Chapter Two- Betrayel

My mind couldn’t comprehend anything.

It was only when my mother and father rushed out that I realized what was happening. It was all too much too fast.

With a gasp, I rushed out the front door and was taken aback.

No. No. No!

What the hell is happening?

It was as if the wolves were coming straight to our main house. The Alpha and Luna’s house was towards the back with the other buildings scattered on either side. It had been designed that way so that the warriors were the first to engage in battle and keep the rest of the pack protected. However, somehow the attackers had infiltrated our land and came to us directly.

I watched on in alarm as my father shifted into his large wolf, acting the wolves head on.

The sharp smell of rotting flesh and blood attacked my senses.

They were rogues.

Other pack members shifted and attacked and I stayed rooted in my spot.

“Avery. Hide! You’re defenseless. Your father has more to worry about than his daughter that can’t even shift.”

I wince at the harsh words and nod. I don’t know where I’m going but I stumble on shaky legs. My breathing is harsh and ragged and I’m trying not to take in the sight of all the blood and guts being ripped apart.

“Dad!” I cry out in alarm as I rush to the back of the house, only now realizing my father is squaring off with a wolf.

I decide to stay quiet and shuffle backwards, hiding in some bushes where I’ll be best protected.

Taking my phone out of my pocket, it takes me a few tries to get my fingers to work to my command.

Dialing a number I haven’t dialed in ages, I put the ear to my phone.

“Serena! Where are you? Please, you have to come quickly.”

I hated the fact that I had to resort to calling my sister. Unfortunately, I had no other choice. The woman was a great warrior. Even at an early age, she outranked a lot of our pack members and beat them without so much as breaking a sweat.

“What’s up, stupid?” I ignore the snarky words and breathe into the mic.

“You need to come back, Serena. Please. We’re in danger. I ca-”

“You’re always so dramatic, Avery. Give it a rest.”

“No. You don’t understand. Mom and dad are fighting for their lives right now. You need-”

I take my phone away from my ear and peer down at my screen. Sure enough, my sister had hung up on me without another word.


My mom’s voice snapped me out of my reverie as I watched her rush towards my father in human form. There were a multitude of rogues circling my father and my mother didn’t like those chances. She shifted into her gray wolf at the last second and ripped out a rogue's throat in mere seconds.

I winced at the squelching sound but everything stopped in place when I heard a loud sound.

Alarm went off in my head and I tried to place the sound. At first, I couldn’t understand what had happened but then it hit me.

My father, surrounded by four rogues, slowly stumbled back. His hind legs give way as blood pours out of his chest. A rogue in human form cackles as he cocks his gun back and shoots him once more.


Without giving anyone any more regard, I run straight to my father. Tears well in my eyes and my heart beats frantically in my chest. I don’t even realize the rogues turning away, heading into the tree line where they came from.

Their task had been completed.

I just manage to dive onto the ground as my father stumbles back. His wolf phases out and he’s left naked in his human form. Cradling his chest, I try to wipe the tears that drip down onto his face. His usually glowing tan skin is now a sickly pale. The color in his cheeks quickly left through the huge gunshot in his chest. The tell tale sounds of sizzling silver bullets cause the flesh to bubble away.

“Avery. Please. Take good care of your sister.”

“No. Listen to me. You can’t die like this.”


There’s no point. No amount of words would bring my father back. I watch as his chest slows down and the last breath escapes his lungs.

Tears cloud my eyes but a soft groan from my side has me acting quick.

Gently laying my father down, I call for help and rush to my mother. The woman was bleeding profusely but I cou;dn’t tell if it was deep or not.

“Help! Please. Someone!”


Sitting outside my mother’s room, I watch as the doctor steps out with a clipboard in hand. The man’s eyes are puffy and I can tell he’s holding back his own tears.

“Your mother is resting. Luckily her wounds weren’t very deep. She’ll be awake soon but…”

A sharp pang cuts through my chest.

“Unfortunately your father’s passing might send her into a critical state.”

I nod and clear my throat through the dryness of it.

“Please do not tell anyone about the Alpha. We’re reeling from the attack as it is. If the pack finds out, chaos could ensue.”

The doctor heeds my words and gently pats me.

“You should go get some rest.”

Rest is the last thing on my mind. I won’t be able to sleep even if I desperately want to.

Getting up, I head towards the south. Jax’s house isn’t too far from the hospital and I reach it within a few minutes. I can’t even think clearly but my heart knows what’s best for me.

He always soothes me and manages to calm me down.

Unlocking the door, I wrap my arms around myself and try my best to keep my composure. Tears threaten to spill over but I hold them back.

Entering the living room, I smile at a sleeping Jax. The man is passed out on the couch but I stop when I see he isn’t alone.

Another woman is on top of him, half naked and dead asleep.

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