I'm A Quadrillionaire

I'm A Quadrillionaire

By:  Xiruo Huang  Completed
Language: English
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David Lidell vomited blood and passed out when he was enraged by his rival in love. When he woke up, he realized he had obtained a super lavish system, and it was asking him to spend a quadrillion dollars. After that, David embarked on the journey toward the pinnacle of his life. David, “I’m not going to pretend anymore. For your information, I am a quadrillionaire…”

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I'm A Quadrillionaire is a novel with a mix of humor, heartache, and self-discovery. David Lidell was living a good life. He had money, looks, intelligence, and an awesome girlfriend. Things begin to collapse when his beloved Sarah dumps him for the university playboy Leo. Due to shock, he suffers unexplainable nausea, vomits blood, and wakes up in the infirmary. David then finds himself inside a lavish system that hailed him as a Quadrillionaire. David can spend a quadrillion dollars and enjoy his life. However, can the money be enough to mend his broken and betrayed heart?          

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Manzini Sihle Mnqobi
enjoyable novel i like to read it a lot
2023-12-07 03:04:27
user avatar
Michel Jay Angelo Saldua
pangt ng ending...kulang ung end nia
2023-12-05 19:36:12
default avatar
Shane Brady
Loved the book it was awesome but I didn’t like the way it ended, so many things left unfinished. Definitely need to have another book to continue the story
2023-12-04 20:10:09
default avatar
Izza D
Great book. Loved it all the way but the ending was not expected to be so disappointing. I feel like so many things were left unresolved.
2023-12-04 17:34:01
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A Black
10/10. Read this. You won’t be disappointed. I couldn’t stop. Countless all nighters to finish.
2023-12-04 07:43:24
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yelak legaw
The best book on the app by far
2023-12-01 06:23:56
user avatar
Siosi Paletua
Why does it say that it's still ongoing on the status? hopeful ...️
2023-11-30 13:22:41
user avatar
And if you thought that game of thrones ended terribly…. Wait till you see this book ending
2023-11-30 02:14:35
user avatar
cicada info
Not satisfied with it's ending however wonderful story. thank you. ...
2023-11-30 01:43:06
user avatar
Glenn Estrelloso
hopefully there's a second season
2023-11-29 21:26:47
user avatar
Prem Sharma Kafle
when is second season coming???
2023-11-29 20:43:09
default avatar
thank you for the wonderful story
2023-11-29 20:22:21
user avatar
dhanush qw
This is the second story that I read which had so much thrill and potential and the overpowered MC with great story line and all but a very terrible ending . First was solo levelling btw. Hope this is not the real ending anyways...
2023-11-29 20:03:34
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zero alpha
the ending sucks
2023-11-29 17:53:03
user avatar
Dhruv Raval
This is the first novel that I read when I first started reading books around 1.5 years ago and I haven’t missed any chapters till now
2023-11-29 17:52:55
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2885 Chapters
Chapter 1
“David, let’s break up!”In a small and secluded forest on the side of the field in South River University.Sarah Jensen said to her boyfriend, David Lidell.“Sarah, why? What did I do wrong? Why do you have to be so heartless?” David asked, slightly emotional.They were both friends from high school and had started dating when they were in senior three.Even though David’s family background was not that great, he was very handsome, and he was good at studies, he was a typical boy who was considerate and family-orientated. When he was young and inexperienced in high school, he was naturally the crush of many of the female students.Sarah was not bad either. She was the most beautiful girl in class, and although her studies were not as great as David’s, she was still one of the best students.Teachers often criticized them when they started dating. The teachers only decided to close one eye on their relationship after the two of them promised multiple times that they would not ne
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Chapter 2
David was still contemplating the genuineness of this super lavish system when the door of the infirmary was pushed open.A beautiful woman in her thirties came in wearing a white coat.This was the doctor overseeing the university’s infirmary. Her name was Christine Shelton, and she was 32 years old. She had been married for a few years and she did not have kids yet. Furthermore, her husband was the boss of a small company.However, it was rumored that her relationship with her husband was not good, and they were in the middle of filing for a divorce.It was rumored that in order to work with a much bigger company, Christine’s husband asked her to drink with his clients. Furthermore, he even spiked her drink so that she would spend the night with the company’s boss.Eventually, Christine found out beforehand and she ran back to the campus while he went to the restroom. Then, she stayed on the campus and never went home. Recently, she began looking for a lawyer to file for a divor
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Chapter 3
Pearl Warner had been a lobby manager in this eight-star hotel for more than three years. She had seen a lot of rich people and she had also seen a lot of them with a net worth of billions to tens of billions of dollars. After all, the people who could enter this place would at least be worth something.Even though they could refund the money in the membership card and there were a lot of big conglomerates who would receive their guests here so they would top up to ten million dollars, this was the first time she had seen someone top up 100 million in one go. This person must have a net worth of tens of billions. If not, he would not have the courage to do this.Although the people on the World’s Billionaires were top-ranked celebrities who were worth tens of hundreds of billions, after Pearl got into this circle, she learned that there were many invisible rich people in this world. The ones on the World’s Billionaires list might not even make up 1% of the actual figure.Most of the
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Chapter 4
After David finished his meal and was walking out of the eight-star hotel, he looked at the hotel entrance behind him. Pearl and a few attendants were sending him off while bowing. At that moment, David felt that the world was truly wonderful.‘Who is Sarah Jensen anyway?‘If I am willing, I can have a harem right now.’What should he do next?Of course, he should buy a house.David did not want to stay in the dormitory anymore. There were four boys in one room, but now, only two of them were actively staying there. The other two were renting a place outside of campus with their girlfriends.Moreover, he heard his remaining roommate was also madly in love with his girlfriend and was also planning to move out.David initially wanted to rent a house with Sarah outside of campus, but Sarah refused no matter what he said.When he thought about Sarah sleeping with Leo, David felt a pang of pain in his heart.‘F*ck, I should have just used force back then. I let that punk gain all t
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Chapter 5
The moment they stepped through the door, David was stunned. There was no doubt, this was the best unit as the decorations and design were all extremely luxurious.David walked to the french window that was 3 meters high and more than 10 meters wide. As he looked out at the scenery in front of him, he felt like he was on top of the world.“Mr. Lidell, this is the best unit in Block 1. The glass on the french window in front of you is bullet-proof glass imported from overseas. It’s 10 centimeters thick and it won’t break even if someone shoots a guided missile at it. Plus, the opacity is very low, so it won’t affect the sunlight at all. This window alone is over ten million dollars. Also, the spectacular chandelier above you is imported from France. There are more than ten colors which you can change from.“This is the kitchen.“This is the study.“This is the wine cellar.“This is the toilet.“This is the drawing room.“This is the entertainment room.”Then, the two went to th
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Chapter 6
After David closed Instagram, he opened TikTok.When he was bored, he liked to scroll through TikTok.When he saw that the streamer he followed, Cheri was streaming, he quickly clicked to join the stream.Cheri was a streamer that David followed a long time ago on TikTok. He followed her since she first started streaming, which was about a year ago.David could be regarded as her first batch of fans. She started from having a few fans to having 50 thousand fans now.Moreover, she went from having a few people, to a few dozen people, and now 2 to 300 people in her streams.However, David never gifted her anything. He only liked her voice and enjoyed listening to her sing.In truth, Cheri had the potential to become a star, but she only streamed her voice and not her face. This kind of stream would not attract the attention of the big shots because of the harsh reality, how many of them were here for music? Most of them were here to look at pretty girls.Thus, even if her voice w
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Chapter 7
Claire was lying in bed in her dormitory and she could not sleep.Tonight, her three roommates went on a blind date with the boys from the male dormitory.She found an excuse and said she was not feeling well so she did not have to go. In reality, she did not join this kind of activity. After all, her family background was not as good as the other three. Her family had basically used every penny they had to send her to music school. Sometimes, she would still go because she could not find an excuse to say no.Right now, she was glad that she did not go. If not, she would have missed out on this big shot’s gifts.He directly gave her 2.6 million. Even those popular streamers rarely encountered situations like this, let alone a small streamer like her.Before she ended her stream, there were people from guilds contacting her. They said they wanted to partner with her and they would help her go up the ranks. They even said they would contact two popular streamers to collaborate with
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Chapter 8
David brought Pearl to a Porsche dealership.When the two of them walked through the door, a beautiful saleslady walked over to them.She spotted the two of them got out of a Benz G-Class, and judging from what David was wearing, he looked like a rich kid.Thus, she asked enthusiastically, “Sir, Miss, are you here to buy a car?”“Yes!” David replied.“May I know what model you’re looking for?”“Do you have stock for the Porsche 911?”“We do.”“Take us to have a look.”“Please come with me, sir.”The beautiful saleslady brought them to a Porsche 911.“We have two of them right now, one in red and one in black. May I know which one you want to look at, sir?”David scanned the cars nonchalantly and answered, “I want the red one. Get me the invoice now.”“Huh?” The beautiful saleslady was stunned. He did not even look at it and was buying it? He was so rich that it was insane.“Sir, are you not going to take a look at it first?”“I did. The red one is pretty nice.”The beau
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Chapter 9
“Do you want to move in with me then? I can’t stay in such a big house by myself. This way, you can even save on rent.”David did not know why he said that. Rationally, he had only known Pearl for two days and it was so sudden for him to invite her to stay with him. However, since he said it, he still felt a little longing in his heart.Actually, David did not know how petty and low he was when he was with Sarah. He would always listen to Sarah, and he rarely had the right to speak.However, it was different with Pearl. Pearl would let him make the decision when they were talking or going on about something, and she would also ask him for his advice about anything.Of course, all men would have some machismo. Who would not want a woman who would treat them like a leader? Therefore, David was fond of Pearl’s way of talking and behaving, and subconsciously liked being around Pearl.“Is this… appropriate?” Pearl asked, a little hesitant.Even though she was saying that, she was very
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Chapter 10
At this moment…On the 33rd floor of the Golden Leaf Hotel.Inside the chairman’s office.The general manager of Golden Leaf Hotel Sean Caldwell was standing opposite a man who was in his thirties.The man was sitting on the chairman’s seat. He was reclined in the chair and his legs were on the desk.This man was Golden Leaf Hotel’s chairman Hugh Greene. At the same time, he was also the biggest shareholder of the hotel.“Sean, did anything happen in the hotel recently?” Hugh asked.He came to South River Province for business, so he dropped by while he was at it. This occasion was purely by coincidence. Normally, he would only drop by once or twice a year.“Mr. Greene, everything’s great in the hotel. The business is rising steadily and there’s a 20% growth compared to the same quarter last year,” replied Sean.“Not bad. Sean, you did a good job. Your bonus at the end of the year will be doubled and the staff’s bonus will increase 50%.”“Thank you, Mr. Greene!” Sean bowed an
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