Fated To My Triplet Lycan Brothers

Fated To My Triplet Lycan Brothers

By:  Bella Cupid  Completed
Language: English
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"What am I?" Diana whispered, staring unbelievably at the lightning bolts flickering from her fingertips. "Why am I different?" "You aren't just different, Diana." Freya said, and she cupped Diana's face and stared into her eyes. "You are special, and you are exactly what this realm needs to restore balance." "What if I can't do it?" Diana asked worriedly, closing her palms to contain the power trying to break out. "You must try, because this is only the beginning." Freya looked to the distance, her eyes reflecting the dying light. "Enemies will arise, and they will try to destroy you." "They will have to go through us." A deep voice spoke behind them. Diana turned and her gaze connected with three handsome men. Alden, Asher and Axel. Her mates. ... Diana's world is shattered by a revelation that shakes the very foundation of her existence: Alden, Asher, and Axel, the brothers she's grown up and fallen in love with, are not her real siblings, but her destined mates. Struggling to come to terms with this unexpected discovery, Diana finds herself thrust into a dangerous game of deception and betrayal. As former allies become adversaries, and sinister plots threaten to tear apart the bonds between her and her mates, Diana must navigate a treacherous path where every step could lead to her downfall. With danger lurking around every corner, Diana's fate hangs in the balance. Can she defy destiny and carve out her own future, or will she succumb to the forces working against her, plunging into an abyss of uncertainty and despair?

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Vikki Lee
This book is fantastic!! The mystery and suspense make it hard to put down. It is definitely a must-read book!
2024-06-12 01:13:10
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I really like this book. I am so glad I found it when it has been completed
2024-05-30 18:37:07
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Bella Cupid
Hello Readers Please disregard the repeated chapter 94. It was repeated mistakenly, due to network issues I had. My editor has gone on a break and when she comes back, she will rectify it. I'm sorry for all inconvenience. Continue your reading from chapter 95. Thank you.
2024-04-30 23:36:58
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Delinda Schumacher
82 chapters 4-21-24 Dear Author, I prefer to wait until the book is finished to start it. I'm looking forward to reading your book.
2024-04-21 20:40:47
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Awesome story! Well written and very few grammatical errors. A must read! Keep up the great work!
2024-04-01 11:18:10
user avatar
Bella Cupid
You love this book? Please leave a heartfelt review for the author. Don't forget to vote with your gems to give this book a ranking. Lots of love to you all.
2024-03-05 09:18:50
101 Chapters
Chapter 1: Sinful Dreams
The sun filtering into the room roused Diana and she stirred in her sleep. Mumbling incoherently, she turned slightly and drifted right back to sleep.Her lips parted and she whispered softly."Asher... Please kiss me... I love you Alden... you belong to me, Axel..."As sleep claimed her again, she drifted into another dream.She was on a large bed, completely naked, her glorious body exposed to the men with her. Her eyes lifted and she saw the handsome faces of her brothers, the men she had been obsessed with since she turned thirteen. Now she was seventeen and her feelings for them never faded. Instead, it grew stronger. It seemed her body became under their control because whenever she was with them, she felt totally helpless."You said you like someone else?" Asher asked from behind her as he nibbled on her ear, slowly driving her crazy."Hmm," her response came out more like a moan than an actual answer. She gasped when she felt Alden's warm breath on her burning skin as he tra
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Chapter 2: Sinful thoughts
There was a moment of intense silence after Diana slammed the door shut. Apparently, the sound of the door jolted them out of the trance they had entered and Axel shook his head, confused for a moment.Alden took a step back from the door and turned to his brothers, a surprised expression on his face."What just happened?" Asher asked and his brothers chuckled. "I think we know what just happened," Alden answered. "But did you smell her?" Axel asked and his brothers groaned. They had perceived the arousal coming from Diana. They knew she had been dreaming of them, again."Come on," Alden said after a while and turned towards the stairs. "Let's leave before we lose control.""Alden, we can't keep pretending like we don't know," Asher voiced out as they descended the stairs. "We all know how Diana feels about us.""And it's obvious how much she's trying to kill those feelings," Axel added. "She thinks it is forbidden to feel that way for us. If only she knows.""We should tell her th
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Chapter 3: Is that a threat?
The drive to school was silent, but it was a comfortable silence. Diana kept her eyes glued outside as the different pack houses flew past with their speed. It was her final year in school and she couldn't wait to be done. Being in school hadn't been easy, especially when she turned sixteen the previous year and still didn't connect with her wolf. And until she shifted, she wouldn't be able to feel the mate bond. She wouldn't find her mate."What's on your mind?" Alden asked as he took a sharp turn a little too fast. Diana looked up to see him staring at her through the rearview mirror.She shook her head and smiled a little. "A lot. I can't just wait to be done with school. I keep getting weird looks just because I'm the only teen that hasn't wolfed out. And I hear side talks too. People think I'll never find my mate."She looked away then, and failed to see Alden exchange looks with Asher and Axel, almost as if they were communicating with the mind link."Don't let that bother you
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Chapter 4: You belong to us
By the time Alden arrived at the school with his brothers, Diana was seated at the headmaster's office, a furious scowl masking her face. She glanced briefly at them as they entered the office and without another word, she grabbed her backpack and stomped out of the office towards the car.She didn't want to be there when headmaster Walter bellowed in her brothers’ face, about how she had anger issues and how she almost destroyed Syrena's pretty face!Lost in deep thought, she suddenly bumped into a hard body and she groaned, almost missing her step."I'm so sorry," a deep voice said, and strong arms circled her, keeping her steady. "I didn't see you coming."Diana bit back the sharp retort when she looked up and her eyes met deep stormy gray eyes, hidden slightly underneath a curtain of blonde hair.It was Jasper Donovan, Headmaster Walter's new assistant. Diana took a hasty step backwards, her face slowly turning red with a deep blush. So the rumors were true, she thought. Jasper
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Chapter 5: Another wet dream
Heartbeat accelerating, cheeks suddenly flushed with desire, eyes clouded and dilated, Diana stared silently at the mesmerizing eyes of her three handsome brothers. The embers of arousal between her thighs burst into flames when she felt strong fingers grip her waist. She felt hands gently grab her hair, pulling her face upwards so she could stare into their eyes.Alden was directly in front of her, pinning her with his hard body against the wall. The heat from his body was slowly driving her insane and she gulped softly. On her right was Axel, his hands wrapped gently around her hair. His eyes were pure gold as he stared at her with undisguised hunger.On her left was Asher, and the look in his eyes made her knees weak. His hands were wrapped tightly around her waist and he had his nose buried in her neck, sniffing her scent. Diana tried to protest, but her body betrayed her. She didn't want them to stop. The tiny voice in her head tried to break through, reminding her that these
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Chapter 6: The note
"Diana, wait."Diana paused at the door and sighed. Her plan to leave for school unnoticed hadn't been successful. She just wanted to be alone. She wasn't ready to face her brothers.She turned and watched as the triplets hurried towards her."You're leaving without us?" Alden asked, a hurt expression on his face."I...," Diana stuttered."But we always drive you to school," Asher said next. "Are we bothering you?" Axel gently took her hand."No." Diana shook her head, staring at each of them in the eyes. "You could never bother me. Why would you think of something like that?""You've been avoiding us since last night," Axel said."If this is about what happened, what we tried to do...," Asher began."We're sorry," Alden apologized. "Maybe we got carried, and made you feel uncomfortable. We'll keep our distance now.""No," Diana shook her head again. "I don't want you to keep your distance. I..."She paused. It was at the tip of her tongue to tell them how much she loved them. Not ju
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Chapter 7: I like you, Diana
Diana felt skeptical returning to school the very next day after being in a fight with Syrena. If it had been up to her, she would have stayed home for a week before returning. Then, every side talk would have died down.Now, she would have to endure more weird looks from the other shifters."Here you go," Alden handed her her backpack. "We'll come pick you up later. And Diana, please...,""I know, I know," Diana rolled her eyes. "Stay away from Syrena and don't get into another fight."Asher and Axel looked amused and Alden reached out and tucked her hair behind her ear. "I was gonna tell you to be safe, but ignoring Syrena is also important."Diana shook her head, a soft smile tugging her lips. "Bye guys. Love you."She shut the door and made her way towards the large open doors.Alden watched her go, never taking his eyes off her until she was inside the school. Then he turned to his brothers."You know what you have to do," he said.Asher nodded. "We'll stay hidden in our wolf fo
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Chapter 8: Is Diana okay?
"Diana, over here," Jason yelled.Diana resisted the urge to groan in frustration. Now the whole school knew she was going to sit with him. Could her day get any worse?Gripping her lunch tray carefully, she made her way through the aisle, trying not to fidget under the open stares from some of the students. She was almost at his table when someone stuck out their leg and Diana tripped on it. Her tray slipped from her hand as she struggled to balance herself.Someone screamed and Diana looked up, her eyes widening as she spotted Syrena drenched in milk. Her tray had landed on the floor, spilling the content everywhere, and the box of milk had splashed its content on some of the students.Syrena took the brunt of it.Someone snickered, and a few giggles followed. Soon the entire students burst out laughing. Syrena turned red with rage and she marched towards Diana."How dare you?!" she screamed."It... It was an accident," Diana stuttered, trying to hold back her own laughter. To se
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Chapter 9: Should we tell her the truth?
"For the last time Headmaster Walter, I see nothing wrong with what I did," Jason drawled, his voice etched with exasperation. "I like Diana, and I feel we could be mates. What's wrong with telling her that?"They were currently in the Headmaster's office;Headmaster Walter, Jasper, Jason and Diana, Syrena and the triplets, Alden, Asher and Axel.When Jason admitted that he liked Diana, no one noticed the murderous looks that passed through Alden and his brothers' expression."Didn't you have a thing with Syrena?" Jasper asked next."There was never a thing between me and her," Jasper denied instantly, much to the annoyance of Syrena who stood beside him. "I like Diana, and I told her I would love to know her better. I know she's my mate.""I suggest you wait until the next mating ceremony before you lay claim to our sister," Asher grounded out coldly.Diana looked up at her brothers in surprise. She knew they were possessive when it came to boys, but to show it in the presence of so m
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Chapter 10: Soon you will be mine
There was a brief moment of silence, but it was long enough for Alden to consider what good it would do if they told Diana she was mated to them.If Diana realized she was indeed mated to all three of them, the questions would start. How was it possible to be mated to ones brothers? And then they would have to tell her she wasn't really their sister, which would lead to more questions because Diana would want to know who she was and why the truth about her birth had been kept hidden for so long.It wasn't the right time yet. They still hadn't told their parents that Diana was their mate. Everything had to be done right. The timing mattered.Which was why he was hoping Diana would wolf out on her eighteenth birthday, and feel the pull of the mate bond. When that time came, he would be ready with an explanation to all her questions."How can you say that?" Alden finally spoke out, a look of astonishment on his face. "We can't be your mate, Diana. We're your brothers."Asher and Axel sho
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