Chapter Three- Pain

“What the hell? Why are you sleeping with someone else?”

My sharp voice causes Jax to jerk in his sleep. The man sits up with his arm half wrapped around the woman. She squints and turns to me but the anger grows even deeper in my stomach.

Jax looked at me with soft and sad eyes. He appeared to be remorseful but something tells me he doesn’t regret it one bit.

“I’m so sorry, Ave. I finally found her. She’s my soulmate?”

I watch the woman staring back at me, brown eyes comprehending everything as smug satisfaction gathers in her eyes.

“Did you mark her?” My voice breaks at the end and it takes everything in me to hold back my tears.

I feel like a fool.

Jax lowered his head, not being able to answer. My eyes seek out their own answer and I get it when the woman turns her hair to the side. The mark is bright red and healing pleasantly. My boyfriend’s teeth make a perfect crescent.

My heart broke into shattered pieces. Pieces too small I don’t think I’d ever be able to put myself back together again.

My boyfriend of years finally found his mate.

The Fate’s had a way of making a laughing stock out of anyone. They had stabbed me in the back first by making my boyfriend have an affair. To top it off;

It’s with my sister of all people.

Serena pouted her lips at me. She shrugged and snuggled deeper into my boyfriend. My ex boyfriend.

“I’m so sorry, sis. I didn’t realize my mate was your boyfriend. If I had known, I certainly wouldn’t have done it. I’m such a terrible sister,” Crocodile tears swelled in her eyes and Jax fell for it entirely.

The man wrapped his arms around his mate and shushed her. He soothed his mate while sending me a stern look.

I want to argue but I stay silent. Especially when I see Serena sending a smug smirk my way.

My body starts shaking in place. I can’t control the urge that is itching up within me. Storming over, I pull Serena back and send a sharp slap across her face.

My mind flashes back to what had occurred with my mother but I push it out of my mind.

Serena is the one person who deserves it.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Jax’s eyes turn dark and he glares at me. His face turns to Serena as he coo’s over her. I can tell his wolf is starting to take over but I step in before that can happen.

“Since you have no decency, let me set things straight for you. We’re over.”

Leaving the house, I walk around to God knows where.

Tears pour from my eyes and I feel lost now more than ever. I’m not sure if it’s because my boyfriend cheated on me with his mate or if it's because…

The memory of my father passing overtakes me and I rush forward.

The pack can’t live without an Alpha.

Following my way back to the hospital, I quietly slip into my mother’s room only to see her propped up.

Sniffling, I rush to my mother and hold her hand.

“How are you feeling?”

“I need to talk to you before anything happens. Everyon’es tried to hide it from me but I know. Your father… Serena will be Alpha now.”


I can’t accept this.

“Your sister deserves the Alpha position.”

A soft knock sound against the door and I watch as a group of robed men walk in. The elders of the pack crowd around the bed. They lowered their heads at the sight of their ill Luna.

“It’s best not to argue, Avery. You will not be the next in line for Alpha. You can’t even shift. Serena, on theo other hand, is a talented and gifted wolf. She is the only one who is set for this position.”

My mother turned to look at me. There’s a coldness behind her eyes that I can’t even fathom.’

“You could’ve stepped in. You know that?”

I can’t believe the words I’m hearing.

“I can’t shift. I would’ve been a hindrance.”

The elder in the back scoffed.

“You are a hindrance. If you could have shifted, the Alpha wouldn’t be dead right now.”

A chorus of agreement erupted and my heart plummeted to my stomach.

There’s nothing here now. I’m all alone.

Rushing outside, I see the moon is high in the sky but the sight of it doesn’t warm my heart like it used to.

Nothing could make it up to me right now. The insults hurled my way over the past few years beat against my brain. My father’s death… My sister and boyfriend are getting together…

My life was a mess.

Sobs wrack their way through my body and I can’t hold it back. I cry like I’ve never cried before and run into the treeline.

A warmth makes its way through my body but I brush it off. Stumbling through thick foliage, I fall onto my knees.

Digging my hands into the soft soil, I let out a sharp cry as pain runs through my side. Falling onto my side, my eyes latch onto the moon once more.

That’s when it hits me.

Today is my eighteenth birthday.

My breath catches in my throat and I shriek.

It hurts so much.

“W-what’s happening?”

I can’t be. It’s not possible. I haven’t shifted yet and we usually shift at thirteen. It can’t be.

My spine snaps and I can feel every nerve rearranging itself.

A scream so loud resonates through the forest that the birds roosting fly away.

“I-I’m sh-shifting.”

This is going to hurt.

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