Mayor's Addiction

Mayor's Addiction

By:  Alexis Dee  Completed
Language: English
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"Is it true? Did you impregnate my sister?" I asked him, tears burning my eyes. "Is it true that you slept with your secretary?" I continued to question his loyalty. He made me believe he was in love with me, only to take my virginity and break me as nobody had ever. "It is true," he shrugged, "I am a young mayor of this town. I have a lot of options, what made you think you were special?" he smirked, his eyes shining as he watched me suffer. "Don't even think about leaving this town," just when he saw me step back, he ordered, "You will stay here and be my little pet, Phoenix. You will stay in this town and be my----- sex toy!" that was it, the title he gave to our relationship. ...... A Nineteen-year-old Pheonix arrives in a town full of mysteries, crazy rules, and sex addicts. What was supposed to be her escape from the terrible past ends up becoming a nightmare for her when she catches the eyes of the Young Mayor of the town, who is known for having sex addictions. Will Pheonix become one of his addictions or will it be her love that he will become addict to?

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Cheryl Lewis-Hamil
Why did you end this book like this?? I truly loved this story but, the ending left me wondering if you were doing a sequel..
2022-12-04 01:07:51
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Midnight Shines
Love it, please update more chapters soon.
2022-09-22 21:35:20
user avatar
Fars Rafique
Loved the story very much... Pls update the chapters soon author...
2022-12-11 03:09:49
user avatar
Cheryl Lewis-Hamil
didn't give 4 stars, I pushed rate later
2022-12-04 01:10:16
147 Chapters
Chap-1*Gangbang In Public*
Phoenix's POV:Life is a never-ending battlefield for some people. And a battered teenager like me has become an easy target for this hungry world.It's been years since my father checked up on me or my mother, and now that my mother is dead, he's pleaded to be my guardian.Darn you, 18; I wish I was 19 already. I will inherit my mother's wealth when I am 20 years old. But in the meantime, I will have to suffer while living with my father.After my mother’s passing, things turned dirty for me. My past didn’t help either, and I had to travel this long way to settle into a house with a lady who had wound down my parents' marriage. As I reached the town, my eyes gleamed at the sight before them. I craned my neck outside the cab and felt the icy wind playing with my skin. It was beautiful out there. I drew in my breath when my eyes picked out my father, old and weary. Do you know what it feels like to have to live with someone who's already kicked you out of their life? It's an ugly feeli
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Chap-2*The Sexy Mr. Mayor*
I hadn’t recovered from the shock when Mia elbowed Zoe and grunted at her."Stop talking nonsense," Mia warned her before we focused on the crowd again. "Mr. Mayor had gathered you all to bring this dirty mess to everybody’s attention," Jace declared while passing a deadly glance around."This town has some rules. I made those rules for your benefit. There is no allowance to have sex before marriage or without my permission. Two days ago, Jonas Ric and Felicity Quinn came into my office to ask for my help. The two wanted to be in a relationship, but their parents weren’t in favor of it. Now, before even seeking permission from me, the two had intercourse from time to time," Mr. Mayor said, while he knitted his eyebrows. He pointed at the two to draw attention to them. Everyone’s jaw dropped as he finished speaking. Felicity turned her head down in shame and tears rolled down her eyes.I was stunned too. Not because they broke some rules, but because of the fact that somebody made tho
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Chap-3*What About Bullying?*
Once the painful punishment of the couple was over, we were sent back to our homes as if nothing had happened."Is this how everyone is living here?" Once I slammed the door shut behind us, I couldn’t hold back the anger boiling up in my veins. They turned to see my face, confused, badly lost."This is horrible. The way he dealt with this is just absurd," I added once they failed to pick up what I was talking about."What are you talking about? Mr. Mayor has already taken care of this matter, so don’t put stress on yourself." Derrell spoke while holding a newspaper. I glanced at Mia and Zoe, who were busy arguing about something. Darrell spared a quick stare at them and tugged his face back into the newspaper."I’m talking about Mr. Mayor. How come he goes around ordering people and nobody seems to object?" I argued in anger, recalling every time they clapped, I wished to chop their hands off.Whatever the mother and the daughter were arguing about went out of the window when they hea
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Chap-4*The Girl Next Door*
"Did I frighten you?" I saw a beautiful girl, wearing a floral knee-length dress with her hair tied behind her head loosely, smiling at me. Her smile was very generous and, along with her, was a little girl with the same gorgeous features. "Oh no, I didn’t know someone was hearing me argue with the clouds," I joked to ease her up. "Hi, I’m Olivia Wytt and this is my little sister, Vivian Wytt." Olivia pulled out her hand for a nice handshake. I followed her action. It was nice meeting new people and probably running away from my horrible past. I made some grave decisions in my past that landed me in a tough spot. No wonder I have no friends from my past. "I’m not a kid. I’m turning fourteen this year. And you are just twenty-one." The little girl was a bit snobby, but in a very cute way. Olivia gave her a smile and looked at me next. "I’m Phoenix. I just moved here two weeks ago." I shyly brushed my hair behind my ear and watched them give me another sweet smile. "If I’m not wron
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Chap-5*Bossing Around*
“What the heck do you think you are doing?” I bolted, snatching her phone out of her hands to see what she was doing with it. She was wearing a bikini and was recording herself, saying things that made my ears red.“Nothing.” I could hear her heart racing fast in her chest. She was in the process of taking off her bikini when I arrived. She had now grabbed a sheet from the bed and wrapped it around herself.“Are you out of your fucking mind?” The rage was making me sick. I thought I was going to explode at any moment. Her mind reasoned that sending such a video in a group chat would be acceptable. I slapped her hand as she tried to get her phone back.“You are no one to boss around this place. You just got here a few weeks ago and you are already interfering in our lives.” She yelled as she took her phone back. I noticed how vigorously she was shaking.“You are a minor doing all this. Do you know how much trouble girls get into when they act out of peer pressure? Not only that, do you
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Chap-6*Room Of Pleasures*
Few Days Ago:Xavier Charming’s POV:I sat down in the chair comfortably, fixing my coat and leaning my back against the high backrest. The king-sized bed in front of me had all the lights illuminating it. The rest of the room was dark. “Let them in,” I voiced, sitting in the dark. The door opened and a girl in a red thong and bunny headband walked in with four big men behind her. She got into bed, and the men joined her after they stripped naked. They were already hard. “I am ready!” the girl voiced as she got on her knees and then turned to the men to start performing with her. One of the guys turned her to him and grabbed her hair to feed her his c*ck. “Swallow it,” the man commanded in a heavy voice. She gurgled but opened her mouth wide and took all 10 inches of his di*k in her mouth. The other big man with a name tag, Arin, adjusted himself behind her and ripped her thong down to expose her bottom completely. She moaned on Bob’s d*ck when A licked his finger and pushed it
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Chap-7*Like A Wh*re House*
I rolled my eyes as I stared at the immense building before me. It was Mr. Mayor's mansion.The guard welcomed me once he knew what I was there for. He showed me the direction to the mayor’s lawyer's office, which was on the fourth floor of the building. His mansion itself was a whole other town. On my way upstairs, I saw maids, cooks, and I don’t know who else. Sadly, they didn’t let me use the elevator. I had to walk those endless stairs for a few minutes."Why does this place have so many stairs?" I mumbled, looking tired. The third floor was where I stopped to catch my breath. I’m pretty sure I was out of shape for such hard cardio."Because you can’t fly to the upper floor, genius." I heard a heavy voice coming from behind me. I cocked my face and recognized the guy as the mayor’s assistant. So much for not encountering any of them. That was my initial plan. I wanted to never bump into any of them, just submit the forms and run out of here."I wonder what these elevators are for?
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"How did the form submission go?" I raised my head from the plate to look at Derrell. Mia has gone all out when preparing breakfast for us. She knew I liked vegetarian tortilla casseroles, so she made them for me."It was good," I gulped before answering. The horrible behavior of Mr. Mayor was still haunting my mind, even though hours had passed. It happened last night but felt like minutes ago."Did you meet Mr. Mayor?" Derrell cleared his throat before asking me under his breath, as if he didn’t want anybody else to hear us. But there were only four of us sitting at the small wooden dining table. I don’t understand why they were so secretive in their own house."No, I head straight to the office," I replied, tugging a strand of hair behind my ear and trying to focus on the food on my plate."Did Mr. Jace show up?" There were countless unnecessary questions popping out of his mouth. He was trying to know something, but was using a subtle approach. I wasn’t very good at taking hints, s
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Chap-9*Dark Circles*
"No!" I mumbled, shaking my head aggressively. It was then that I felt someone grabbing my shoulders and shaking me awake."Wake up, you are scaring the whole town," I heard Zoe dragging me out of sleep paralysis. I almost forgot about having sleep paralysis most of the night. I started having trouble sleeping after that incident in my past. I sat up in bed and wheezed."Dammit, it felt so real," I whispered under my breath. Maybe it was rooted in what I had seen the other night. I was sweating in the cold weather like crazy. Zoe was busy looking through my stuff when she finally turned to face me."By the way, what did you see? You were making all those weird noises like, ohh ah um mmm," She was making those weird faces and trying to mock me."Do you mind leaving?" I asked, feeling annoyed. She folded her arms on her chest at my demand, so I reckoned I needed to be a little more decent with my request."Look, I’m thankful that you woke me up, but I am still very sleepy. If I didn’t s
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Chap-10*Possessed By His Love*
Mayor Xavier fixed his cufflinks and then turned to look at Jace."Bring him here, Jace," he ordered, breathing sexily. His side profile made me stare at his jawline. It was sharp enough to cut all his subjects in half. He shrugged his shoulders, seeing an old man being dragged out in the middle of the crowd.A sigh of relief exposed my lips, and I’m sure Olivia felt at ease too."This guy here," Mayor turned his body smoothly like a dance move and pointed a finger at the poor old man, who was shaking, "Is a pervert," he finished, and my heart sank in my chest.The crowd began to chatter once again. The disgust in their eyes made the old man lowered his gaze. I couldn’t comprehend if Mr. Mayor was telling the truth or punishing this man for fun."He needs to be punished, but I wonder how!" His fingers played with his lips as he pretended to brainstorm. Definitely, he came prepared. So the punishment was already decided.I peeked through the shoulder to shoulder and, sadly, everyone lo
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