Trust your Mark

Lucian and Mark were conversing with each other when the doorbell rang. Lucian went to the door while Mark seated on the couch there. Two minutes later, Lucian came to the Living room with Damien.

“Have a seat,” Mark told Damien who nodded and got seated on the sofa.

Lucian sat on the sofa and looked at Damien. “Zamien is roaming freely for a long time and the level of his power was much more than we all can expect. If he had showed himself then it much be because of a reason. There is no need to play with him because I am going to converse with him face to face,” Damien suggested. 

“He might harm you,” Mark worriedly said.

“He will not. King Oliver has sent a message for him so, I will just pass the message to him and come back,” stated Damien.

“Take us with you. You do not how badly he injured Mark. So, we shall not take any kind of risk. Mark told me how he defies the rules made for Devils so it is better to be cautious than be regretful later,”

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