Chapter 2948

Chase followed Shaun’s line of sight.

A man in a casual blue shirt was sitting by the window. He was carrying a baby in one hand, and a baby’s bag was hung on his other arm. He held a feeding bottle in his hand and was trying to coax the baby to drink milk.

Chase was shocked. He thought his eyes were fooling him.

When the man raised his head with a big smile on his handsome face, Chase thought he had gone blind.

What the f*ck.

Was that the cold, arrogant Chester with a temper worse than Shaun's?

“It’s shocking, right?” Shaun said sarcastically, “I thought I looked like a stay-at-home dad, but I realize I can’t even compare to him.”

Chase nodded his head in agreement. “Hey, do you think Chester is being put under some curse by Eliza?”

Shaun did not say a word. He did not dare to say that Eliza was Charity rebirthed because it would be troublesome if word of such an abnormal matter got out and caused Eliza to be captured as a research subject.

However, Shaun understood wha
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