It is soothing

Lily’s eyes fell on Mark who was peering at her. She took out her phone and messaged him. Mark took out his phone from the pocket and checked Lily’s message. “Meet me in the café right outside my office,” Mark read and a smile appeared on his lips.

He started walking along with Lily, both were not talking with each other. Mark slowly moved towards Lily and grabbed her hand. Lily suppressed his smile and whispered, “People will see us.”

“No one can see me except you,” Mark asserted and they soon entered the café when Mark made himself visible but at the right time he cut the electricity so that CCTV could not record him. They took a table near the left end of the café which was isolated from the others.

Lily ordered two iced Americanos for them and then came to the table. Mark thanked her as he took the Americano from her.

“So, is your work completed?” Lily queried him.


“Why have you pulled up your face? Are you again having some problem aga

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