Chapter 13

Tori drove deep into the woods and I watched the trees pass by in silence. We drove about ten minutes into the forest until spotting another paved road.

I let my fingers wander up to my cheek, wincing at the soreness that radiated across my face. Frank had never hit me in the face before, and I wondered how long it would take until my face began to swell and bruise. Hopefully it could wait until I made it safely home. I didn't bother letting Melissa know where I was. I didn't have her number anyway.

Tori turned down another road and I felt my jaw drop as a mini town came into view. A small town nestled in the middle of the forest, and it looked all shiny and new. A sprinkling fountain sat in the middle of the small town square. Hell, they even had a few shops lingering around. I instantly spotted a coffee shop and and a little diner type restaurant.

"Wow." I gaped, looking around the town square.

People were out and about, walking down the
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Becca Norton
tori is her sister. lol
goodnovel comment avatar
at the beginning of the chapter it stated that she touched her face and wondered when it would swell and bruise
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Laura B. Nicot Cortes
Where did her bruises go. They just can't disappear. Yeah this book started good but I feel like right now isn't convincing me. If someone hits you, you supposed to be marked or something. hell of your ankle is aching you supposed to notice. ...

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