Chapter Eight- Ruthless

My first instinct was to run.

Alpha Gabriel’s was to laugh at the look on my face.

“I see my reputation precedes me.”

The mug in my hand starts to shake and the ripples in the tea almost absorb me into a trance. Unfortunately, even pretty swirls won’t distract me this time around.

Dread fills into the crevices of my stomach and the tea settles uneasily in my gut.

“W-what? Ho-ow?”

I try to think back to any alarming instances that could possibly give away his identity but I come up blank. Sure, he has a big house and lives an hour or so away but that doesn’t mean anything.

There are a lot of rogue wolves that aren’t necessarily bad. They simply enjoy not being surrounded by pack politics.

Of course then there are those types that join into cults and come after people like my father.

The image that has been plaguing my mood momentarily distracts me. My father…

“You seem a bit disturbed. Is it because of me or…?”

The inclination in his tone has me stiffening up and I automatically stand
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