Fated is overrated

Fated is overrated

By:  Brenda Minnaard  Completed
Language: English
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She smirks, before asking "do you like that, my little mate?”. I’m too far gone to even care about the “little” part. “Yes..” I manage to breathe out, before she licks me again. “Say please, my little mate” she taunts, her eyes still glued to mine and her hand still pleasuring me. “Please Lola” I breathe out. And just like that, she wraps her mouth around the tip, before taking in my c*ck until it hits the back of her throat. “I… I’m cumming” I croak out, when I feel I’m about to topple over. She pulls her mouth off, and immediately places my c*ck between her perfect . I move up and down slowly, as my starts to cover her . ****** Lola is an omega within the Red Dagger pack. She was found as a baby in the woods. With her curvy body, blonde hair and green eyes she is the total opposite of all the other wolves. And as a result, is treated like an outcast. Lola long awaits the day she turns 18, gets her wolf and is able to leave Red Dagger. All she has to do is withstand one more schoolyear, despite the constant struggles to reign in her anger. But what happens when the bucket runs over and her restraint finally snaps? As the story unfolds, she will come across those who desire her and her fated mates, the Lycan princes. Lola has never wanted a mate and after all betrayals is reluctant to trust anyone anymore, but will she let any of them in eventually? And what happens when her wolf is revealed to have special powers? Will she find her happy ever after with a mate, her fated mates, or will the darkness swallow her whole?

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Good original book. Finished it in just a few days. The middle drags a bit but it’s worth pushing through.
2024-06-30 13:25:42
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Such a good story so far, completely different than any book I’ve read on here xo !!
2024-06-26 17:15:35
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Whats up whit 2 pages as a chapter?? So short! 4 at most.
2024-05-09 16:01:24
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Love this book and the plot twists!! Beautifully written and kept me invested until the end
2024-05-08 20:21:28
default avatar
Good story
2024-05-06 17:30:50
default avatar
I read the entire book, which is rare. I recommend.
2024-04-29 21:18:49
default avatar
Loving it so far.
2024-04-16 09:45:19
default avatar
Very different from the rest, I love it!
2024-04-07 05:31:32
210 Chapters
Chapter 0001
Lola POV Today is a special day, it is the first school day of my senior year. The year I turn 18 and also my last year I have to finish before I am finally legally old enough to go live on my own elsewhere and start my own life. There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, keeping me here in t
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Chapter 0002
Lola POV As we walk past and as if he read my mind somehow, I hear a mocking voice saying “look at our little fat ass heading to class in time to be the perfect little teacher’s pet. I wonder what she has to do to get all those straight A’s”. “If she wasn’t that ugly I’m sure Mr. Douglas would have
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Chapter 0003
Lola POV The remainder of the classes went pretty much the same as the first until the bell rang and it was time for lunch. Nadia, Jason and I caught up together by the lockers and went to the cafeteria. As I was scooping up a big pile of food as always, I could hear the usual giggles and sh*ts say
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Chapter 0004
Lola POV Upon reaching my house I crash through the door and barge in, not wanting to be outside any longer. Heading to look out the window I still can’t spot why I was feeling this uncomfortable, but the feeling left me wondering what had just happened. In times like this it would have been really
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Chapter 0005
Lola POV The King and his (identical) twins are visiting each pack every 2 years. Our pack is due for another visit at the end of this year, if all goes well I will already be living in the human world by then and not get to get a glimpse of any of them. All for the better, as they would never let
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Chapter 0006
Jason POV Finally, tomorrow I have a date with Lola! Well, OK, not technically a date, but I get some proper one on one time with her. I have had a crush on her ever since I can remember. I have always kept it to myself and I don’t think Lola even realizes how much I really like her. Nadia on the o
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Chapter 0007
Lola POV Today is the day I am going to get some real warrior training and time to spar with Jason. I am excited, but also nervous. Not really because he will notice I am not a weakling – I know he will keep my secret – but because I have seen them train and sometimes the contact will get quite phy
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Chapter 0008
Lola POV I check the wind and it seems to be blowing in another direction than right at him, so I should be okay for now. I don’t recognize the wolf and I recognize all of our warriors and ranked wolves. The fur on this wolf is a bit sticky here and there, it doesn’t look well groomed, so I am assu
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Chapter 0009
Lola POV “What? What do you mean??”. I contemplate whether or not I should be telling him this, as it will make him and Nadia both too worried to ever leave me alone again. Knowing I am hesitant on relaying what happened, he cups his other hand around my other cheek “tell me Lola, please?”. I sigh
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Chapter 0010
Jason POV I’m sure she thinks nobody will notice in her big baggy clothes – but that body of hers can’t even be hidden in a trash bag no matter how much she tried. Her body is that of a goddess and I would very much like to run my tongue along every inch of it and sinking my teeth into her marking
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