Mary Madison

Mary Madison

By:  WyByCa  Completed
Language: English
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Mary Madison Evans was raised by her Grandparents parents. Her parents left her when she was just 3 year old. When her Grandparents died she moved to St. Thomas City where thrill is waiting for her. She'll met new faces, friends and Family. And she'll discover a secret that will made her life changed.

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Mary Madison by WyByCa is an exciting mystery thriller novel. When Mary Madison Evans was three years old, her parents abandoned her. Her grandparents took her until their death. Mary relocates to St. Thomas City and establishes a new life. She makes new friends and tries to do well in school. She befriends a mentally unstable beggar and a classmate. Things go haywire when Julia moves away, and the beggar gets involved in a gruesome incident. How can she manage without Julia by her side? Did Mary unknowingly get associated with crime due to her friendship with the beggar?

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Donnabel & Reycel
I love the unique plot ...
2021-08-23 23:42:56
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A books are nice because they have their own way of writing a plot.
2021-08-07 01:32:47
62 Chapters
PROLOGUE"What happened to her?""I don't know she seems crazy""She's crazy.""Let's call the police!  She might hurt us!" I was curiously looking at the students who's blocking the way inside the school. They're gossiping someone who's crazy. They said.I went near them to check it by myself if it's something to do with the school. But I quickly moved back when the woman that they're talking about suddenly screamed."Give me my Daughter!" She shouted and all students seems so scared. I'm lucky that I'm a bit far from the woman.She's a beggar and I just saw her here, She's not familiar to me. But somehow I pity her because that kind of mental disorder needs an understanding and car
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Chapter One
CHAPTER 1I'm Nervous, Scared and bothered while walking in front of my sofa repeatedly.I'm still thankful that, that woman didn't hurt me.I already turned the Television off because I don't want to heard bad news anymore.The beggar killed someone and that's a serious situation.I want someone to talk to. I was about to get my phone when it suddenly rang.I answered the call without looking at the caller's name."Hello?""OMG Mary! Have you seen the news?" She probably pertaining to the news I saw earlier."It's happening now, turn your TV on" She said so I did.My eyes got widened with a sudden surprised. What the hell. This isn't happening. I'm just dreaming right?I'm on the news! I'm so nervous specially when the reporter said it's possible that I'm an accompli
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Chapter Two
CHAPTER 2“You’re lying, Your Bestfriend told us that you seemed too close to that woman” My eyebrows furrowed with a sudden surprised.“What? Maybe you asked the wrong person there's no way Julia could lie to me she knew half of my life!” I exclaimed. This one is unexpected. Maybe they really asked the wrong one.Right. They asked the wrong person.“Julia Cordova, This is her isn't it?” Sir Velasquez showed me a picture. And my mouth opened a half because of sudden shocked. So Julia really said that?We even talk about that beggar one time. How come she said we're close to each other?Is Julia betraying me? No way. She couldn't do that. We're childhood Best friend.“From now on you're not allowed to go anywhere aside from your school, We're going to watch every step
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Chapter Three
CHAPTER 3"Seriously? You're giving me this tracking device? What do you think of me I will escape? FYI I'm not at fault so I have no reason to run away!" I angrily told them after I hung a tracking device on my wrist.Annoying, its like I don't have any escape. I feel like I have no freedom in my situation."You need this for your safety as well, just press the red bottom if there is a problem" He said and without any hesitations I pressed it.I was startled when suddenly something sounded loud like serine. The noise is scary because it looks like there will be a tsunami, seriously. They grabbed their cellphones and looked at me seriously."I have a problem, why here at Sir Vescinzo's house?" I asked in surprise, because we were just outside the gate at his house."Kid, If you are in danger just press the red one and if you see the crazy
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Chapter Four
Tomorrow is Saturday so obviously no school. Usually I just stay at home. Grandpa saved money for my college and my allowance will go down if I will spend it in everyday life. They have been gone for 3 years and I have nothing to look forward to. Maybe I'll just look for a job because I can't spend my money for College. When I turn 18, I’ll immediately look for a job and that's one year and 4 months from now. Coming soon. And for my birthday again, Grandpa, Grandma and Julia are gone. So I no longer have someone to celebrate with.Suddenly I heard a knock I was just sitting on the bed when Vescinzo's daughter Nica opened up to me. "Let's eat Ate Mary" She said smiling. And walk towards me.My eyebrows furrowed when she is smiling at me. "I'm excited because I have plans now for us to do" As usual she giggled. I was embarrassed to accompany her downstairs. I haven't met her  Mom yet, I just hope
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Chapter Five
Two hours had passed and we heard police sirens. I'm nervous as hell. Many things could happen like what I see in action movies. They can run away including us. Someone can also be hurt. I hope none.They were upset and obviously upset, it was a good thing the man didn't see the light I thought he called me, it was Nica who was crying too much.I suddenly felt scared when the men approached us. They released us and held us tightly. I struggled and struggled until I grabbed one of their bonnets and pulled it.I saw his face. He looked at me in shock and I could not move immediately when he suddenly hit me with a gun to the head. I felt dizzy and immediately lost consciousness. ***  [VERONICA POV] My eyes widened when I saw Ate Mary
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Chapter Six
 “You know what, you're lucky that Grandpa hugged you despite being a stranger while me, his own granddaughter. He didn't even gave me a visit in every occasion I have "I held Nica's hand. She was sitting across from my bed. Her granpa left and his actions remained mysterious to me."Nica, he saved you, didn't he? That means he loves you" I cheered her. I don't know anything about their family but I feel very sad about Nica's life. The police, His daddy.They don't always see each other while his Mommy has a job all day so only her maids are with her.Too sad. They maybe rich but not happy on their family’s systems."I don't know. I really feel like I'm not considered Grandpa's granddaughter, he just saved me because I was his son’s child "I hugged her to ease her mood. I just let go of her hug when the door violently opened and her Mommy spat. she was followed by S
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Chapter Seven
As I watched the cars along the way, I thought. How is Julia? Will she talk to me when we meet at school today?I really didn't think she could do that to me, I just hope it's not true. It all really started when I met the woman who kills which is Miss Madielaine or Monica whoever she is, I don't care.Now I will face my judgmental classmates again, their sharp twing eyes Everytime I enter the room.And there was another one, the naughty Wayne. I hope he won't talk to me. My life outside of school is already messed up I can't take it when he will mess up inside."We're here" I turned to the man who talked. Sir Vescinzo. Guess what?They didn't really allow me to leave at all.I went out ignoring him, I was still mad at them all. I quietly entered the room and immediately went straight to my seat.I don't know if they're looking at me because I'm just bent over. I want to ta
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Chapter Eight
We were dismissed early today because the teachers had a meeting but I'll go home later. I don't want to be locked up in the room.I will be punished again of Nica’s mouth.I went to the convenient store first so I could hang out. I was about to enter when someone grabbed the door handle so I was also holding his hand."Sorry" I said and lowered my hand. I don't know him but he's obviously my school mate because we're both in uniform. The same uniform. The same school.I thought he was about to enter but he opened the door for me and I bent down and smiled at him. Weird.I just ignored him and just walked around the store and looked at the food. I frowned when I saw the man in police uniform with a woman I didn't know because he was turning his back on me.He was still hugging the woman. But I know him, Velasco. Maybe his girlfriend? Wait. Why do I care? I'm angry wi
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Chapter Nine
"Where have you been?" He asked me as his gaze focused on the road.I really wonder why he came after me now, he was the only one."Don't I have a tracker? Didn't you track before?" I sarcastically told him, I heard him sigh.Oh, where is his arrogance? Does he seem to have given up on my misfortune?"Don't just give your trust in anyone" He suddenly said."In everything I've been through I don't trust people anymore so you don't need to remind me" I said bitterly and avoided looking at him. I was just looking out the window."What will you do when you see your parents?" He said he was able to stop me."I'll ask them why they turned their backs on me" I said while a single tears escaped in my eyes."Everyone has a reason Mary don't let anger eat you when you're angry" He said, I laughed sarcastically."You don't know ... y
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