She can see us!!

Seth came back in the lunch hours along with Jonas, Cho Yang and Jack. He's the senior reporter of Lily's team. "Ahh, a newbie has come. Lily Evan, right?" Seth asked in confirmation. 

"Yeah, good afternoon sir. I'm happy that I'll get to learn under this efficient team." Lily greeted him and introduced herself with the others. "Let's go for lunch. We are really hungry after the early morning reporting," muttered Seth. They all agreed and went to the canteen which was on the first floor. 

John was ordering lunch meals when Jonas came to him running saying they have to leave as a newly constructed residential building is collapsed. John cancelled the orders and they all left for the accident site. 

In the van Seth told them about their roles. "Five of us will be reporting at different positions. Three of us will gather the relevant and correct information about the accident. Lily since you're a newbie you'll have to gather information about the accident along with John and Bella." 

"So this is the feeling of becoming a true reporter. I'll do my best," thought Lily in her mind. They reached the site in half an hour and was the first media channel to be there. Lily saw that the site was unbearable to watch, cries of people all around the site and sirens of ambulance, police cars could be heard. 

The cameras were set and the reporting was started. John came to Lily and told her that they should start working. Suddenly a short circuit happened in the upper part of the building and a huge blast was heard from the site. 

Lily was a little bit scared seeing this. The rescue team arrived there and stated the search and rescue operation of the people who were buried in the debris. 

"This is news 360°. Welcome to the afternoon news. A big news is coming from Edinburgh city where a newly constructed residential building collapsed an hour ago. Around 300 people are the residents in that building. More than 200 people are buried under the debris. This is the direct live from the site of the accident." Editor-in- chief Ryan reported. 

"Victoria, come here. Isn't this the residential house near the shopping complex baat the square 44 street. An accident has happened there," Daniel said in a loud voice. Victoria came into the living room and sat beside him.

"Oh my God! This isn't good. So many lives. Isn't the daughter of Mr Neil shifted there after the marriage? ," inquired Victoria in a choked voice.

"Oh I almost forgot about that. Let me call him," murmured Daniel. After talking with his friend he found that Neil's daughter left the city a day ago she was safe. Victoria was happy hearing this.

On the site the other news channels too arrived for the reporting. John was taking the right information from the fire brigade team while Lily from police officials. Jonas was reporting about the people injured, safely taken out from the debris and the building. 

A chaos created in the entire area. The people started surrounding the area when the police barricaded the site, shifting away the news channels from the site. The evening started and only 100 people could be rescued. The rescue operation was fastened when one more team joined them.

Lily after collecting all the data went to one of vans of their news channel. Chris was giving every detail to the news station about the reporting. Seeing Lily he asked for the data. Lily handed him the data. 

"Perfect, I think we have to do reporting in the night too. You'll do reporting of this site in the night. Our team is already in the hospital to do the reporting," ordered Chris.

Lily nodded and walked out from there when a kid held her leg. He was crying badly. "Help sis..she was in the house," murmured the boy. Lily bent down on her knees and wiped off the kid's face. "Don't worry. Your sister will be fine. Come with me," said Lily and took the boy with her. 

She took the boy to the police team and told them to help the boy. "Ma'am, don't worry. Kid, your sister will soon be found. Don't cry," said a lady officer. She took the boy with her. Lily thanked her and went back to her team. 

The second shift reporting was started by other reporters and she was one of them. "Victoria, look, our daughter is also doing the reporting. Finally her dream came true. One the very first day she's doing reporting," murmured Daniel and rubbed off his eyes. Victoria too became emotional. 

The rescue operation was still going on while after doing the reporting Lily went to the van to take the water bottle. Bella caressed her hair and said, "let me brush them for you." Lily thanked her and started drinking the water. 

The evening turned to night. Some ten devils were standing quite far away on the left side watching and observing the entire site. They were invisible to the humans around them. "Marcus, should we do something?," inquired Katie. 

"Don't you know the rule? We can't intervene in the lives of humans. Many of them will die and we have to take some of those souls to the hell top," stated Marcus. 

"It's good Mark isn't here else he would've rescued some of the humans," muttered Zara. 

"He has a soft heart. He's the only devil who defies the rules. But then he won't intervene in the birth and death cycle of any human," grumbled Marcus. 

Lily got a call from her parents so she started talking with them. "Dad, it's just normal reporting. Not a big deal. Well, I'm happy that the death toll isn't high. The rescue team has saved many lives." Lily told Daniel on the phone. Cho Yang shouted her name. 

"Dad, I think I have to go. Will talk to you later. Take care," saying this Lily hung up the call. She walked towards the van when she heard strange voices among the noise. She turned around and found nothing. As she stepped ahead, she again heard the strange voices. 

"What are these voices? Who is talking this way?," murmured Lily and closed her eyes. She then followed the direction from where voices were coming. She found some people who were all dressed up in the black clothes and hats on their heads. 

"Why are they all dressed black? But their dresses are elegant. I think I'm seeing the things now," thought Lily in her mind and rubbed her eyes when a hand touched her shoulder. 

"Ahhh," Lily screamed and immediately turned back. "Oh my God! You made me scared." Lily said with a loud voice and then put her hand on her chest. "Lily, sorry. What are you doing here? Let's go back. Everyone is waiting for you," muttered John. 

"Yeah I was coming but I.." saying this Lily turned back but there was no one. She blinked her eyes. "What?," asked John and looked into the direction where Lily was staring. 

"Nothing," murmured Lily and turned to him. "I think I'm tired," said Lily and rubbed her forehead with her fingers and then left with John from there. 

In the air, devils looked at each other. "Did she see us?," questioned Ash and looked at Marcus confusingly. "I guess so. But it's impossible for humans to see us, especially when we have worn these hats. It felt like she heard us. Only angels and devils can see us," stated Katie. 

"Marcus, is she an exception?," asked Zara. 

"I don't think so. This thing never happened. You all should go to do your respective work." Ordered Marcus. They nodded and disappeared from there. 

"I've to check on that human," murmured Marcus and looked at Lily from the air. Lily came out of the van when Marcus took the chance and controlled her mind. He appeared In front of her and looked into her memories. He was removing her memories but wasn't able to. 

"What? Why?," murmured Marcus and looked into Lily's eyes. He touched her further and decided to go further inside her memories when Seth came running towards her. Marcus released the control and disappeared from there. 

Lily felt the pain in her head but she ignored thinking it might be because of the work. 

Marcus in the air was confused. "How is this possible? I've to talk about this with dad," thought Marcus and vanished into the thin air.

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