Luna's Uprising

Luna's Uprising

By:  Jackie Blue  Ongoing
Language: English
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Amelia married her mate and Alpha of the feared black-moon pack, Drake. After having a hard childhood without identity and as a rogue, she was sure Drake was the best thing that could have happened to her. He was the love of her life. She did anything for him. Helped his pack to rise to the stand it has. She couldn't believe her luck as someone as broken as her, to have a mate like him. That was until he killed her. The ultimate betrayal. Alpha of the blood-moon pack, Jax, finally found a way to get to his true soul mate and get her out of the grasp of his arche enemy Drake. He does literally anything and everything to get her back. The path is crossed, with fear, hate, hunger for revenge, many secrets, passion, and love. True love? Will Amelia find her redemption after being reborn? Can she live with the consequences if she made different choices? She could lose everything she ever wanted. But she could also win more than even imagineable.

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133 Chapters
1. Echoes in the night
The slick sounds of my bare feet running desperately on the muddy ground mix with the cold, heavy rain and hail. As much as the hard and blistering cold rain stings on my barely covered skin, I wish it would rain even heavier. I wish it was strong enough to drown out any sound and any trace I’m leaving on my tracks behind.My accelerated breathing echoes through the pitch-black woods while I run for my dear life. The only light source is coming from the lightning. The lightning and thunder give this entire scenario a vibe like in a book or movie. The perfect mystery/ horror moment. Only that this isn’t some story, it’s my real life. A life I’m running out on right now.As much as I try to be as silent as possible, I know they can hear and sense me. There’s no way I am able to cover my tracks, not from them. No matter how fast I run, I can clearly hear them hot on my tracks only a few feet behind. I can clearly hear my husband, who's also my mate! The last couple of days left, no doub
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2. The beginning of the End
….5 days earlierNever could I have imagined to feel so happy and blessed as I am in this very moment. As a rogue, the chances of being taken into a pack or let alone find a mate is nearly impossible.Yet Drake took me in, gave me protection when I needed it the most. He made me part of his pack, although we both knew I was broken goods. Did his pack accept me? Most of them weren’t happy their Alpha took in a broken rogue and even made me their Luna. I heard the talks behind my back, useless piece, a shame for our species, not even a real werewolf, unworthy. Most of them let me know I wasn’t wanted there.But I worked hard, did anything for the pack and my Alpha. Some people did acknowledge my effort. Our pack has grown to be one of the strongest and most powerful pack on this continent. Only one other pack is close to being as ruthless and powerful as ours, the arche enemy of my Alpha Drake. After Drake found me years ago, he made it to his personal mission to protect me from ever
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3. What's happening?
Cold and of dampness smelling air fill my nostrils while my hazed mind is trying to come to senses. Something seems wrong, but I’m unable to make out what it is. My limbs feel heavy and cold. A cold breeze causes me to shiver and goosebumps to rise all over my body.I try to open my eyes, but they seem so unbelievably heavy. It’s as if I’m in a state between being awake and sleeping and yet different. Something seems familiar about this, but I’m unable to put my finger on it.In the background, I can hear voices and muffled sounds, but my mind is too far gone to make out what it is or make any sense out of it. Trying to focus on it only seems to make things worse.Instead, my focus shifts to something else. Why does my back ache like this? Everything feels so hard and cold underneath me, causing an ache and soreness. I try to hold on to these feelings and thoughts, trying to make sense out of them, but I seem too dazed to be able to hold on to anything. In the back of my mind, I thin
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4. Tortures and plans
Waking up once again, I can’t even remember how many times I have blacked out in the last days. To be honest, I don’t even know how many days have passed since I’ve been down here.Every single bone in my body aches, every muscle, my entire skin. My lips are cracked and swollen from the blows I’ve taken and the lack of water. The healer would try and give me little sips in between when no one was watching and would at least try and treat some of the worst wounds whenever possible without drawing attention to his treatment.By the distraught look on his face, I feel like he’s not very happy with the things happening here either. But it’s not in his power to do anything against it.My entire body is covered in bruises, cuts, and fresh and dried blood. Not that I could take a decent look, as I’m still chained down. James makes sure the restraints constantly get freshly drained with wet clothes filled with wolfsbane. Even if my healing abilities were those of a normal werewolf, there’s no
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5. Gasping for air
.........The sudden awakening five years before the night of death..........“Amelia! Amelia!” I can hear my name being called out repeatedly. “Amelia, what’s wrong? Get the healer here, right now," the voice calls out full of authority, obviously aiming that request towards others, while I feel I’m being shaken. My hands clutch to my throat as I gasp for air desperately. Air, I need air. I can hear my own laboured breathing, gasping for air. It feels like ice cold water is filling my lungs, and I’m drowning. What’s happening? Where am I? Questions fill my still dazed thoughts while trying to get my breathing under control.Arms wrapped around me, start shaking my upper body again. “Amelia, wake up.” My eyes snap open, and my heartbeat gets erratic as I look into the dark brown eyes of Drake, who’s currently holding me half lying on the floor and half in his arms. Images of woods flash through my mind. Blood, my body covered in mud and blood, a lake. My hands clutch harder around my
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6. Feeling her (Jax POV)
Jax’s POV: (At the same time as the wedding takes place and Amelia is being reborn.)Today’s her wedding, and it’s driving me insane. The word about Drake finally marrying his mate spread fast, striking me hard. Although he’s shielding her from the world and especially me, he made sure everyone would know the mighty Alpha is finally marrying. An official Luna at his side will only strengthen his packs position even more.His mate…… I want to punch and shred anything getting in my way right now, just for him claiming her to be that. She’s my mate, and after all the attempts I have made to come closer up to her and the way he’s doing everything in his power to prevent it, shows me he must know it too.I’m not sure about his reasons. Maybe he wants to weaken me and my pack even more by not letting me have my soulmate. Other than that, it doesn’t make much sense. Then again, even before I saw her from afar on that life changing day, I knew he’s done everything to keep her secluded. Every
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7. Nightmares
Familiar air fills my nostrils, soothing my senses. Soft, warm sheets engulf my body, the mattress underneath me bedding me in the most comfortable way. I pull the covers up a little more, snuggling into them, not ready to open my eyes just yet.Enjoying the moment I take a deep breath but suddenly feel as if my throat is closing up. Desperate for air, my hands start clawing at my throat, I can hear myself gurgling. I try to scream, but nothing comes out. Total anxiety flushes my body, I’m dying, and I can clearly feel it, there's no doubt.Screams fill the air as I sit up abruptly in bed, gasping for air. My entire body is covered in a thin sheet of cold sweat. Lifting my hands to my throat, everything is normal. Besides of my accelerated breathing, I am able to breathe totally normal.The door bursts open, and rushed feet make their way towards me. “Amelia, has something happened? I heard a scream.” I look up into the alerted eyes of Drake, who is now leaning over my bed.Confused,
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8. Restlessness
In the afternoon I have enough of staying in bed. Admitted I feel a little nauseous, but at this point, I can’t even say if it’s from my head or from the unsettled feeling deep within the pit of my stomach.Ever since I woke up, I can’t seem to shake off that nightmare. Even if I am only able to remember bits and pieces, my body is still on edge, totally alerted. My throat feels sore, and my body and mind are restless.I try to convince myself that the nightmare simply is a result of my sore throat. It felt so damn real. It must have something to do with it.Did I catch a cold before the wedding? Werewolves don’t really catch a normal cold like humans do, but as I’m different in every other way, perhaps even this is different. Maybe I should go to the healer. Perhaps he can check it out and tell me what's wrong with my throat.Was there anything unusual before the wedding? No matter how hard I try, I can’t really remember. It seems like everything is so long ago and these small detail
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9. Feeling different
As soon as the door closes shut behind us, I get this irrational feeling of fear again. In long, fast strides, Drake moves towards our bed and sets me down onto it. Feeling the softness underneath my body, I relax a little, but I’m unable to look up at my mate.Even the word mate doesn't feel right.Instead, my gaze averts to his feet, which are now moving up and down, tipping the front to the ground in a restless manner. Besides of, two people breathing heavy and the tipping of the feet, the room stays silent. He’s not yelling at me. Seeing as he’s staying put in his place right in front of me, but not yelling, I know he must be really angry. The heavy breathing is the evidence of it and him trying to keep it at bay.Drake is ruthless and scary in every single way. He shreds our enemies into pieces without second thoughts. Yet he would never ever touch me in the wrong way. No, the opposite actually, he treasures and protects me like the most precious gem. So why am I fearing him righ
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10. The note
The day only seems to croach along slowly. Being isolated in my room isn’t the thing that really matters to me. I like to be alone and away from the observant eyes of the pack, only waiting for me to fail again.A lot of them know that I work hard for the pack. In the background I’m the one to work on major business deals, prepare all the papers, and work out plans. Just as our defence. But Drake is the executive to these works. Working in the background is way better and safer for me. Despite how complicated it would be if any of our allies and business partners would find out I’m actually a rogue.On events in our packhouse, Drake always makes sure to keep me safe and far enough away from others to attack me. Some of them have seen my face from afar, but that’s about it.To be honest, after hearing in how much danger I’d be if I got any closer, it makes me rather keep the distance anyway.But right now, I feel bored to the bones. No work, no James or Alana to talk to, nor my books a
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