Chapter Eleven- Smitten

I hesitate outside Alpha Gabriel’s door.

His words left a lasting impression on me and as he busied himself in his room, I’m left wondering.

Clearing my head of unwanted thoughts, I head over to the room right next door. I could go back to my old house but all the unwanted memories linger there.

Me and Jax together.

What on Earth was I thinking of dating him for so long? Clearly the man didn’t care for anyone but himself. I’m sure he’d throw my sister to the side without second thinking about it.

Entering my room, I let out a loud sigh. It gets cut short when someone slams their palm against my mouth. My entire body freezes and my first instinct is to fight back.

My head goes back and connects with a hard surface. A familiar groan echoes out and I swiftly back away when their grip loosens.

I swivel around and focus on the person who had taken up a good portion of my thoughts just a few moments ago.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” I growl out as I focus my eyes on Jax.

The man is
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