Fatal Summer 1987

Fatal Summer 1987

By:  Ashley Aurora  Ongoing
Language: English
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Who killed Sunny Sweeney? During Sunny’s very LAST summer days, she experiences unusual paranormal happenings all around her as she indulges in desire, has adventures with her friends, and experiences forbidden love. Her angelic face once lit up the room now smothered in blood, desecrated, her beautiful life stolen! The ultimate betrayal!

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32 Chapters
Sunny Sweeny-Summer of 1987At about 10:30 on the morning of August 31, 1987, Rory Collins went to visit his friends James and Sunny Sweeney. The Sweeneys were brothers and sisters in their twenties. James was twenty-three, and his sister was twenty-eight. They lived with their mother, Grace Sweeney, in a patio garden apartment in Ashville, Maryland, in Baltimore County. When Mr. Collins approached the apartment, he noticed that the patio door was ajar. He looked into the living room and saw Sunny's face lying face down in a pool of blood. The cause of death was discovered later.__Sunny was a stunning young lady with a slim build, a lovely button nose, an oval face, long, wavy auburn-brown hair, and stunning, piercing green eyes.Everyone in the room turned to look at Sunny when she entered because she was so incredibly attractive in her own unique way.But Sunny was even more beautiful on the inside because she loved unconditionally and cared deeply.She was vibrant and full of lif
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Sunny had been sound asleep in her bed that morning when the phone started to ring.Sunny woke up and took the call. It was her best friend, Layla Bailey.Layla and Sunny have been friends for a long time. They attended Raven High and were pretty much inseparable. They had been through so much together, from the rough patches of their teenage years to the highs and lows of adulthood.Layla was a tomboy with chin-length brunette hair and hazel eyes. A lot of people believed that she was gay, but it was never really confirmed, and sometimes Sunny got a stigma hanging around her.Layla had called Sunny to make plans for a small Ocean City trip for the first weekend of August. The two friends had always loved spending time together, especially at the beach. They would spend hours lounging in the sun, playing in the waves, and exploring the boardwalk. After taking a deep bong hit, Sunny replied to Layla on the phone, "Yes!" I can't wait to be at the beach with you. " Sunny loved her morn
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The pale white horse
By one p.m., they had left for Verona.They had a lovely ride up there, and as they were passing through, it seemed as though they had suddenly traveled back in time to a calm, serene location free of noise and apartment complexes. Sunny was filled with joy and anticipation as she looked out the window, taking in the view of all the farmland.__The two young ladies got out of the car and walked up to Beth's parents' house. It was a beautiful colonial house with gorgeous white shutters. Sunny couldn't help but feel a wave of excitement as she looked at the fields of wildflowers and corn stalks that surrounded the area. As they went inside, Beth asked Sunny, "Let's have some cranberry and vodka drinks; my parents always have that around." Sunny couldn't resist the offer and eagerly agreed.The two friends were sitting in the living room on a vintage, cozy couch with a floral print, enjoying their drinks and catching up on each other's lives. By three o'clock, the girls had five glasse
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Ocean Emotions
It was a beautiful Friday on July thirty-first. This was the morning that Sunny and Layla headed down to Ocean City. Sunny's favorite place to be was Ocean City, a resort town about three hours away from Ashville. It was Sunny’s favorite place to be, so she was super excited.Ocean City is a great place to unwind because it has miles of beachfront and a wooden boardwalk lined with restaurants, shops, and hotels.__The two best friends arrived in Ocean City on 9th Street at their hotel. It was a white and aqua-colored building called Starfish Royal.Sunny and Layla went into the room, where there were two colorful beds, a small table for eating, and a balcony that overlooked the beach. They were in awe of the beauty and immediately ran out onto the balcony, taking in a deep breath of the salty ocean air. They were transfixed by the beach view as they stood there and watched families playing in the sand, kids creating sandcastles, and surfers riding the waves. The sound of seagulls fil
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Crashing Waves
Sunny and Layla then got out of the shower and put clothes on. Sunny was smiling uncontrollably as her hands were shaking. She felt butterflies in her stomach, and her surroundings felt like heaven. Layla felt like she was walking on clouds, as she felt like the luckiest person in the whole universe, but she was also afraid since they had been best friends since high school. It was a whole mix of emotions because Layla had been wanting to kiss Sunny for a long time.___Sunny and Layla went about their day like nothing ever happened as they took a walk on the boardwalk, got a bite to eat, played some arcade games, and then sat down together on a bench that looked upon the boardwalk and ocean.Layla looked at Sunny as she said, "I love that feeling when you've been lying on the beach all day and then take a shower before you go out." " I feel like I’m on top of the world!"Layla then nervously added, "Can we talk about what happened in the shower?"Sunny had a dull expression as she sa
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Tears Spilled
Sunny's point of viewI'm lying here in bed with my very best friend, and she means so much to me. Did I make a mistake? These thoughts keep swirling in my mind, but deep down, I know that what we have is special. Our bond goes beyond romance. My nose is stuffy. I hate this feeling, but I’m with Layla, and that makes me happy. She's always been there for me, through thick and thin. I do, however, despise her at times. After the car accident, I was left with scars, and she doesn't have a scratch on her. It's not fair, and I can't help but feel a pang of resentment toward her. But then, I remember the countless nights she spent by my side in the hospital, holding my hand and reassuring me that everything would be okay. She is my rock, my pillar of strength, and my biggest cheerleader. I just love her.Sunny squeezes Layla tight:She smells so good, like coconut sunblock. Mmmm!_______Sunny then starts thinking about her father and how she
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After they had finished their appetizers, Sunny was prepared to share the truth about her father.Sunny looked at Layla with watering eyes as she said, "My father committed suicide when I was only 5 years old." He was married to another woman and to my mother. You see, he couldn't take the idea of being caught. He had a beautiful family. My brother and I needed him. There had to be another way, but he just left us. " Layla listened attentively, her heart aching for Sunny's pain. She reached across the table and gently held Sunny's hand, offering comfort and support. "I'm so sorry, Sunny," Layla whispered softly. "That must have been incredibly difficult for you and your family." Sunny nodded, tears streaming down her face. "It was devastating," she replied, her voice trembling. Layla looked at Sunny with kind eyes as she said, "I’m sure he loved you very much."Sunny then said, "If he loved any of us, he wouldn't have killed himself. “ It was a carbon monoxide suicide from car exha
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It was Tuesday morning, and Sunny had to return to work after an interesting Ocean City trip. Sunny had a lot on her mind, and she was queasy about what she had done with Layla on vacation, but she knew in her heart that they would always be best friends no matter the circumstances. Sunny decided not to let her thoughts get the best of her and went about her day.As she walked into the door of Buttons Furniture Store, there was her friend Beth, who ran up to Sunny and said, "Hey girl, where have you been? "Sunny came in for a hug as she said, "I went to Ocean City with my friend Layla. ““You'll have to meet her sometime!”Beth replied, "That explains the sunburn on your cheeks—that darn porcelain skin!"Sunny laughed: "I rarely ever tan! "__Sunny and Beth worked until four p.m., and before they knew it, closing time came. During closing, Beth asked Sunny, "Tomorrow after work, would you like to get together? We could go to Verona. "Sunny replied, "I would love to!"Just then, Mr
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The next morning, Sunny got up and was ready to go to work.__Button's Furniture Store:Sunny looked at Beth and said, "I hope you're not offended, but my brother and our friend Finn would like to join along."Beth replied back, "That’s fine with me." Is Finn a girl? "Sunny laughed loudly as she said, "Finn is a dude."Just then, a family came in looking for a new couch. There was a little girl, a mom, and a dad. Sunny looked at the family with a welcoming smile as she said, "Welcome to Buttons. Need any help finding the perfect couch?"The little girl with the family pointed at Sunny as she said, "Mommy, that lady is so pretty! "The mom smiled at her child as she said, "She sure is, but it's not nice to point it out. "The mom then looked at Sunny as she replied, "We are looking for a green couch, something comfy. "Sunny smiled at the little girl as she said, "You are very pretty too. You must be a princess! "The little girl's eyes widened with excitement as she exclaimed, "Real
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Drag Downward
After a 5-minute walk, they arrived at the Prettyboy Dam.Beth looked over at Sunny and said, "Do you see a white horse? “Sunny replied, "Nope, maybe that darn horse will stop bothering me now. “Sunny gazed into the water as Toby asked her, "You want to swim in the water again, don’t you?""Sunny replied, "I do! “Toby yelled, "Quick swim, everyone! "Finn looked at Toby like he was crazy as he said, "I’m not getting in that water. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out that there is a strong current! "Beth pinched Finn's cheek and said, " Don’t be a baby! There’s a current, but it's safe. " Finn rolled his eyes at Beth's comment and replied, "I'd rather not take any chances." James then said, "I'll get in for a bit! “Finn looked at James and said, "It's your funeral. " He then continued, "You thought jumping off a rope into the quarry was scary, but you will do this?" Finn's sarcasm was evident in his tone as he questioned James' decision. He couldn't help but shake his
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