Me & Mr. CEO

Me & Mr. CEO

By:  K.T. Natua  Completed
Language: English
226 ratings
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Matthew Day, the well-known womanizing CEO of Lexon Corp claims, that the sweet and independent Miss. Ali Dream stole something that belonged to him. She disagrees and does not regret what she did. A rare chance of coincidence gets thrown into the mix and she ends up working for him. He is determined to make her jump through hoops to satisfy his need for revenge. Outside factors, disagree with his idea and form a plot twist that soon involves someone falling in love. A word, Matthew does not believe in, and something Ali has never felt for another man.

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user avatar
love this book good job author
2023-10-26 06:57:29
user avatar
Mariana Brown
I really enjoyed the story, it was really heartwarming. The only thing I was disappointed in is that I felt the ending was really rushed. Other than that, great job!!
2023-01-06 08:17:55
user avatar
Emily Garrett
If you’re looking for a funny silly story this is it.
2022-02-07 08:46:51
default avatar
Kashia Lo Vang
Love this book! Great job! Are you going to write one on Zach and Dena? You should totally do it! Please lol
2022-01-13 21:08:05
user avatar
Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
wonderful story love it.
2021-09-13 19:59:32
user avatar
J F.
Nice story. Please support my book 'Baby, you are mine.' too..thanks so much if you can do that.
2021-08-21 06:40:23
user avatar
Fernandez Fabillo
i cant believe i enjoyed reading this story...i love it
2021-07-30 22:25:41
user avatar
Jana Jana
nice story
2021-07-04 11:14:59
user avatar
Renee Barlow
I really love this book 💜💜💜💜💜
2021-06-24 21:59:12
default avatar
The storyline is exciting and funny <3 I can't put this one down till the end!! On my way to read the second book haha... Author, do you have any social media that I can follow you on? <3 <3
2021-06-23 12:06:15
user avatar
Jacqueline Vorster
good story.
2021-06-02 19:00:57
user avatar
Great book. I had a good “Laugh”at some part. Loved this book
2021-05-23 11:44:55
user avatar
Nur farhana Yahaya
the best n love it
2021-05-01 15:04:18
user avatar
Kamuela Natua
I am so glad I read this
2021-04-23 18:08:39
user avatar
funny one
I haven't finished the book but I'm liking it so far! Good job writer.
2021-04-23 18:05:35
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91 Chapters
Kill Them With Kindness
ALIS P.O.VWhen I imagined myself starting the day off, I did not expect to be late. Sometimes, my alarm on my phone might as well be useless. I've set five alarms, to wake me up. Maybe next time, I'll set up two more alarms just in case. It's seven in the morning and I have a job interview in one hour. I'd be surprised if I ended up getting the job at Lexon Corp C.E.O.I still haven't eaten breakfast yet. I really hope my stomach doesn't growl during the interview. That would be embarrassing.After hailing for a cab in what felt like an hour, in the streets of New York City. I was finally feeling like my day was possibly going to get better. Just as I was about to get in..."That's mine." said a demanding voice.Are you serious!? I knew it was too good to be true. Of course, something bad would happen. I rolled my eyes and turned to my left to see a tall, and handsome man with the most gorgeous dark brown hair and green eyes. His strong jawline was so defined, I bet it could cut a pie
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ALIS P.O.VI got to the building and made it up to the room, where my interview would take place. Before I took a step in the room, I took a deep breath and started giving myself a mini prep talk. You can do it! You're gonna do great! Nothing can bring you down!After my short prep talk I turned the knob and saw that no one was in the room. This room was huge and there were beautiful fresh flowers on the table. I wonder if I got the right room...Oh no! What if its already over!!!I checked my watch to see that it was 7:55. I guess I wasn't late... I still have 5 mins.I took a seat in one of the chairs by a huge table that hogged most of the room and waited for the C.E.O. Honestly, I think its very unprofessional if the C.E.O of a Million dollar company is late to a simple meeting.I didn't know how long it was going to take the guy to come, so I pulled out my phone and started texting my best friend Dillion.Dillion and I have been best friends still elementary. He is the most fun
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The Good and Bad News
ALI'S P.O.VI don't know if I should be happy or sad with what just happened.I mean... Should I be happy that I got the job? Or should I be sad, because I'll be working for Mr. Dumb nuts? Wait, I mean Mr. Day. I mean... even though he's gorgeous, sexy... Wait! What am I saying!? Stay focused Ali! This is a job!Don't forget who you're working for! So what if he's handsome and has the body of a greek god. He's still a arrogant jackass. As soon as Mr. Day left the room I called Dillion to tell him the good news."Dillion!" I screamed through the phone."Oh yeah, baby scream my name!" said Dillion yelling in a teasing voice."Ewww! Gross Dill!" I said shaking my head. Even though he couldn't see me. He laughed and said "Im kidding! Im kidding! So whats up? How did the interview go?"Well...I have good news and bad news. Which one do you wanna hear first?""The bad news first, because the good news will make it better in the end." said Dillion."The bad news is that the CEO of this co
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Dinner At Lia's
ALIS P.O.V As soon as I got home, I dropped my purse on the ground and went straight to go and get ready. I took a quick shower and picked out a red mid length dress that showed off my curves and straightened my hair. Then I put on my mascara and lip gloss and hurried out the door. When I arrived at the Restaurant, I walked in and spotted Dillion sitting at a booth in the back. "Hi Dill." I said, taking the seat across from him. "Took you long enough. I waited here for hours! People were giving me pity looks because they thought I was being "stood up" by my date." Said Dillon. Putting air quotes on stood up. "What? First of all, this isn't a date. And second, Dillion. It takes twenty minutes getting here from my house." I said in a amused tone. "I know that! But THEY don't know that. A couple of minutes before you walked in, a old lady started hitting on me. Don't get me wrong, I love cougars but I don't like my cougars at the age of 60! That lady is old enough to my great grand
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Little Sister
ALIS P.O.VOnce Dillion and I finished our food, I wiped my mouth with a napkin and laid it down on my plate and looked at a worried Dillion."Okay Dillion. Now spill. Whats do you have to ask?" I asked. "Ali... can Dina and I move in with you? I can't afford to pay for my apartment anymore. The money Im making is not enough for me and Dina to live in our apartment anymore. Ever since the money mom and dad left behind for us ran out, its been hard paying for Dinas medication bills and other bills i've been receiving in the mail too." said Dillion in a soft and sad tone. Dillion has a little sister named Dina. Dillion and Dina have been living in a small apartment ever since their mom and dad passed away two years ago from a car accident. They used to live in a house on the suburbs but had to move because they couldn't afford to pay the bills, due to their parents death. Dina is Dillions seven years old little sister and is diagnosed with epilepsy. The medication she needs is very ex
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Breakfast at Starbucks
ALIS P.O.V When we got out of our cab, Mark and I waited in line to order our food. Sadly there are eight people in front of us. Meaning we're going to have to wait for a while in line. I hope I wont be late for work. "So what do you do for a living?" said Mark as we waited in line. "Im a P.A for the CEO of Lexon Corp." I said. "Wow. Thats great." said Mark "Thanks. Today is my first day and the guy that I was arguing with this morning, is my boss." I said with a small laugh. He laughed and said "You've got guts, if your're going to argue with your boss." "Thank you, I guess. I've only known him for almost two whole days and so far, the only thing I've learned about him is that sometimes he can be a complete asshole." He laughed and said " Whats so bad about him?" "Well he —-" "Excuse me miss, are you ready to take your order?" said the Starbucks cashier, interrupting my conversation with Mark. "Yes, I would like to take a pumpkin spice latte and a toasted bagel wi
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Mrs. Finkleston
   Matthews P.
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The Longest and Most Annoying Goodbye
Matthews P.O.VMrs. Finkleston folded her hands together and said "Hmmm.. Where shall I start?""Grandma there's no need to bore them with old stories. I think its time for us to go." I said smiling to her, now hoping to get out of here as fast as I can. Even if we did stay and I let her make up some fake embarrassing stories, I don't want her 60 year old mind to go overboard and make me really embarrassed. If she's going to say an embarrassing story, I'll deal with the 'Peed in the bed' story, or a 'Calling my teacher Mama' story.One of my real embarrassing stories would be when my real grandma Dila Day, caught me masturbating in my room when I was sixteen and let me tell you, dinner that night was really awkward. We had to hold hands to pray for our food and guess who's hand I was holding?...Grandma Dila. Ever since that day, grandma Dila made sure to never sit by me at the dinner table ever again. "Oh no dear, its alright. Im sure we have time." said Mrs. Finkleston breaking me
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