His Mysterious Affection

His Mysterious Affection

By:  Novice Blood  Completed
Language: English
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Merchaiass is a normal student who only needs love and support from his family, which the latter can't give for reasons that Merchaiass has forgotten. He had selective amnesia, which meant he couldn't remember what happened months before the accident. With a heavy heart, he left home and went to the next town in the hope that it would be the start of his new life. Little did he know that he would unlock mysteries from the place where he's currently residing... the studio. In the midst of the danger, he meets a person, a mysterious one, who will save him from the upcoming peril. Will he come out safe from the studio, or will he become one of the kinds he loathes—a psychopath? Let's find out the journey of Merchaiass when he moved into the studio and meet different kinds of people. 

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It's a good story to read!
2022-07-11 19:30:54
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Novice Blood
I know the unedited ones have lots of errors, but I've already edited this one, so I hope you can give love to this book. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much! 
2022-06-22 22:20:16
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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in tpuch with y ? i have sth to discuss abt the book
2022-03-26 13:21:40
71 Chapters
Chapter 1: The First Encounter of Lost Memories
It’s been two days since I moved out and cut ties with my family. I don’t think I can bear their judgmental stares. It feels like I did something that made them hate me, even my presence. I think they were waiting for a chance that I would be the one to banish myself from them, and they succeeded. Well, I don’t want to talk about them now. I am no masochist. My sister and I were close before, but not until her ex-boyfriend came into the picture. To be honest, our relationship stayed the same. From what I remember, I caught her ex boyfriend cheating on her. As a good brother, I punched that guy, and my sister sided with him. My papa doesn’t like me as much as his family. They were the complete opposite of Mama. I'm thinking of asking him why he didn't seem to like me. I mean, I’m not sure if I was, but being parents, they should accept their child for what he or she is to be. I was currently at the side of the road, sweating from a long walk just to find a cheap apartment near the sch
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Chapter 2: Strange Things
“Huh? What do you mean?” I asked after he said it.“Nothing. Just be careful next time,” he said, and then turned his back to me. He started to walk towards the cabinet and get something from it. It’s a white shirt. Oh, neat. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him while he was busy dressing himself. Is this a sign of being a pervert or not? Staring isn’t a crime, right? Never mind. I remained in my previous position, and he caught me again... staring at him. He smirked again and said, “Gotcha!”I glared at him and stood up.“I’ll go,” I simply said after a moment of silence.“Okay, be careful. Don’t go near that guy again. He’s just a crazy man. People said here that he’s nice, but he has a mental disorder that he chases the person who’s watching him while doing his work. He doesn’t want that, he hates it.” “I see. Thank you again, Taddeio.”“Don’t worry about him. As long as you keep your distance from him, nothing will go wrong for you. You’ll be safe,” he added.I moved my head to indi
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Chapter 3: Continuous Lies
I’m done preparing and I’m ready to go out now. A loud bang welcomed me; different things were swaying in the air, and I was lucky enough to dodge those. I continued walking towards the kitchen carefully when a strange thing caught my eye. It was a red room—just like the other one that I saw last night. But, it’s not the same tenant. It was an old woman, looking nice with a fan in her hand. She greeted me, and I greeted her back. She seems okay, I think . . .I reached the kitchen together with the old woman, named Sarah. She has been a tenant here for almost a decade now. She added that she witnessed what happened in this apartment. We talked a lot, and we parted ways when she saw her husband in the kitchen. Wait... he was the guy from last night. The one that I thought would kill me. His wrinkled face lightened when he saw Sarah, his wife. His gummy smile seemed to be pleasing in his eyes. He offered food for his wife, but Sarah gently declined it. Her eyes landed on mine and plaster
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Chapter 4: Grasping
A new day ahead, and a new problem to attend to. I’ve done my morning routine and am currently walking down to the kitchen. I was walking comfortably when I felt a presence behind me. I looked back but there was nothing to see. Maybe I’m just hallucinating because of the things that happened these past few days. I continued walking and I felt again that there was someone who was following me. I pretended to not notice it and found a way to know who was behind me. I finally reached the stairs, and this is the way to find out who it is. I waited for a minute and there was no human being who passed. I climbed the first step and peeked if there was someone, but there was none. I’d just shrugged the thought off and was ready to continue walking down when I felt an arm encircling my stomach.“What are you looking at?” said the man who was behind me. Wait, I know this scent. The menthol that first invaded my nose the moment I was in a stranger’s room that night. I’m sure that this is Taddeio.
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Chapter 5: A Day that Full of Regrets and Dreams
Taddeio had finished feeding me by the time I told him that it was my last bite. He didn’t give me a chance to complain; he’d just looked at me seriously, and I backed down. For now, I know I’m not sane anymore as I did that heinous thing last night. I had so many what-ifs that were rumbling inside my brain. What if I stayed? Will he be saved? What if I didn’t run that night? Am I a cold corpse now? I sighed, and as much as I wanted to erase those memories, that face, the emotions, and the pleas, I couldn’t. I don’t know where to start. I wanted to go back there and see if he was still breathing. I wanted to clear this conscience as I can feel that I am being attacked like a spear which is perfectly aimed into my heart and mind. I am aware that there are so many possibilities that may happen or have already happened. These questions will have concrete answers if I ask Taddeio about them. But, where is he? After the feeding session earlier, he said that he was just going to put those bo
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Chapter 6: Relations
I'm still confused about what's happening around me. It feels like I'm a stranger trying hard to fit in, to know what's going on and don't know about the proper assimilation. I don't know where we were; only Taddeio knew this room. After what happened earlier, he seems to be occupied now, which was the real opposite of his personality. I know that he's like this when we're not alone. I've noticed it when we're conversing with the other tenants here in the apartment. Earlier in the kitchen, you couldn't hear a single word that came out of his mouth. I mean, he was so calm and serious at the same time. No emotions, just his mysterious stares. Now, we're just sitting here at the very end of the room. The atmosphere was so awkward and quiescent, and as much as I wanted to break it, there was something that halted me from executing it. It can be compared to my mouth being zippered or sewn shut. I'm being stopped by a certain thing that wants it to remain like it is. I was so drawn and lost
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Chapter 7: Awaken Feelings
I woke up this morning with an awful feeling inside me. Maybe I'll catch a cold if I go out of my room. My body seemed to be weak, which was very odd as I'm not the type of person who gets sick easily. My body has been drained because of the happenings here in the apartment. My throat was parched and I'm currently looking for a bottle of water in my room. But I did not find any traces of it here. Despite the heavy feeling that I'm experiencing right now, I managed to get out of my room and directly moved towards the kitchen to satisfy my thirst. I got a glass and poured the water from the jar into it. For now, I don't like drinking cold water.I was in the middle of drinking when someone whispered right into my ear. "I'm sorry." I was caught off guard because of that, and I spilled some of the remaining water in my glass. How much I wanted to face the person behind me, but he held my body in place. "Don't look, please. I'm sorry about yesterday. I don't mean it like that.""So, you'
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Chapter 8: Missing Pieces
Days pass by so quickly and Taddeio can not be seen somewhere near me. He’s not completely on my radar. I’m kind of feeling something that I can’t name. I’m afraid that trouble came in his way and he couldn’t formulate a plan on how to successfully escape it. And the last thing I remembered was when he left my room later that night after confessing to me. I can still imagine his face three days ago. I was shocked by a loud knock at my door. I dozed off the moment I laid down on my bed. That's why I was taken aback by the noise. It came to a halt for a moment, then resumed its journey.“Wait!” I said and then sat up without leaving my bed, as my body was beaten because of the rain. I tried to grab the knob and I successfully did it. I opened the door, and there it was—a man in all black, facing his back to me. He has good posture, and I can smell his sandalwood perfume; it is a nice and manly scent. I wanted to hug him all day and just smell him until the scent came off. He turned on
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Author's Note
Hi! I'm just going to remind you that this story happens in 2013 and not in the present year. I have reasons why I decided to do it like this. Please, stay tuned for the upcoming chapters in order for you to understand the whole story. Anyways, thank you for reading! I hope that you will stay until the end and know that real score of Merchaiass and Taddeio.    Stay safe always, and drink water everyday to keep you hydrated! Don't go out if it's not necessary. Wear your mask and protect yourself.    In order to avoid confusion, please be reminded of the timeframe. Thank you, again!   
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Chapter 9: Valid Feelings and Familiar Things
I was stunned when I heard the caller's voice and said something that sounded very familiar to me. After days of hiding from me, he finally had the guts to call me."H-hello?" I cleared my throat first, as I was stuttering when I realized that he was waiting for my response."I missed you—I really do." He said it softly, nearly a whisper. "Really?" I sarcastically asked. He missed me, huh? He left without goodbyes, no words, and just left after that night. "I'm sorry. I have important things to do." He apologetically explained."Okay. You don't need to explain it, though. I'm not your mother." He sighed and just let the silence devour our conversation. It lasted for a few minutes, and I wanted to end the call. But, he confessed something to me."Babe, you know that I like you, right?"I didn't answer and let him continue saying what he was saying."I'm sorry for not telling you that I have things to do. It was rushed and I didn't have time for that.""Taddeio. I said that, it's actu
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