Chapter Fourteen- Caught

“Ahem. Am I interrupting something here?”

Alpha Gabriel and I both snap up to catch sight of Ajax staring the both of us down. Serena stands next to him with an annoyed look on her face.

I awkwardly push my seal backwards till I’m sat on the floor. Alpha Gabriel gets up in one swift move before he places his hand out for me to take. I let him hoist me up but I can’t ignore the lingering stare Jax sends my way.

“Not at all. Avery and I were training. My pack consists of the best of the best. Hence, we train every day to make sure we don’t lose our touch.”

Alpha Gabriels words are tight and he sends Jax a certain look. It’s one I can’t decipher but my ex appears to be uncomfortable as he swiftly looks away.

“Well, not to be a burden but our training starts in ten minutes. The warriors will join us shortly so I hope you’re prepared for the lesson.”

Alpha Gabriel raises his eyebrow at Serena before looking around us.

“Trust me, I’ve got it handled. It’s best to leave the trai
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