I am ready

Mark pulled Lily closer after hearing her response. “Thank you for coming in my life and loving me to this extent,” Mark whispered before pulling her into a kiss.

Both missed each other’s presence for give years and now the two had united. Their kisses turned hungry as Lily was pinned to the wall. Mark was nibbling Lily’s lips when she let a moan out. With the other hand, Mark removed Lily’s overcoat. Lily’s hands were also on Mark’s hair, fingers playing with them.

Mark carried Lily up and took her to the bedroom which was already decorated with yellow and red dim lights. “When did you do this?” Lily asked.

“As soon as I landed here,” Mark replied and gently placed Lily on the mattress. Her body pressed down on it, showing how fluffy it was. Mark hovered over Lily, keeping his balance on his elbows. He again kissed her while his other hand started opening the button on Lily’s shirt.

“Are you ready, Lily or do you need more time?” Mark asked as he pulled away

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