Chapter Eighteen- Defence

Waking up after training is a sordid affair.

My limbs hurt, bones ache and my heart doesn’t have any willpower to even think about going out to train. Today is a bit different, however. My thoughts have been tangled up with the events of the previous day.

Not even the cool crisp of the morning air can help diffuse my thoughts.

I step onto the training grounds just as the sun begins to peek over the horizon,

Alpha Gabriel stands a distance away while my thoughts confound me.

Alpha Gabriel’s comforting words, the intensity in his eyes… our kiss. It plagues my mind all while making my heart beat with anticipation and nerves.

The edge of the forest is quiet and everyone in the pack is asleep. Other than those patrolling of course.

The man’s posture is relaxed, calm as day as he admires his surroundings. I approach him quietly, something that he always picks up on but this time his eyes are fixed at a distance. No vision of trees and forest in his eyes as he most likely sees a memory or l
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