Irish Midsummer

Irish Midsummer

By:  Nadia Bajrami  Updated just now
Language: English
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In a world where werewolves, vampires and other magical beings live in an uneasy coexistence, Maeve Blackwell, a vampire and heir to the powerful Blackwell family mob finds herself in an unlikely relationship with the Leprechaun king, Sweeny Brockbank. Forced to leave her family, she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic ruler but their fragile peace is shattered when sea raiders invade the realm, taking Maeve and her fairy maid, Aisling as captives. When they attempt to escape, they get lost in the enchanted forest and stumble upon Buile Suibhne, a half-man, half-bird creature guarding a mysterious portal who shows Maeve how to uncover her hidden abilities but their freedom is short-lived as they are recaptured by the raiders and face the terrifying prospect of becoming a sacrificial offering to Oilliphièst, the dreaded Sea monster. Maeve tries to use her newfound abilities to send a distress signal to her tribesmen and in her darkest hour, her old lover leads a daring rescue mission but this comes at a heavy cost, which leaves her disillusioned. Haunted by the horrors she witnesses, she retreats to House Rhys and dwells among the Banshees. When visions of her father's impending death torment her, she embarks on a quest to alter fate. There, she encounters Keith Lafferty, a werewolf and heir to the throne of Larne. Their initial animosity gives way to an intense attraction as they embark on a journey to bridge the divide between the realms. They uncover a long-lost prophecy that hints at the rise of a new hybrid species, destined to bring either salvation or destruction to their world. As the stakes grow higher, they must choose between their own destinies, their duty to their families, and the possibility of a love that defies all odds.

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7 Chapters
1: Starry Night
MAEVE Rory rolled to the other side of the king-sized bed and looked at my face with a mixed expression. His eyes danced with lust but his lips were set in a stubborn pout as his gaze darted to and fro around the room and rested on the sealed letter he had brought along with him which now lay at the edge of the bed.My father had sent him on an errand to deliver an urgent message to me but the moment he walked into my room, I felt a thrill course through my body as his green eyes peered at me and I knew I wanted to do things to his body that would make his toes curl in ecstasy. “We shouldn't be doing this princess,” He said. I smiled and stripped off the robe that was draped over my shoulders, exposing my bare body. His eyes glistened as they roamed all over my body. I chuckled and walked towards him. “You worry too much about insignificant things Rory,” I said as I rubbed my palm over the bulge that had begun to form in his trouser
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2: Shadows of Innis
“Bend over and touch your toes,” I said to Aisling and moved towards my closet to grab some sex toys. As she obliged, I inserted a butt plug into her bum. She let out a yelp and her body trembled with pleasure.I reached under her and pressed my tongue against her throbbing clit. As she moaned, I drew circles on the exterior of her vagina, flicked it, stood up and pulled her into a standing position.She smiled as our fingers interlocked and I leaned in to kiss her. I perceived the sweet smelling aroma of her perfume as our lips crashed into the other and we kissed hungrily. I reached for her bum and smacked it lightly, this caused her body to jerk forward which aroused me even further. I pulled away from the kiss and turned around to look at Rory who had been rubbing his hard cock while watching us.I smiled contentedly and turned back to Aisling. She lowered her gaze and licked her lips then exhaled slowly.“A million Sequinns for your thoughts? Did you miss me?” I as
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3: Shaky Alliances
My father took over from him and explained the need for an alliance with the Brockbanks, he expressed his trust in our soldiers and in the ability of the men to triumph at battle with the Leprechauns who were equally great fighters but their realm also consisted of Goblins who were exceptional armoury crafters and the fairies who had magical abilities. He further explained that while our realm consisted of powerful vampires and Banshees, they had an unfair advantage against us given their numbers and their access to the finances and resources at their fingertips. He talked about the possibility of the Werewolves and Druids who could join forces with them if we indulged in their quest for bloodshed. I listened to the debriefing with rapt attention, I knew I was going to be involved in these sort of minutes sooner than later but I had hoped my father would keep me away from his work much longer. I wasn’t certain of my role in this matter and this unnerved me. I felt my
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4: Siege!
I spent the early hours of the next day locked up in my room. Aisling and the other servants stood sentry outside the room as they tried to persuade me to open up the door but I sat by the small round table in my room ignoring their pleas to be let in and continued studying the map of the Brockbank realm that I had taken from my father’s library when I left the dining hall.When I exited the hall the previous night, I had fled the room, intending to go to my bedroom to get away from the noise and sulk about my fate but as I walked down the hallway, I caught a glimpse of the library door, slightly open, and snuck in. The room was dimly lit and I walked through the rows of shelves slowly, studying each book before moving to the next.This large chamber was my family’s library. While change is said to be a constant phenomenon, I liked to make jokes about this room being the only thing I knew that wasn't subject to modification. It held information about the realms, historical pieces,
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5: Chaos
Being a highborn in the realm of Leprechauns, Goblins and Fairies was an added advantage but being in vampire with no other vampire in sight besides the soldiers that stood sentry at my door and the personal guards that followed at a respectable distance when I took walks in Sweeney’s garden, I felt truly alone.The realm seemed a lot warmer than home. Aisling seemed to settle in quickly, being around other fairies. She would tell me about the capital city and how the streets flowed with beings going about their business as time rolled by. While I enjoyed her tales, I was envious of her taste of freedom. She could dance in the streets if that's what she wants to do but I could merely dream. This is the life I lead now, one where walking in the streets needed extra arrangements. To protect myself, I had to make my presence less noticeable by the second. I'm not cut out for that kind of life. Living within the confines of the Brockbank house felt like I was a bird locked
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6: Into the unknown
I know, I'm just trying to think.” Sweeney shoved his hand into his pockets and stared into the distance. “I never thought this would happen, they had no reason to attack us.”“You’re not making any sense, Sweeny, what's going on?” I asked, concern etched across my face. “The sea raiders, we received information that they had been the ones causing all this trouble. I owe your house, a great deal. But I've got a bigger problem on my hands,” He answered and started pacing.“So… what you're saying is that your men just realized that my clann wasn't the ones attacking you,” I say quietly as my face contorted into a puzzled expression. The pieces was coming together in my head as I tried to make sense of the situation. “I can go home?”I took a few steps backwards and placed my hand on my chest, trying to steady my breathes. He nodded slowly but still had a distant look in his eyes, I chuckled loudly and walked to the bed. “You’re right Sweeney. You and your kinsmen owe us your lives.” “
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7: Finagle
MAEVEI opened my eyes and looked around in confusion, my head throbbed terribly and my wrists started aching. I tried to move them but they had been tied firmly behind my back. I blinked and groaned in annoyance as my eyes rested on Aisling who lay on the what seemed to be a wooden floor. She was curled up, a few feet away from me. Her dress had been shredded, leaving little to imagination. “Who did this to you? I'll kill those bastards! I'll kill them all!” I yelled and started to transform into vampire form.I noticed that the change took longer than usual and a sharp pain shot through my body. I winced in pain as tears formed at the corners of my eyes and rolled down my face. My forehead throbbed terribly and I slowly changed back to human form. “What’s happening to me?” I asked weakly. “Garlic milady,” Aisling answered and sighed. “The garlic weakened you and the sea raiders bound us and threw us onto the ships.”“Why didn't they kill me instead?” I retorted and stared daggers a
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