Return of Mark Scott!!

Quite far from the Scotland capital, Edinburgh city, in the wooded hills of Scotland lies the Scott Royal family mansion. The Scott family is the most known family in Scotland. For more than 500 years they have been known to everyone. But since they are devils, they took a part of the people's memory so that they can work smoothly.

Mark Scott returned to Scotland from the Netherlands after 4 years. Actually he was assigned the work to catch two devils which escaped hell and were creating nuisance in the city. The task took him 4 years to complete.

Mark stepped from the black car, gaping at the large stone crafted mansion that set beyond the sidewalks. The cream coating of the paint shined under the chilled Sun rays. The green patches and the trees surround the mansion thus enhancing the beauty of the mansion several fold. The windows had royal purple curtains hanging on the other side of them, drawn so that the sunlight could stream through.

As he stepped onto the sidewalk, his green eyes fell on the marble fountain on the right side of the mansion. A stone figure was holding a flower perched on top, looking up towards the sky. Water was spurting from its other hand. The water fell gently towards the crystal blue pool beneath it, causing ripples to form and wave out until they were no more. 

Bushes trimmed into the perfect shape. The gardener there was watering the plants, gave a warm smile seeing Mark and slightly bowed his head in respect. Mark did the same with a smile and then walked towards the extravagant house when the butler Xavier came there and greeted him. 

"Where's everyone?," asked Mark with a gentle voice. 

"They are waiting for you in the living hall. Please, come this way," said Xavier and the two walked inside the large white door. As he walked in, his cousin sister, Sarah put her hands on his eyes from behind. 

"Sarah." Called Mark with his soft voice and turned. He hugged her and caressed her head. "My little sister must've missed me a lot." Mark said humbly. Xavier smiled seeing them. Releasing the hug they both went towards the living room where everyone was waiting for them. 

As they entered, Mark saw his family smiling at him. His mother, Elizabeth was beside his father Lucius. His two uncles Ronald and Jasper were with their wives Hannah and Taylor on the respective seats. Turning his gazes he found his elder brothers, Marcus and David were also there along with their two sisters, Katie and Emma. 

He walked towards them when his mother came forward and embraced him into a tight hug. Kissing at his forehead Elizabeth said, "we all missed you." 

"Same mom, I missed you all." Murmured Mark and they released each other. He then greeted his father and uncles. After that his brothers hugged him, followed by two sisters. 

"Come sit here," said Lucius gesturing beside him. Mark nodded and sat there. They all started talking when the servants came there with food. They put the trays on the table and left from there. 

Mark picked the juice glass first and drank it slowly. After drinking he spoke. "Where are my other brothers?" Mark inquired looking at Ronald and Jasper. 

"They are in England for some work. They'll be here after 2 days for the great charity event," stated Ronald. 

"I see. The Charity event will gather a huge crowd here like the other times," murmured Mark. 

"We've called only three media channels this time. Tomorrow they will come to set the cameras here," stated Ronald. Mark nodded hearing him. 

"You kids should talk now. We've to go somewhere for work," said Ronald and got up from his seat. Jasper and Lucius too got up. The three brothers then left from there. Elizabeth told them to have snacks too. Hannah and Taylor went away saying the meeting is going to be held soon. 

Sarah quickly sat beside Mark and started eating. "So, how did you spend your days there?," asked Marcus. Mark smiled hearing his question. 

"He must've gone to the long drives all alone, which he usually does," muttered Emma with a smile. David laughed hearing her. 

"Your girlfriend was going crazy here. She was saying that you must've found someone as you didn't call her for a week," murmured David and laughed. Katie too laughed hearing him. 

"Well, she soon will be your fiance so show some care towards her," said Marcus. 

"What should I do? You all know my nature. I don't like to do any special things. She's a friend so she should understand me," murmured Mark and laid his head back on the sofa's crotch. 

"Then refuse for your engagement," advised Emma. 

"I can't. She will be hurt," murmured Mark. Sarah was just listening to their talks while eating. "Well, you're too good. I've rarely seen a person like you. You will spend your life with her rather than refusing her. Interesting," said Katie with a smile. 

"It doesn't matter. Well, I'm going to my room to take some rest." Mark said and got up from the couch. 

"Hmm. You should take a rest. We are also going for work," said Marcus with a serious tone. Mark nodded and walked upstairs to his room.


Lily reached her workplace, The 360° News. It's the news channel where she always wanted to work as her ideal, Samuel Blaire has been working there for the last 10 years. 

She looked at the building of the news station raising her head above. The entire building is made of shiny transparent glass with a big rotating door at the entrance. She looked at her reflection in the glass of the building. She has worn a black professional business suit. Her golden hair was hanging slightly above her waist. 

"Okay, Lily Evan let's go in and rock the world," murmured Lily and stepped towards the door when a black Mercedes Benz stopped in front of the door. All the employees stepped aside as the man came out of the car. Lily went ahead to look and it was her ideal, Samuel Blaire. 

A broad smile carved on her lips. He greeted them and walked in along with his manager. 

"Woah!!! On the first day of my job I encountered my ideal means something good will happen with me soon," thought Lily in her mind and giggled. She walked in and went to the 5th floor where she was assigned the work of assisting a reporter in reporting. 

As she entered there, she saw hundreds of reporters are there working on different things. All are busy in their work, some are giving reports, some preparing for the coverage etc etc. She walked towards her desk and found she's one of the assisting reporters in the team of thirty with one editor-in-chief.

"Hello, I'm John Argus. You're Lily Evan, right?" Inquired John. 

"Yeah, hello. I'm Lily Evan." 

"Great to see you Lily. Please come with me. We were waiting for you only," stated John. Lily apologized to him for making them wait long. She put her bag there on the chair and walked away with him. 

"Actually Lily, many of our team reporters are busy reporting in the south town city. We three I mean you, I and Bella are going to work on a special report." John explained to Lily when they got inside a cabinet. 

Lily found her boss, Ryan Neil there. She greeted him and introduced herself to them. Bella Stacy also introduced herself to Lily. 

"Oh Lily!! It's good to see you. Well, let me tell you something good. This time our team is being tasked with reporting in the Scott mansion which is situated on wooded hills. The big charity event is after two days and our news channel is among the three news channels which will do reporting from there. 

The technical team will come in a few minutes. We will go there tomorrow to check the other things. Please be cautious as it's one of the reputed royal families of Scotland. Don't do anything which will affect us in any way." Explained the editor-in-chief, Ryan.

Lily, Bella and John then came out of the cabinet. "So, we won't do reporting?," asked Lily. 

"We are rookie. John and I joined a week ago. At least three months they will see our progress then only we can do reporting," muttered Bella. 

"So we are more like assistants to them," murmured Lily. 

"True," said John and they walked towards their desk. 

"Do you know about the charity event?," asked John from Lily. 

"Yeah, I've watched it several times on the TV. The Scott Family which every year do this to help many destitutes and other helping organizations. But the other family members are hardly shown on the TV," said Lily and sat on the chair. 

"Hmm. They don't like to be covered by media every now and then. Royals are usually like this," muttered Bella. 

"Okay okay, Let's back to the work. We have to make the reports on the upcoming news," murmured John. Lily and Bella nodded;, turned to their desktops to work on the reports. 

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