To be in Love

Mark could be seen in an unknown world of creatures where one could see all kinds of mythical beasts. As soon as he landed with Zamien in the Underworld, he was thrown far away from him.

In the Underworld, no one knew how the time passed. There was no light because of all kind of evil souls that resided her. Hell was the punishment house for those souls but after that they were sent here, thus, stopping their every escape point.

Mark was checking his surroundings but all he could see was the darkness around him. He did not even know what was lying in front of him. He sat on the ground there as he was tired.

“Wait for me, Lily. I will come back,” Mark muttered and brought his knees closer to him. With each passing second, his body was feeling weak as if he would die. Yes, that’s what it felt like to live in the Underworld.

You could not disappear and you have to suffer all the tortures in that darkness. A place which was unk

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