, why you moved out of your parents house. But most importantly, how to kill your partner. Chelsea has the perfect life, a dream job, loving father and best friend. All that was missing is boyfriend. At first glance, one would think Chelsea is a stalker but in truth it is just the twisted mind of someone else.

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Madame Quill
What a crazy twist!
2022-01-19 10:38:09
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....... okay. so isaw your book and decided to try it since it has an amazing title and now I'm just reading it and smiling. I love this your book .......... keep in writing
2021-12-21 22:48:31
62 Chapters
Coffee and a stalker
Inhaling deeply as you walked by, your cologne was enough to set me off. If I could touch myself right now, I would, but II know every single detail about your life, where you work, all your friends, where you love to hang out, why you moved out of your parents house. How to kill your partner. have to remain in control. I stopped my breath to not gasp, just your very presence set my soul on fire.  You could set me on fire all you want, I wouldn't mind all because it's you. The person of my dreams, that is now in my reality. Your cologne has me all choked up, Gucci Guilt, that's what it's called. My new favourite scent, I'm mad that our men had to wear it as well, but either way. You wore it better, with a mixture of spices and after shave. Your scent, it's enough to get me drunk. I closed my eyes, begging it to linger. To take me away like I saw in those cartoons, to beckon me forward with a finger. I opened my mouth to taste it, to taste you as you walk
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The park and a stalker
You jogged past me in the park as I pretended to tie my shoe so I can watch your firm ass move. I wouldn't mind taking a bite out of it, a mouth drooling body you have.I moved my foot off the bench too fast and almost fell over. I have never done this before, but this is a new hobby I took up recently. Jogging. Just to see you, just to get an understanding of your routine, your mind.I didn't realize how unfit and out of shape I was until my first day. I almost died after just ten minutes of following you. My lungs burned, my head felt like it was going to pop. Not to mention how I almost passed out. Thankfully, a sweet old couple offered me a bottle of water. In that moment, I thought for sure that I was a goner; it was like my entire body was shutting down. My eyes blurred and stung from sweat, my legs never felt so heavy before. I had no use for myself the next day.But now I'm a pro at it, and I never looked or felt better.I now have an
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A stalkers investegation
I want to expose Olivia for the fraudulent bi*ch that she is, but I have to first gather more evidence. You will never believe me with just a Facebook page, or with her only having six friends on Instagram.No, I bet you would want solid proof. Proof that this person is not good for you, that she is only pretending to be your friend. She only wants money and nothing else.Not to mention, I'm now at work, so there is not much I can do. It's not like I can pull up her information her, that would raise too much questions and I'm already in a bit of a pickle.You walked to my office, looking sexy as ever. Everything about you was mouth watering, your walk, your half smile and even the way you nodded at our co-workers. Which made me feel jealous. That should be me who you are nodding at.I checked my hair a few times to make sure it was perfect, perfect for you.'But wait, where are you going?'You walked right by my office, not even giving me a
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A stalker and in the office
I sat in my office looking out at the skylines, the people, and cars commuting below.'What if I was to drop a quarter from this high? Could it really give someone a concussion? Or was that just a myth?''I doubt it. Just like everything else, the quarter would be subjected to gravity and speed up as it fell, but the velocity wouldn't be enough. So a chair maybe?'Just the thought of a chair 'accidentally' falling on someone was funny to me.I was so lost in thought that I didn't even noticed you entering my office."Nice space you have here," your voice rang out.I jumped and sucked in a breath.'How can I miss someone like you?'Your foot steps were so soft, I'm sure it would have made some sort of noise of the tiled floor."Yeah, I guess it is." I nodded.I watched as you peered around the space, taking in every detail of my office.'That's what happens when you are at the top of the ladder. This space w
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A stalker stalking
I always knew that you have some kind of feelings for, I see the way how you look at me. The way your eyes roam over my body and undress me. Even now, you were eye fu*king me. I tried to hide my smirk and pretend I wasn't doing the same.I wish we could run off in the bushes and fu*k right now. That would be much better than running for no reason, plus my breathing was getting hard, and I felt light-headed.'Oh please, can't we just sneak off and fu*k. No, we can't do that here.'But it can happen, we can fu*k all we want. There was just one person standing in the way, even though I don't even consider her as a person.And that said person was here jogging with us, in the half marathon.Olivia Wright.'This bitch, why can't you dump her? She is trash anyway.''She is no good for you. She is nothing, not the one for you. I am and I wish you would see that.'She didn't seem too happy when you introduced us, and the feeling was mo
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A stalker's plan
'God, I can't get rid of this chick.'I swear, ever since we went jogging; she stuck to you even more. I guess she knows my intention.'Why was she even here?'For free food maybe? I hope that nobody expects me to pay for her, since I was the one that said I'll pay for our little lunch date.'Why are you having lunch with us?'Can't you afford your own food? Surely, you can do that.'Does she even work?'No, her clothes are too casual.Olivia was checking me out. She stared at my hair, my clothes and even my shoes by pretending to drop the salt shaker. She was trying to figure out what I had over her.'Everything Olivia, everything.'Her eyes basically glowed with envy. You wish you were me, wish you had half the things I have.You don't even have the slightest idea that Russell and I shared a kiss before coming here. Or how Russell told me that he's having a hard time staying with you, you have no idea abo
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A stalker take over?
And here I was, having dinner with these two, sitting across from them in Olive garden. Munching on bread sticks and sipping water. 'Why did I ask to go to dinner again?' 'Oh yeah, to steal Olivia's best friend from right under her nose.' Felix wouldn't shut up about his art projects and wanting to go to Paris some day, and Olivia kept glancing at me. 'Intimidated much.' 'Oh Felix, shut up!' "Maybe I could introduce you to a friend, he owns an art exhibit, and is always scouting for new talent. I am sure that you two will hit it off, maybe even learn a thing or two from each other.'' 'Why did I just do that?' 'I only wanted you to shut up, but instead this might get you to talk more.' "You would really do that for me?" Felix flushed, smiled widely, then grabbed my hands from across the table and held onto them. "Why not?" I returned his smile, slightly pulling my hands so he would let them go. 'W
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A stalker and the city
The few days leading up to the Christmas party, I gave Felix the time of his life.I took him to so many new places, introduced him to my people. Even got him a passport so that we can fly to Paris for the New Year.I also updated his style and his bank account.I didn't care that Olivia tagged along. I wanted her to watch as I take everything from her, even though it's not that much. I swear, if I knew anything about her family, I would take them under my wing as well.She was now in the back seat, no pun intended. 'Soon you will be forgotten.'"Come on, tell me where we are off to today. You know I get gassy when nervous.'''Which I learnt the hard way and from standing behind Felix.'''You and I are just going to celebrate your success of having your first piece displaced. Nothing too big.''"Nothing too big? Hello, you always said 'go big or die'. You made all my dreams come through. You are like a fairy godmot
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Christmas party with a stalker
Felix came to my house to get ready, but I knew better. Even though the two of us were becoming fast friends, I knew that he came to snoop and relay everything back to that sneaking Olivia. But I'll let him. Olivia needs to see and understand that she has nothing on me, and Russell is mine. He was made for me, and I will make sure that I get him.  "There is no way." Felix spawn around, admiring the place. His eyes sparkled as he admired from my chandelier, to the marble floors and even the paintings on the wall. "You either have a sugar daddy, or you're a trust fund baby." He pointed an accusing finger at my face. I laughed, but said nothing. 'I bet that was Olivia's thoery of me, she was trying so hard to figure me out. I know it must drive her nuts to not know what I am about.' "Well, lets get ready then.'' I pointed to one of my many spear rooms Felix could use to change. "What is going on between you and Russel
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A stalker's time to kill
A problem, that's what you are, Olivia. A thorn in our fu*king side. Even Felix was getting annoyed with you. Russell was more than over you and I am pissed. I swear you are a dark cloud. You know just how to make a good day bad. You ruined our wonderful day, more like days. You showed up high as a kite at Russell's place when we were having a lovely movie night. You sat right in the middle of us, throw up and fell asleep in it. Then you had the nerve to just show up at the park and step all over our picnic. Ate our food, and complained saying that you didn't like the wine, simply because you have no taste in good things. You even created a scene at my cousin's restaurant, saying I'm a man stealer. Broke some really expensive chin
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