Her Dark Knight

Her Dark Knight

By:  Crystal Steadman  Ongoing
Language: English
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It’s Monday and my first day of my new school. I drive my car around to where everyone else is parked, so I find myself a parking spot. Then I find the front office and go in and get my schedule. My first class is math, so I walk into the room and I’m the first one in there so I walk up to the teacher and hand him my paper to sign that I have to take back to the front office this afternoon. “Hello Miss. Billie Green I’m Mrs. Smart. It’s very nice to meet you.” The math teacher says, then sings the paper. You can go find yourself a set. I would try to find one in the front on the left-hand side. The kids pretty much already have the back full.” She tells me, and really it’s okay. I kinda like the front anyway. I make my way to a seat that looks vacant and sit down. Kids start piling in about five minutes later. And walking to their seats, there’s a tiny little girl that comes and seats down behind me. She introduces herself as Shaylee Apple. “Hello Shaylee Apple I’m Billie Green.” I tell her and hold my hand out to shake hers. I turn back around in my seat about the same time as a tall guy that has dirty blonde hair cut into spikes all over, ash gray eyes, so gray I can see the color all the way in my seat. He’s wearing a tight fitted gray shirt, and blue jeans. He has a very handsome face, but then he looks at me and instantly I see hatred in his eyes. What the heck, he doesn’t even know me. .

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"Come on, Billie, come back here. You can't keep avoiding your problems like this," my mom shouts as I sprint up the stairs to my room. She just doesn't understand how much this move is going to ruin my life. While she gets to stay with her new husband and stepchildren, I'm being uprooted from my life in a big city in New York and forced to live in a small town in South Carolina with my father, whom I haven't seen in years. "How am I running from my problems, mom?" I yell back at her. "You're sending me to a place I don't know, to live with a man I barely know, all because you got remarried and want to start a new family with them. So, tell me, who's really running from what? Did I become too inconvenient for you? Can't mold me into the perfect child anymore, so you're shipping me off and starting fresh with the new ones?" "Look, Billie, your father hasn't had any responsibilities in your life, so we decided together that it's his turn to have you in his house," my mom explains, but
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"Shaylee, do you feel like the temperature has risen a few degrees?" I mockingly say to Shaylee, referring to the jerk who has just entered the room. "Oh Billie, you're in trouble now. Here he comes," Shaylee warns me. As the teacher walks through the door, she addresses him, "Mr. Board, is there a problem?" I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that I am safe for now. "No, ma'am, I was just going to show Billie which page she needed to be on," he responds. "Well, just return to your seat. We will cover the pages shortly," the teacher instructs him. I know that this conflict between us is far from over. I don't have time for enemies at this school, but for now, the teacher has started her lesson, so I will focus on that. "Alright class, that concludes today's lesson. I want you to complete pages 200-210 for homework and turn it in by tomorrow morning," the teacher announces. I make my way to my locker, and as I open the door, Andrew Board sneaks up behind me, forcefully pushing my
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I arrived at the address Kade had given me, initially unsure if it was the correct location. However, upon seeing other kids heading into the nearby woods, I parked my car and followed them. As I entered a clearing, I noticed a large fire where everyone was gathered. Spotting Kade and Shaylee conversing with some other kids, I approached them. "Hey guys," I greeted them as I reached the fire. "Hey Billie, you made it!" Shaylee exclaimed, running up to me and giving me a hug. I felt grateful to have made such a sweet friend so quickly. "Do you want a drink?" Shaylee offered. We stood around the bonfire when a Bronco pulled up with a group of guys inside. I glanced over and noticed the driver - Andrew. Well, that's just great. Andrew and his wrestling brothers were here. I had hoped he would be too cool for an event like this. Okay, maybe I was secretly hoping he wouldn't be interested in this kind of gathering. "You okay?" Shaylee asked, noticing my expression. "Yeah, why?" I replied
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I head back towards the house, but the wolf nudges my hand. "Do you want a good rub?" I ask, reaching out to stroke him between his ears. He's incredibly soft. "Alright, wolf's friend, I have to go inside and start dinner for my parents," I inform him. "If you're still here later, we can talk some more." I shake my head, realizing how strange it is to be talking to a wolf as if it understands me. Entering the house and heading to the kitchen to check the refrigerator, I hear a knock on the door. I wonder who could be here since my father and Page are both at work. Curious, I open the door and am taken aback. "Andrew, what are you doing here?" I ask, surprised. We've finished our paper and have been practicing the play at school, so why would he come over at eight o'clock in the evening? "I came to see if you'd like to grab some food with Kade, Shaylee, and me," he explains. "Oh, um, sorry, I promised my dad and Page that I would stay in tonight and cook for them," I reply, turning
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"So, you're the wolf that visits me every night?" I inquire, looking at Andrew. "Why do you treat me so poorly at school and around others, only to reveal your true self when we're alone?" Andrew sighs, appearing slightly embarrassed. "When I walked into our first class together and felt that connection to you, I was furious. I couldn't believe I had imprinted on someone like you. You're nobody, and well, I'm me," he explains. "You should be ashamed. My father and stepmother may not live in a fancy house like yours, but they're not poor peasants," I retort, feeling a surge of anger. "Let me go, Andrew. I won't play these games with you. And what do you mean by imprinting on me?" I demand, trying to break free from his grasp. "Come back and sit down, Billie, and I'll explain it to you," he calmly suggests. Reluctantly, I comply and return to the fire pit where we were sitting before. "Okay, explain to me what you mean by imprinting on me," I say, my voice filled with curiosity. And
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The following morning, I woke up to find Andrew missing. I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to get ready for school. As I made my way downstairs, I heard a male voice that didn't belong to my father. When I entered the kitchen, I saw Andrew and Kade standing there. "What are you two doing here this morning?" I asked them. "We're here to pick you up for school," Andrew replied. "There seems to be something wrong with your car." "That's strange. I didn't have any issues with it," I responded, walking over to the coffeepot to make myself a cup of coffee. "Well, I asked about it and was told it wouldn't start," my dad chimed in. I glanced at Andrew, who shrugged his shoulders. "Remember, we were supposed to look at it after school today," Kade reminded me. "Oh, right. Sorry, dad, I completely forgot," I apologized, and my dad gave me a skeptical look. "If you say so, Billie," he said. I told the guys to go ahead without me and that I would join them shortly. Once they left, I
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This morning when I woke up for school, Loki was still laying in my bed. He must have gotten hot because he is laying at the end of the bed this morning. “Loki, it’s time for school I tell him and he jumps off the bed then shifts to his human form. “Did you know you snore?” Andrew teases me. Gasping at him. “I don’t I say, throwing my head over my chest as if he wounded me. “You do too and you talk in your sleep.” “I don’t, oh god what do I say in my sleep?” I ask him. “You tell me how much you love me.” He says, winking at me. I just roll my eyes at him. “You are so full of crap. Go get ready for school and meet me back here in five.” I told him. “Oh, little miss independent, not feeling up to arguing with me about driving her own car today.” Andrew playfully taunts once more. “Would it do any good?” I ask, raising my eyebrows. Andrew shakes his head no, smirking at me, then jumps out my window. I shake my head and laugh. Andrew was
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