Mark is no more with us!

“Mark,” Lily called out his name before getting unconscious.

“Forgive me, Lily but this is the best I can do for you. I do not want you to put in any trouble that’s why I am doing all this. I know I made a quick plan but this all for us. Killing Zamien is important to save the people close to me,” Mark thought in his mind as he was fighting with Zamien.

Damien was also aiding him but the power of dark magic was much more than them. The magic used by Zamien was not only hitting their energy points but also extracting the energy from them.

Mark had used a forbidden spell by which the extracting of power was not going at a mass level. Zamien realized that he indeed underestimated Mark’s power.

“That day you were easily defeated by me then what is happening today?” Zamien wondered.

Damien looked at Mark who was thinking of using the spell which will send Zamien to the underworld but there was a risk with

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