Chapter Ten- Unheard

“I’m sorry, what?!”

Jax’s voice nearly breaks on the spot as he takes a step forward.

Alpha Gabriel doesn’t take to this lightly and a loud growl rips from his throat. The harsh sound is guttural and shakes the ground beneath our feet.

Everyone is taken by surprise and Jax falters in his steps. Serena bares her neck in a sign of submission.

I hate the feeling coursing through me but I can’t help feeling smug at the sight of my sister being put in her place.

“I do NOT repeat myself.”

My legs feel shaky on the spot and I’m stunned when Alpha Gabriel grabs a hold of my shoulder to steady myself.

“My apologies, Alpha Gabriel,” I can tell Jax is speaking through his teeth but he maintains eye contact with the ground.

No one dares look him in the eye. Not even Serena.

“There are a few ground rules we must go through. Each and every one of them must be followed if you want my help, Alpha Serena.”

“Understood,” My sister speaks out through a shaky breath.

“I’m glad that is sorted. I’ll be s
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