Chapter Four- Awe

My body is shaking with the pain that courses through my body.

I can’t stay out here. Someone could come and get me.

A tremor makes its way down my body but this one wasn’t out of pain but fear.

If someone comes across me like this in such a state…

Hoisting myself up, I stagger on my feet. Intense heat and spasms throw my body into contortions.

I’m a mess both inside and outside.

I’m finally turning into a werewolf and yet I can’t even rejoice over the fact. Teras blur my eyes and sobs make their way through my chest.

I’m innocent but everyone is blaming me. I tried. If my body had listened to me, I would have shifted then and there to attack all those rogues.

Did I kill my father? Was it my fault?

Maybe if I was stronger… better.

“I killed him.”

Sniffling, I go to wipe my tears away from my cheeks but stop when massive claws nearly tear my skin to shreds.

Looking around, I realized my legs had carried me to a clearing with a lake located on the farthest side. Stumbling, I go to wet my throat but stop in my tracks. A strangled cry tears its way past my throat as every fiber of my being catches on fire.

Falling face first into the ground, my claws tear at the mud and grass as my spine snaps in half, rearranging itself once more. My senses triple and I can feel every sensation.

The wind caresses every inch of skin, the ground scratchy underneath me. Somewhere along the line, my clothes tatter into shreds and a cool sensation washes over me. It battles with the fiery heat and I soon realize that it’s pouring. The rain soothes my skin as every pour expands to let out tufts of fur.

Gasping for breath, hours pass by and the moon hangs high in the sky when the last of the pain subsides.

Standing on shaky legs, I look down and see two large paws struggling to put one in front of the other.

My throat begs for water by this point and I carry my body to the lake. Lapping up the cool water is a weird sensation but I push through it. A huff in the form of a sigh leaves my snout and it's only then that I peer into the reflection of the clear water.

My body freezes when I see myself staring back at me. Except… it's not me at all.

Big dark eyes assess me intelligently and I watch as my reflection opens and closes its snout. That’s me!

My fur is a startlingly white that almost looks silver under the waning moon. Not a single drop of color coats me from the tip of ears down to my paws that conceal black claws. Even my tail swishes with pure white.

My mind takes me back to my light sandy coloured father and rust coloured mother.

Where did I get my coat from?

‘We’re rare. Be proud.’

The sudden noise has me jumping back in shock as my heart races a mile a minute.

Soft laughter echoes in my mind.

‘Relax. I’m you. Your wolf.’

‘What do you mean? I thought I didn’t have a wolf?’

It was weird communicating in such a manner but it worked as my wolf let out another chuckle.

‘I apologize for my dramatic entrance but it was needed. I had to for the sake of protecting us. It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Aurora.’

Sitting back on my hunches, I bask in the brief happiness that flows through me.

Aurora. It’s always been my favourite name.

Who would’ve thought?

‘It's nice to meet you too. I’ve dreamt of this moment for years.’

‘I know. I had to be careful of exposing myself but now is the right time. Listen, Avery. You’re a strong wolf. You’re rare and that will bring unimaginable dangers to us. You’re gifted. We’re gifted.’

‘What do you mean?’

It’s almost as if I can hear my wolf pacing in the back of my mind.

‘You have the qualities to be a great Alpha. You’ll be a talented and strong werewolf in the near future. But please, be careful.’

Surprise courses through me and it takes me a second to realize what she said.

‘Gifts? What kind of gifts?’

‘I cannot reveal too much, Avery. Unfortunately right now, I can’t do much. I’m too weak after years of holding myself back from shifting. I can’t shift whenever and wherever. We have to train hard. Get stronger and I’ll show up when I can. We’re already losing too much energy. You have to promise me.’

‘I promise.’

I can feel my wolf fading in the back of my mind. My eyes go blurry and I can feel the energy being sapped out right from within me.

Before I know it, I’m falling back onto the ground; unconscious.

It felt like hours later when my body jerks awake. My mind feels groggy and it takes me a few seconds to realize where I am.

The lake in front of me triggered the events just before I fell asleep.

Sitting up, I almost feel as if I imagined the whole ordeal.

I shiver in my spot and sit upright. My body has shifted back into human form and I realize I’m entirely naked.


“Where are my clothes?”

Looking beside me, I see shreds and realize that my shirt and trousers didn’t make it through the night.

Getting up, I stumble to the lake and cup fresh water into my hands. Washing my face, I look around and spot a stray shirt.

Frowning, I realize it’s nothing out of the ordinary since a lot of wolves lay random clothing so that pack members can change easily.

Grabbing the simple black shirt, I nearly huff as the thing swallows me whole.

A sudden noise behind me catches my attention and I whirl around.

My mouth goes dry at the sudden intrusion.

A handsome man towers over me as he assesses me with cautious eyes.

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