Ex-wife Returns

Ex-wife Returns

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I never had the intention of getting married because I was pregnant for him but it happened and a part of me was excited because I was getting married to the man of my dreams,So I got married to a solid 10 ,Luke Mayfair. He was my crush in college and somehow I got married to him because we had a baby after a one night stand. My marriage with Luke was the worst decision of my life,Luke and his cruel mother,Madam Claire made my life miserable but my only driving force in the marriage was my beautiful daughter I caught him in bed with my best friend. Apparently she was the woman of his dreams. He didn't feel any remorse for having an affair with my best friend and my best friend was not remorseful either. Divorced paper was served and I was kicked out of the house like a piece of trash.I endured marriage for 5 years and they sent me away like I was trash without even letting me see my daughter one last time.As if that wasn't enough they tried to kill me . Fast forward to two years later,I made an epic comeback as a famous fashion designer joining hands with the most powerful man in the family,My ex husband's uncle.Now my ex husband wants me back but now he has to get through to his uncle first.

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Delinda Schumacher
99 chapters 6-3-24
2024-06-04 06:04:37
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Juvilyn Pascua Abril
i want a story that happens in reality f they got divorce there's no turning back no reconciliation,no second chance continue life with other man .
2024-05-25 20:03:41
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Sayub JoJo
Lança na linguagem Brasileira. Português brasileiro
2024-05-16 03:19:45
user avatar
I really want to see Luke's face when he finds out that she is alive and I want her to teach him a good lesson
2024-05-15 06:47:41
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Christine Owings
36 chapters 4/21/24
2024-04-21 16:24:15
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Heather W
The FL is cry baby doormat who can't reason her way out of a paper bag.
2024-05-15 05:20:39
user avatar
Jo-anne Bridge
I have read up to chapter 62 and was wondering when it is finished. it is a good book.
2024-05-10 07:57:58
113 Chapters
Hide The Wife
Today marked our wedding anniversary and my husband's birthday—our special tenth year together. I had a big surprise planned for Luke. While he slept, I snuck out of bed, grabbed the party popper, and let it burst. He blinked open his eyes."Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary!" I giggled, holding out the cake. He responded with a sour expression."Make a wish…" I urged, trying to smile. But as he rose from bed, he shoved me, causing the cake to splatter on the floor."I wish you'd leave my life," he grumbled before storming out.Did he really have to say that today?Sadly, I was used to it—a marriage without love. I married Luke in my final year of high school. He was my best friend's brother, the handsome college guy every high schooler drooled over. I never thought he'd be mine. Fate, however, had other plans. One thing led to another, and I ended up pregnant after an accidental encounter.My life changed drastically. Bullied relentlessly, I almost dropped out of school. My best f
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As I prepared breakfast, the echoes of Luke's harsh words still resonated in my mind. With trembling hands, I scrambled eggs and buttered toast, trying to distract myself from the pain gnawing at my heart. Once the meal was ready, I set it on the table, but instead of joining Luke as usual, I silently slipped away to the basement, locking the door behind me. I sat on the floor of my cracky room and I started to weep,What could I do to make Luke love me ,I contributed to making this marriage work being a faithful wife but yet I never received reciprocation. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I sank to the floor, my sobs echoing in the empty room. Why did things have to be this way? Why couldn't I make things right with Luke?Just as I thought I couldn't bear the anguish any longer, a knock on the door jolted me from my thoughts. Madame Claire's stern voice pierced through the silence. "You there, girl! Come out this instant. Go and assist with the party arrangements." " Luke asked me
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Sign The Paper!
All these years I have been faced with so much pain but not once did I request for divorce.This was because I hoped that one day our marriage will become a vibrant and happy one.I wanted a happy home and family for my daughter. She deserves it at least. Now that I caught Luke cheating on me with my own sister, I was still recovering from the shock and he walked in here with divorce papers in his hands Instead of a proper apology. " What do you mean divorce?" I stuttered and he moved closer." Are you deaf? I do not want to be in this wreck you call a marriage…" Luke yelled and I flinched. " Luke...I…Uhmm, What about our daughter?" I started to stutter out of the fear of what Luke and his mother would do,I was the one that got hurt but I was the one that got served divorce papers. " What daughter! That's my daughter…You have nothing to do with her, Sign the papers…Take your property and get out! You are not allowed to leave this house with anything purchased with my money,So you ca
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Stay Out!
, I was suddenly jolted from my reverie by the sound of footsteps approaching. My heart clenched with dread as I looked up to see Luke, my husband, walking hand in hand with Nelly, my own sister.A wave of nausea washed over me as I watched them draw closer, their laughter and whispered words like a knife twisting in my gut. It was as if they were deliberately flaunting their affair right in front of me, reveling in my pain and humiliation.Tears welled up in my eyes as I struggled to comprehend the enormity of their betrayal. How could they do this to me? How could they be so callous, so heartless?"Carina," Luke's voice cut through the silence, his tone dripping with false concern. "Are you alright?"I wanted to scream at him, to unleash all the pain and anger that had been building up inside me, but the words caught in my throat, choked by the weight of my sorrow.Instead, I could only watch in silence as Luke pulled Nelly into his arms, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. The
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The Power to strike back
Lost in my own misery, I hardly noticed the sleek black car that pulled up beside me, nor the tall figure that stepped out from within. It wasn't until a voice called out to me that I looked up, startled, to see Luke's uncle, a man of wealth and influence, standing before me. It was Martins,I had met him few times, From what I heard, He was the most powerful in the family but yet reserved and cold. "Carina?" His voice was filled with concern as he approached, his brow furrowed with worry. "Is that you?"I nodded numbly, too stunned to speak, too broken to care. But before I could utter a word, his personal assistant stepped forward, her expression grave."Sir, that is indeed Mrs. Carina," she confirmed, her voice tinged with sadness. "I overheard the workers saying that she was served divorce papers and thrown out of the house. She's been out here, begging for two days now."The weight of her words hit me like a sledgehammer, the reality of my situation crashing down on me with bruta
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The Power to strike back 2
My Ex Husband Wants Me Back 6. Stunned,That was the word. I stood there with a will in my hand, Billions of dollars now in my name, Properties, Companies. How was I going to manage this as a highschool dropout? " Grandma Katie! I have always seen you as a mother, Whenever Luke treated me like trash,I came to you for comfort and you did comfort me , You took me out on walks and promised me that one day …I was going to have my revenge on him for all that he did to me but this …All of it , It's too much for a highschool dropout who is emotionally unstable to maintain" I said dropping the offer on the table in front of Madam Katie. I was grateful for what she wanted to do for me but I couldn't take it.I wasn't sure of myself. Luke had always said that I would ruin whatever I laid my hands on and I didn't want to ruin Madam Katie's investments." Why ? Tell me …Why won't you take it?"She asked while relaxing on her sofa and I sighed. I wanted to take it but I wasn't sure I could do it
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Leave it all behind
Leave it all behind. I wasn't being foolish just like Martins had thought,I was trying my best to make sure Luke had done enough damage to my heart, When it was time for revenge,I wouldn't care about how he felt,That was probably the reason Madam Katie asked me to see him again and even beg to take me back." Luke…. please,I have nowhere to go, I know that I am a mess but please you can not throw our our ten years of being together…" Apologizing or rather begging him disgusted me , Why was I sorry? After all I was the one that got cheated on, Himself and Nelly should be on their knees begging me but I guess it didn't matter. " What are you doing?" Martins moved closer to where I was leaning, He stood blocking me from Luke's view and he whispered, His voice was filled with annoyance and I know he wondered,If I was dumb or just like he said ,Dense. " Please stay out of this…" I replied my voice barely over a whisper. " Carina! What is your problem? Why…" " Luke! Please I beg you…T
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My Family
As Martins sat there, stunned by my revelation, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of regret for blurting out the truth. I had always kept my family issues hidden, afraid of the judgment and pity that would inevitably follow. But now, faced with Martins' concerned gaze, I found myself opening up in a way I hadn't before."It's just… I have nowhere else to go," I confessed, my voice barely above a whisper. "I know they haven't been the most supportive, but they're still my family."Martins regarded me with a mixture of sympathy and understanding, his features softening as he took in my words. "Carina, you don't have to go back to them," he said gently. "You have options, you know. You have your own strength and resilience."I shook my head, feeling the weight of my situation pressing down on me. "I don't know, Martins. I feel like I've hit rock bottom," I admitted, my voice trembling with emotion.He reached out and placed a comforting hand on my shoulder, offering me a reassuring smile
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Bruised by my own family
As Martins stormed out of the house, leaving me to face my family alone, I felt a knot of dread tightening in my chest. I turned to my parents, hoping for some semblance of understanding or compassion, but what I got instead was a slap across the face from my mother."What do you think you're doing here, Carina?" she spat, her voice dripping with contempt. "And why are you with Luke's uncle?"I stumbled backward, my cheek stinging from the force of her words, tears welling up in my eyes. "I... I just needed to talk to you," I managed to choke out, my voice barely above a whisper.But before I could say anything else, my father stepped forward, his expression darkening with anger. "Cut to the chase, Carina," he snapped, his voice cold and unforgiving. "Why are you here, and why should we even care?"I felt a lump forming in my throat as I struggled to find the words to explain. "I... Luke and I... we got a divorce," I finally managed to say, my voice trembling with emotion.There was a
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Nelly... The princess of the family
As Carina stepped outside with Martins, she felt a mix of relief and anguish swirling inside her. She tried to compose herself, but the weight of her family's rejection was too much to bear.Martins glanced over at her, concern etched in his features. "Are you okay, Carina?" he asked softly, his voice filled with empathy.Carina nodded, but as she opened her mouth to speak, the floodgates burst open, and tears streamed down her cheeks. "I'm so embarrassed," she sobbed, her words barely coherent. "I can't believe you had to see how much they hate me."Martins reached out and gently placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's okay to cry, Carina," he said softly. "Sometimes it's the only way to let go of all the pain."Carina choked back a sob, her chest heaving with emotion. "I just don't understand why they treat me like this," she whispered, her voice trembling with hurt.Martins furrowed his brow, his eyes reflecting her pain. "Have you ever considered the fact that you might not be their
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