I've to find him!

Lily woke up and found herself in a place she wasn't aware of. She looked around and found so many people and then doctors. She was in the hospital.

"Lily," whispered her mother, Victoria. The frowns on her mother's forehead are enough to tell that she's scared and worried. Lily sat on the bed when her father, Daniel Evan came there. He caressed her daughter's head lovingly. 

"Dad- mom," murmured Lily with a slight smile on her lips. 

"We were scared. How could you be such a careless girl?," asked Daniel with a worried voice. Lily raised her head to look at her father. Victoria came forward and planted a kiss on her forehead. 

"Mom- dad I don't know but…" Daniel cut her words and said, "Why don't you eat properly? You got unconscious on the side pavement of the main road. I told you Victoria that our daughter's eating habits aren't good." Daniel looked at Victoria. 

Lily was confused hearing this. "Dad, wait a second. I wasn't lying on the pavement. I was into an accident. A guy...a guy saved me. Yes he saved me from getting into an accident. There was a giant truck coming directly into my direction when the guy came and he saved me. Yes, that green eyed guy...He saved me." Lily blabbered everything out. 

Both Victoria and Daniel looked at her. "I think Lily you need rest. The doctor has said that you need a good rest. Let's go home." Daniel said and got up from the bed. 

"But there was a guy," murmured Lily. Her parents didn't listen to her. As she got off the bed Victoria put her arm around her shoulder and then they came out of the hospital. Lily sat on the backseat in the car, putting her seatbelt on. 

Daniel started the engine and they drove back to home. "Lily, your schoolmates brought you here. His name was Adam. Please thank him again from our side. He's such a nice boy," said Victoria with a broad smile. 

Lily couldn't believe her ears. "Mom, wait a second. You're misunderstanding. Adam is the bully in our school. He will never help me." Lily blurted out in a single breath.

"Lily, how can you say this? Don't call him a bully. These are bad manners," muttered Daniel. Lily sighed and looked out from the glass window. 

"Who was that guy? His eyes were so mesmerising. And I don't know what has happened to my parents. Adam must've told lies to them. I should've smack him on the face." Thought Lily in her mind. 

Her thoughts again went on the guy who saved her. "He was so powerful. How can he stop that giant vehicle with just one hand? Didn't people notice him? Who was he? A vampire? But a vampire has pointed canines and red eyes. He was the opposite. Was he a superhuman which we don't know? I think he was an AI robot who resembles a human. 

But he doesn't look like a robot. Aghh...Who was he? I have to check about him tomorrow. The people there must have seen him. Well, my heartbeats stopped when he looked at me." Lily was thinking all these things when her dad called her name in a loud voice.

Immediately she came out of her thoughts. "Child, we are home. What happened? Your mother is calling your name for the last 5 minutes. Are you feeling good? Is there something going on?" Daniel put one after the other question in front of her. 

Lily looked at both of them who were worried as hell. She smiled and said, "I'm absolutely fine now. I'm just tired that's why. Well, I'm hungry too." Lily murmured, caressing her belly. 

Daniel and Victoria smiled hearing that their daughter is fine. They got out of the car. "You both go in. I'm bringing Max from Mr Neil's home." Daniel said and left from there to their neighbourhood house. 

Victoria took Lily inside the home. As soon as she got in Lily put her shoes inside the shoe cabinet and then rushed upstairs to her room. "Walk slowly," said Victoria but Lily ignored her. 

Closing the door of her room she threw her bag on the chair and then quickly sat before the computer desktop. 

"Green coloured eyed humans" Lily put this in the search tab and then pressed enter. 

'Only 2% have green colour eyes.

This eye colour is rarest among humans.

Green eyes are most attractive according to this survey.'

"What information is google giving me? I need a human photo exactly like that man," murmured Lily and kept on searching from one tab to another. Suddenly her room door fell open and her younger brother Max swiftly came to her and hugged her from behind. 

"Leave me, Max. I'm searching for something important." Lily said in a calm voice. Max put back his arms and looked at the computer screen.

"What are you searching for? A green coloured guy?" Questionably asked Max. Lily waved her hand at him and told him to go away. 

"Are you searching for a boyfriend?," asked Max and smiled. Lily glared at him and said, "little brother it shouldn't matter to you. Well, I'm not searching for a boyfriend. Can't you see the facts Google is showing that this is the rarest pupil colour." Lily gave Max some explanations. 

"Okay. Well, how are you?," asked Max. Lily got up from the chair. "I'm good now. There's nothing to worry," said Lily and caressed her head. 

"That's good. Let's eat dinner. Mommy has prepared something delicious today," said Max happily. Lily smiled seeing her younger brother's reaction. 

"Let me freshen up. You should go, I'm coming," stated Lily. Max nodded and left her room. Lily took out her night dress from the cupboard and after freshening up she went downstairs to eat dinner. 


Next day Lily went to school. She met with Elly and narrated her the entire incident. "So, you're saying that the green eye guy was not there. He glanced at you for a fraction of second. But the question is where he disappeared? One more question: how can he stop that giant vehicle?" Elly muttered with a serious tone. 

"Hmm. Do you know Adam took me to the hospital. I'm really confused now. I'm damn sure he has lied about this to my parents," murmured Lily. They entered the school gate when Adam appeared in front of them. 

They both stepped back. "What?," asked Lily with a displeased look. 

"Are you fine?," asked Adam looking at Lily from head to toe. Elly and Lily looked at each other when Lily turned her gaze to Adam. 

"Yes, I'm fine. Well what lies did you tell my parents?," asked Lily, crossing her arms. 

"Please forgive Jack and Damien. Forgive me too. When I reached there I saw you lying unconscious on the ground," stated Adam. 

"What? I was on the road. Damien pushed me." Lily said in an angry tone. 

"No. He pushed you and you fell on the ground. I also saw that," said Adam. Lily looked at him confusingly when a teacher came there and told them to go to the class. They nodded and left for the class. 

In the school the entire day, Lily was lost in the thoughts of the green eyes guy. The things Adam and his friends told him were completely different from what she has encountered. "Could that guy stop the time? Ahhh...What stupid things I'm imagining. No one can fail science. Oh God!! I want to meet him but where to find him." Thought Lily in her mind. 

When the school got over, she immediately rushed out of the class to go to that place in the hope she might find him there. "Yes, this was the place where that guy appeared. It's almost the time he should come here. I mean he must be a regular goer from this route. So I've to fix my gaze at every person." Murmured Lily. 

She searched and searched but there was no trace of the guy there. She looked at the evening sky and went home after giving up. When she reached home, Victoria scolded her for being late. Lily hugged her mother tightly. "Sorry mom, I'll not be late anymore." This gesture of Lily calmed her mother. 

Victoria caressed Lily's back and told her to go to her room. Lily nodded and then left for her room. She put the school bag on the chair there and then laid down on the bed, stretching her arms out. 

"Who was he? I'm getting insane. I never felt this way before. Since the day I saw him I'm not able to take him off of my mind." Murmured Lily and looked at the ceiling above her. 

"I won't give up. I will find him. I wasn't able to find him today but someday I'll find him again and again. Yes, I've to find him." Muttered Lily with determination and a broad smile on her lips.

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