His Human Luna

His Human Luna

By:  hotgirl  Completed
Language: English
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“I hate you so much” I yelled at him and he grinned Broadly.“You’re not special little human, a lot of people do. Tell me something different”—————————————————Jade is separated from her younger sister after a rogue attack which killed her parents. She managed to escape while her sister was taken by rogues. She went on a quest to find her sister. But her heroic journey was cut short as she stumbled on the red sun pack. The red sun pack is also the pack of the Alpha king ,king Keanu, one of the ruthless kings to ever exist.King Keanu had long given up on finding his mate. After years, he now believes he doesn’t have one. That was until he came across Jade. He never expected that he would be given a weak human as a mate and wants nothing to do with her.Jade doesn’t know what to expect from the ruthless Alpha but hopes he will save her.

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Clara Nicolas
absolutely loved it!!one of the best stories I have ever read :) great job author
2024-06-29 03:26:32
default avatar
This was a good story. Nice character growth. I was glad that the miscommunication didn't last for half of it. Actual communication with the MCs!! I would say it just needs a little bit of editing. I enjoyed this story and can't wait to see what happens to ------ and her mate. (No spoilers hehe)
2024-04-25 03:48:21
default avatar
I was intrigued when reading the first chapter. The pace of the plot and the characters had me hungry for more. I didn’t want to stop reading. I definitely want to add this book to my library and continue to read until I know what happens.
2024-03-30 01:29:27
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John Dean Ford Jr.
love this story/book
2024-03-19 01:20:17
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Anuanu Gupta
different story....I really like it
2024-03-07 18:58:36
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Jessa Kathreen Coleta
Great story so far...
2024-03-05 21:22:32
default avatar
𝕿𝖍𝖆 𝖋𝖚𝖈𝖐𝖎𝖓 𝖌𝖔𝖆𝖙
Good book so far. amazing plot it took me out of my reading slump
2024-02-11 01:13:26
97 Chapters
Chapter 1
Jade's povI dragged my feet across the dry earth. The smoke choked me as I made my way through the ruins but I wasn't deterred. It didn't matter if I collapsed in a heap after the search. All that matters is that I found my sister and I found her soon.“Juliana” I yelled and few heads turned towards me. "Juliana" I croaked, hoping she could hear the sound of my voice if she was here. Oh how I hoped that she would be here. This was the last camp close to our destroyed village. A few people loitered but they looked bad. Really bad and the chances of them surviving was slim. The attack had destroyed the pack. The attackers only goal in mind was to kill us all. Some got away, some were half lucky as me and the others who loitered here. And some were unfortunate, they had been brutally killed. My parents were dead. Ripped apart by the monsters who had attacked and Juliana was still nowhere to be found.I heard a shrill scream and I looked in that direction. One of the people who had been
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Chapter 2
When I woke up,I looked around with a frown until I remembered where I was. The woman was gone from her spot and the house felt calm. Where could she be? My body felt better than it did when I first arrived here. Well fed and fully rested. I was ready to continue my search into the next village and hopefully find a trace of my younger sister. But I wanted to thank the woman for being kind and feeding me. She also allowed me to have some rest on her couch.In this dangerous times,she has done something like that for me,a total stranger. I heard a loud thumping coming from underneath the house. It was a low sound, and then it grew louder like someone was violently hitting something. Was there an attack? Did the woman get attacked? No way!They would have seen me on the couch and attacked me too. I followed the sound,drawing deeper into the house when the noise stopped. A hidden door on the floor, a foot ahead opened and the woman came out.she had an unreadable look in her eyes as she st
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Chapter 3
Alpha Keanu’s POVI ran my fingers through Petra’s hair as the advisors gave their report. She had settled in my legs like a docile kitten and I used her to ease my building frustration. If there was one thing I hated the most, it was incompetence. And my advisors were constantly proving that they were appointed for nothing. All tasks were too big for them to handle. They only enjoyed being called advisors and all the benefits it came with.I looked away from the reporting advisor, scanning the others in the room. They avoided eye contact which made me believe that they knew exactly how incompetent they were. The only one who managed to hold eye contact for two seconds longer than the others was Alfonsus, Petra’s father, but he lowered like them in the end. I commend his two seconds of bravery though. Out of all the advisors in my court, Alpfonsus was the only one who had not been born into a noble house. He was the son of an ordinary locksmith, but he had worked his way through th
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Chapter 4
Now I don’t know much about packs or wolves but the red sun is a popular name. The kings pack.It was distant from our village and yet we always heard terrifying stories of what happened in the pack. How they treat slaves and trespassers. How cruel the king was and how he could easily tear out the heart of a person just for looking at him the wrong way. If I had known that something like this would happen, I would have let that man catch me. It doesn’t matter what his intentions were. Anything was better than ending up in the red sun pack.“Are you daft?” The meaner looking guard asked, getting closer, almost in my face. I could do nothing but stare and shake in fright. The other guard held him back.“You’re trespassing on our land and we will be taking you. The king will decide what to do with you”That finally snapped some sense into me. I tried to take off but I didn’t get very far unfortunately. One of the men fisted the collar of my clothes and I was slammed into the wall.“We
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Chapter 5
He stared at me for a few seconds and slowly, he made his way towards me. He looked so frightening with his very intimidating look. I was trying my best not to do something stupid like trying to run again. That would be a very dumb idea. I held my breath as he continued his way towards me, closing the space between us in a slow but steady stride. He was a really beautiful man, he looked like something the gods took their time to design and send to earth. What is wrong with me? this can’t be the thought running through my mind at this moment.Out of my peripheral vision, I noticed the two men standing beside me do a little bow. What the fuck? Did they just bow, who is he? Surely he looks very scary and intimidating. No way, I gasped, my eyes widening with the sudden realization. He is the…“My lord,” the guards holding me down said at the same time as he got closer.My eyes widened in shock and fear. Could this day get any worse? He closed the distance between us standing very tall in
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Chapter 6
I walked further into the room slowly, the beta still standing behind me. I could already feel my body trembling in fear. The Alpha king has such a dominating and frightening aura and I tried my best to stay calm but I knew it was of no use, his aura was very much intimidating. I take in a heavy breath to calm my frantically beating heart.“Close the door Noir,” he said in a cold but calm voice.The door was pushed shut and I jumped in fright. I turned back to see that Beta was still in the room with us. ‘Thank god’ I sighed in relief. I know Noir being in this room too doesn’t make it any safer, he would only stare and watch if this man in front of me decides to break my petite body in half right here and now. But it doesn’t matter, I just didn’t want to be left alone with him. I looked back to the Alpha king, his piercing eyes locked onto mine in disdain. I tried not to cower in fear and looked around the room instead as a form of distraction. The chair I used before was just a di
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Chapter 7
We followed Noir out of the dungeon as he led us into the castle. I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of this castle. It’s so alive with maids and guards everywhere. I saw more of the cream and brown colored uniforms inside the castle. The uniform given to us was two pairs of blue ones. A middle-aged woman met us halfway into the palace. She looked to be in her mid-thirties. She gave us a nod of acknowledgment before falling in step with us. Noir introduced her as the lady in charge of the female slaves in the castle. We walked past a couple of large pillars holding the castle before arriving at a huge door by the right side of the castle. The guards at the front pushed it open and we entered.I looked around the spacious room, my breath catching in my throat at the interior decoration of the castle. There was a long flight of beautiful stairs that led upstairs at the center of the room but we continued towards a door at the far end of the room and stepped into a very nice corridor
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Chapter 8
The next morning I woke up feeling well rested and my body felt more replenished with energy. Sheila was also awake when I turned to look at her. She smiled at me, mouthing a greeting to me. Everyone of us was up and most of the girls in the room were now dressed while a few waited to use the bathroom. I waited behind with Sheila for them to be done before heading in. I quickly showered and exited for Sheila to do the same. The bathroom was actually big enough to fit three girls at once but I’m avoiding getting my mark exposed and I guess Sheila is still scared of the girls and wouldn’t want to be left alone with them. We got ready and followed Mira out into the kitchen.A tall girl stood with Nabir, handing out breakfasts to the slaves. We got ours and followed Mira back to slaves dining hall.“How are you adjusting to this sudden change?” Sheila asked by my side.“Not bad, I think we’ll have to get through today before I can judge” I shrugged and she nodded. “How are you adjusting
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Chapter 9
I lie there curled up in pain. I tried getting up but my ribs were hurting like hell. It hurts to move my body. I heard the door open and I panicked. Did they return to continue their assault? I closed my eyes trying to steady my breathing.“Jade?” I heard Sheila’s voice and I sighed in relief.I tried to answer her but my ribs were burning with pain. “Jade?” She called again and I managed to kick a stool, alerting her of my position and she rushed towards me immediately.“Goddess, what happened to you?” She gasped crouching down to get a good look at me.“Linda happened” I managed to squeak out and regretted it immediately.“Oh my god, Jade we need to get you to the healer’s quarter”I took in a long breath which also hurt before replying to her.“It’s late Sheila, I don’t think I can walk that far now”“But you need..” she started and I cut her off immediately.“Just help me back to our room. I just need some rest and I’ll be fine”“How can you say that, you can’t even stand on you
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Chapter 10
I woke up the following day from a nightmare. This was not the first time I had dreamt about the attack on my village and my parent's death. I wasn’t about to start this day sad so I got ready and went for breakfast with Sheila. Grey joined us again today. And I was starting to enjoy the extra company. We finished up and left for our duties. I was feeling very tired and I seemed to be the only one feeling this way. I guess that’s the Perks of being a wolf, they don’t get worn out so easily.I sucked it in and continued my day. I managed to finish up in time and I couldn’t be happier. I grabbed my lunch after that and headed back to the slaves quarters when I was done eating. I met Grey in the hallway while I was heading inside and he waved me over. “Jade, are you done for the day?” he asked, immediately catching up to me.“Yup, I’m just tired and I need some rest” I replied as we fell into step.“I’m actually headed to the stream a little down from here. You wanna come?” I didn’t k
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