Chapter Seventeen- Firsts

Alpha Gabriel stares at me with an intensity I’ve never witnessed before.

“Trust me. I have my reasons.”

I watch as the man walks away. A mixture of anticipation and apprehensions swirls within me. The mere prospect of being trained by an Alpha, that too one of the most powerful, is incredibly daunting. However, a glimmer of hope shines through the cracks.

I might be able to unlock the true potential that I know is deep down within me.

Our training finally begins. Days turn to weeks but our routine stays the same. Bright and early, every morning, I meet Alpha Gabriel at the training fields. His training techniques are rigorous and push me beyond my limits. THe training isn’t only physical but also mental. Any and every method to test the latent power that courses through me.

At first I thought it was all for naught, but slowly and surely, I feel Aurora stirring within me. A sign that points me in the right direction.

Laying on my back, I stare at the clouds above me. Today was a part
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