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Yulia— a stubborn and rebellious wolf's life is turned upside down when she's forced to move in with her step-uncle, Lycan Issa Frostwood, after her mother's death. As she struggles to come to terms with her new reality, she finds herself tormented by a forbidden desire for the one person she shouldn't - her own uncle. . . But as they both fight to deny their feelings, the danger that surrounds them draws them closer together. Will they succumb to their passion, or will the secrets and lies that haunt their past destroy them forever?

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Varsha Rani Kukas
great book so far....how often do you update the book
2024-07-04 15:37:41
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This Author keeps blowing our minds...️
2024-06-24 15:51:36
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Varsha Rani Kukas
why no updates?
2024-07-10 18:58:53
24 Chapters
~YULIA"Hey. . ." A stranger called and it made my wolf dance with excitement. I dropped my glass of tequila and looked up, only to be met with eyes so green they made my wolf stir with desire."Hey." A small smile played on my lips. His smile grew wider when he saw that I had not chased him away. He helped himself unto the next seat and waved at the bartender. "I'd like a glass of what she's having and more for her," he instructed. There was something about the way he spoke that messed with my thought process. I downed my glass of tequila to hide the hunger slowly growing on my face. "Having a bad day?" He asked as he turned to stare at me again. I swallowed hard at the question as I thought of my mother's funeral which I had literally escaped from and somehow ended up here. "You have no idea," I whispered and watched as the bartender poured me some more. "That makes two of us," he announced and downed his glass of tequila in the same way that I had done. "Best for us to enjo
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~YULIA"Who are you?" He smirked as he tucked my stray hair behind my ear. "I am yours. . ." I swallowed hard as I felt my wolf stir at his choice of words. Heat scattered from my stomach to the rest of my body and I knew that the rate at which I was burning was becoming dangerous. "So why are you hesitating? Why are you holding back when you can just give in to me?" He whispered as he slowly started leaning closer to me. The pounding of my heart grew even louder and I was almost deafened from the sounds but I stopped him so that I could speak first. "The only way that you can be mine is if you're my mate," I muttered. "I don't feel the mate bond." He smiled. "You'll feel it soon." With that, he crashed his lips against mine and I froze at the sudden contact. I would have pushed him away had it felt disgusting and irritating. Yet I did not because I was shocked by the fact that it was nothing of what I thought it would be. The music seemed to get even slower as if he had comm
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~YULIAMy heart was hammering hard as I ran out the exit door. It took a lot of time to get my breathing to be even. It did not help that I was still running even after leaving the club. Street lamps were my only form of light since the crescent moon was not bright enough. I could have stopped in front of the club to wait for a cab but I was too worried that the mysterious gentleman would follow me outside and easily find me. It was a miracle that I had escaped him despite feeling all these emotions. And I was sure that if he somehow showed up before me again, then there would be no way that I could resist him. "Damn, no one told me that older men were this delicious," I muttered to myself.My phone buzzed again and this time, I stopped to pick up. After all, I felt assured that the mysterious man could no longer find me again. I had given the club enough distance that I could no longer see it. "Mr Rogers," I began the moment I picked up the call."Where are you, child? You have
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~YULIAI dragged myself out of bed. "Ah, my head. . ." I cried as I massaged my temples. It was banging from all the alcohol that I had taken.Last night had been crazy. Everything about it was wrong and I was still trying to wrap my head around it. From the mysterious man to the crimson eyes in the dark, to the men who chased me and Mr Rogers who appeared with a gun shooting them. Nothing made sense to me anymore. I entered the shower and allowed the water to wash away all of my doubts. As if that was possible. I eventually stepped out of the bathroom, cleaned myself dry before throwing on some clean clothes. I chose a big t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I did not even bother to dry my dark hair before hurrying out of my room for breakfast. I heard voices even before I got to the kitchen. One of them belonged to Mr Rogers while the other belonged to Madelaine, our house keeper. I entered the kitchen and dragged a seat whip glaring daggers at Mr Rogers. I had dozens of questions f
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~YULIAMy wolf came alive as I took in every aspect of his features. It was the same dark clothes. The same dark hair. The same dangerous and mysterious aura from last night. Worst, his green eyes seemed to bore into my soul as he approached us. My wolf began to dance with excitement as I remembered my escapades with him. The way his fingers assaulted my softness. The way his lips almost transported me to another realm. What was this man doing here? How did he know that this was were I lived?Was he a stalk— I gasped. "I knew you would be shocked by his existence but isn't this reaction too much?" Lana asked."Girl! He's the same guy I met at the club yesterday. He followed me!" I exclaimed in disbelief. That was when the beautiful stranger reached us and smiled. "I didn't expect to meet you here," he whispered and his voice affected my wolf.But today, I refused to fall under his spell. He could not make me do anything stupid with that charming face of his. "Yeah right, you exp
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~ISSA"This is Lycan Issa, Mariana's stepbrother— your uncle. . ."My heart sank to the deepest part of my core as I realised who this beautiful yet rebellious woman was. I felt my beast begin to stir with protest. I had not seen this coming. I had not expected the events to turn on me this way. How could she be the same child I was supposed to look after? I was expecting to see a little child, not a full-grown woman! I blinked multiple times as I stared at Yulia. Her stormy gray eyes contorted and she looked away immediately, running into her friend's arms, perhaps hoping that the poor girl could help her disappear. I thought of last night and my wolf jumped. How could the woman I had kissed so passionately be my niece?What sort of a sick game was this? Memories of the way I touched her danced in my mind. Memories of all the obscene things I had imagined I would do to her when I finally found her replayed in my head. These things were not even healthy. Yet, she turned out to
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~YULIA"What are my choices?" I hated it. I hated this moment. I hated the world. I hated fated for playing this sick game on me. My wold danced restlessly in mind and it was taking a lot from me just sitting here in the same room with him and pretended everything was fine. In reality, I wanted to scream. I wanted to roar. I wanted to cry, but I could not do any of those things. I could only hold myself together until this meeting was over and hope that I come out triumphant. Issa turned his green eyes to him. "You can either agree to come with me and I'll give you all the protection you need, pending the time it will take until I find all the people after you. . ." He trailed. "Then you can come back home." I sat up instantly as I shot him wide eyes. "How long is it going to take until you find them?" My heart began to race as I waited for an answer. This arrangement was not so bad. If it was something that would take just one or two months, then I could swallow my pride and ac
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~ISSA"How do you intend on living in the same house with the girl you almost banged at the club last night?" He askedI shot him a stare. He had chosen a white shirt and blue jeans today. He had always liked things that made him look younger. He was my best friend— the only person I trusted in the world as well as my Beta. Perhaps, this was the reason why he had the guts to ask me this question. "I'll ignore her and move my attention to someone or something else, Miles." I assured myself it was possible even if my wolf stirred in protest. The sun was beginning to set and it was a beautiful sight. We were leaning against my car as we waited for my supposed niece to make her decision. "You and I both know that once you become obsessed with a woman, you won't get over her until you bury your damned cork into her." There was so much confidence in his voice that it got on my nerves. How could he be so sure that living with her would be pure torture for me?"She's my fucking niece for
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~YULIAA loud crash exploded in my left ear and I screamed."Yulia!" I heard Issa yell.I looked up to see that I was fine. There was no blood and I was still whole. My body was still intact.So what had hit the window?"What was that?" I heard the Beta ask."Whatever you do, keep the window panes up, Miles." Issa was now glaring out the window as he tried to figure out what had happened.Suddenly, another thing crashed against my window, this time, on my right. I yelped and ducked my head while shooting my hands over my ears on impulse. "Shit! We're under attack! We're been ambushed!" The Beta exclaimed. "Ambushed?" I exclaimed as I braved looking up. That was when I saw the cars chasing after us from behind. My hand came to my mouth as I registered all the men poking their heads out, carrying cannon-like-guns on their hands, ready to shoot out whatever they had shot twice now. "Holy goddess! Holy goddess! We're doomed! There's too many of them. Unless you're the best and fastest
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~YULIA"Who exactly are you?" My voice came out shakier than I had expected. My wolf began to come back to the surface after abandoning me to my fate earlier. There was no response from either of them. They just ignored me as if I had not breathed a word. Miles was helping him clean off the blood from his hands, but the ones on his clothes were there to stay. "You played with the weather. You summoned fogs and you moved at inhumane speed. How is that a wolf's ability?" I dared to ask. They refused to say a word to me. Miles brought the car to life and zoomed off. I spied on Issa from the mirror. He looked distant. He looked as if it was only his shell that was left behind. I wanted to ask more questions but since they were both playing mute, I decided to keep it for when we would arrive at his house. After all, they could not remain mute forever. I folded my arms as I sank deeper into my chair. The silence was awkward and I wanted to stretch badly as well as call Layla but I di
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