Chapter Nine- Solace


His answering smirk had me already regretting my notion of impulse.

“Yes. What?”

“I agree. To whatever it may be.”

See? I really should just super glue my mouth shut.

“Perfect. Let’s get going then.”

Alpha Gabriel slaps his palms against his thighs. He places my mug out of harm's way and turns around. I barely get a chance to protest before he’s already out the door.

“What? Where are we going?”

I follow him out of the main door and trail after him. He’s already making a direct beeline for the car.

“You agreed to what I asked.”

I falter before I pounce on him. Grabbing the man by the arm, I hold my ground and stare him straight in the eye.

“You didn’t ask me anything. Well, not in the actual sense of the word. I don’t even know what I’ve agreed to. Where are we going?”

Alpha Gabriel stares down at my hand clinging onto his arm as if in some pesky fly that needs to be dealt with.

The man sits in the car and I have no choice but to follow him. It’s not like I can stay behind.

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