Chapter Six- Lessons

*Three Hours Prior*

The elders were stern as they locked eyes with me.

It was the same old crap that I’d heard ever since I had taken over the Alpha position a few years ago.

Every single one of them were worried about the big bad Alpha not finding his mate yet.

“Alpha. You need to understand, you’re well above the age of finding a mate. You’re twenty three and you should have found your mate before you were eighteen. The pack needs a Luna.”

My wolf howls at the thought of having no mate. The elders do nothing but piss me off every time they open their mouths.

They’ve caused me nothing but pain and now here they are, trying to dig up some more problems for me.

Does no one think that I don’t wish to have a mate? My wolf feels empty. As if half of his soul is missing. It’s not even far-fetched because that is truly what a mate is.

The better half of your soul.

Baring my fangs at the elders, I thud my hands on the table and watch as they jump in their seats.

I’m not the most feared wolf for no reason.

“I had a mate years ago but you didn’t think she was good enough. Apparently, she wasn’t Luna material simply because she didn’t have Alpha blood.”

My words come out harsh and I revere in the trembling of the pathetic wolf's fear.

My mate had been everything to me. We had been destined by the Moon Goddess but the elders stomped all over our dreams.

I’ve made my peace with it but that doesn’t mean my anger has disappeared.

The elders chose to remain silent and not speak. Their stupid black robes swayed in the breeze from the wind but not a single hair on their own bodies moved.

“Let’s find a situation that could suit all of us, hmm?”

I think over my many options.

It’s not as if there were a lack of female wolves that had lined up to be mated to me. It was a common occurrence when one is an Alpha. It helped that I was one of the strongest, if not the strongest of Alpha’s currently.

However, it’s clear I need to mate with someone that would make these good for nothing elders happy.

A certain name flashes in my mind and I can’t help the smirk that overtakes my lips.

“Well. It’s settled.”

The elders all looked around at each other. They had no idea what I was hinting at.

“Since you are all oh so adamant on the fact that this pack needs a Luna with Alpha blood; I’ll do just that.”

“What do you mean, Alpha?” The head of the elders eagerly leaned forward.

Whispers were exchanged and surprised looks were sent my way. Even the Head Elder was keen to learn more information.

“I mean what I said. I’ll find a Luna for you.”

“That is all well and good, Alpha. But the question arises; who? Not only that, but the decision must be carefully made. I hope you will not regret anything. When we find our Luna, the pack has to be stronger than ever. Our continued existence depends on it.”

Leaning back in my chair, the smirk grows bigger as I eye each and every one of them.

“Trust me. Have I ever failed any of oy before? Even when you plotted against me and made me cast my mate to the side. Did I ever fail you?”

Guilty looks were sent my way and I blew them off.

I didn’t need expressions of pity. Not when I had practically begged them to not put me through that ordeal.

I had to choose between my mate and my pack. The former was a tempting matter but it was several hundred people in exchange for one.

I had to sacrifice my personal happiness for the greater good.

The two of us had made our peace with it but it still left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Alpha duties reigned above all and sometimes, I wish I didn’t have to carry out the duty.

“May we ask if you have any people in mind?”

A chorus of agreement echoed but one stood out in particular.

“There is one person that I do have in mind.”

“But who? Every Alpha wolf has been mated already and is over the age of eighteen. Both men and women have all been fully mated. It’s a rare occurrence but you’re the only one left.”

I watch as they all scratch their heads in confusion.

I’d never met this person before but I knew exactly who I’ll be going after. It was a clear cut solution.

Two people in desperate situations?

What else is there to do?

“The daughter of the Dark Moon Pack’s Alpha. Her older sister has just been crowned Alpha. The current news is that the youngest daughter has just turned eighteen and has been cast out. Don’t you think it’s a good bargain?”

The Head Elder was stumped.

It’s clear from the way his mouth opens and closes.

“Alpha Rodrigez’s daughter?”

I clap to show my fake form of congratulations.

“The very one. Serena Rodrigez is the new Alpha of the Dark Moon pack and she’s already cast her sister out.

I will make Avery Rodrigez my mate.”

More murmurs erupted but no one dared say anything else.

How could they?

Nothing dictated that the female had to be an Alpha in her own right. She simply had to have Alpha blood.

Avery Rodrigez has been put into a difficult situation and she’ll be desperate.

It would be the best bet.

“How will you find her? She probably has people searching for her right now. The woman possesses Alpha blood. A young she wolf like that on her own is a target. How do we manage it?”

Standing up to my full height, I assess all the elders.

“You’re questioning me? Have you forgotten who you’re talking to?”

The man who questioned me shook his head.

“No, of course not. We fully believe in you.”

“You are Alpha Gabriel after all. The strongest Alpha in the entire region.”

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