Addicted to You

Addicted to You

By:  Chaotic Soul  Completed
Language: English
407 ratings
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Emma Lewis is a witty and confident girl who never fears anyone. She comes to the conclusion that she is done with guys when her boyfriend of three years, cheats on her. But what happens when she encounters Austin Williams, an attractive, intimidating, and cocky guy who always gets what he wants and never dates. Will she change her mind and give in to her desires or fight the undeniable attraction between them?

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Marena John Lambrou
Super story! I LOVED the headphones ability. I also enjoyed the storyline & that it was short and sweet! Just beautiful.
2024-02-15 08:51:39
user avatar
This author is amazing, never disappoints and I love each story I have read so far.
2023-04-07 14:43:56
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Caroline Lajawai
Love the story. Its not too long yet interesting to read.
2022-08-09 08:24:01
user avatar
Windi Pate
Loved it🤍🤍
2022-05-20 10:02:43
user avatar
Kerry Miller
I love how each story has a partner story that comes after!
2022-04-11 20:09:41
user avatar
short but truly amazing , highly recommended
2022-03-11 18:45:06
user avatar
Love it .........
2022-01-31 20:29:05
user avatar
great read
2022-01-05 06:14:37
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Melissa Hutchings
Seriously one of favorite books to read. I could not put this book down. I can’t wait to tread some more of the author books. A must read.
2021-10-27 03:40:09
user avatar
Ann Marie Garza
Great story! i enjoyed it very much!
2021-10-03 11:46:39
user avatar
Ma. Christina Salvamante
beautiful story
2021-09-19 13:57:17
user avatar
Mokgaetji Motswi
the perfect Romeo and Julliet kind of love story. I really enjoyed the story line the beauty of true love
2021-09-12 02:34:16
user avatar
Love.... This story ...........................
2021-09-06 19:52:36
user avatar
very nice. wish it was longer!
2021-09-04 03:48:13
default avatar
This book was absolutely fantastic. It made reading it so much rewarding for me.. The absolute worth reading it
2021-09-02 03:58:28
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33 Chapters
I could see the beautiful New York skyline from my office as I stood behind the huge glass mirror, losing myself in the mesmerizing vivid colors as the sun was setting. I smiled in satisfaction, feeling peaceful and relaxed. It was almost dawn and I decided to have a drink at the club near my office. I like to drink alone and mostly preferred to be in the company of no one. I was currently interning at my dad's company and was going take over the hotel business after my graduation which was tomorrow and I couldn't be happier that he trusted me to carry on his legacy. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. "Mr.Willams?" My dad's secretary, Gina knocked on the door. I cleared my throat and asked her to come in. "Your dad asked you to be here early tomorrow to discuss the documents regarding the company take ove
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Chapter One
“But I have to study, Ashley?” I whined through the phone, trying to convince my best friend that I was not coming to the game night. She used to live with me in my grandmother’s house but recently she moved in with her boyfriend, Jake, and wanted me to come to their traditional game nights. They have it every week and I liked hanging out with them until Jake’s friend Dan started coming to the game nights and hit on me often. I didn’t like him that much.“You always study and I know you are smarter than the rest
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Chapter Two
I rushed out of the elevator, trying to get a hold of him before he could escape. Everything was coming back to my mind in bits and pieces. Of course, I couldn't remember the conversation but I was damn sure he dropped me home. I can't believe it has been almost a year. He must have recognized me earlier and that's why he had that smug look on his face all evening. God, I hope I didn't embarrass myself too much that day."Austin, wait," I ran like a crazy woman and saw him unlocking his car. He turned around at the sound of my voice as I stood in front of him, trying to catch my breath.
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Chapter Three
"I'll just follow you to the club since I have my car," I said as we walked towards the parking lot."I'll have someone drop it at your house. Get in my car," he said in an authoritative tone and I raised my eyebrows."Fine," I rolled my eyes and got in. We drove in silence and I kept my gaze outside the window the whole time.
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Chapter Four
The next morning I woke up to find myself naked with a firm grip around my waist. It felt so good that I moaned involuntarily, inhaling the woody scent which was so familiar. That's when the events of last night came rushing back to my head. I got up with a jerk and pulled up the sheets to cover myself. Shit, shit, shit, stupid Emma. This was a huge mistake. Damn me and my stupid body, to give in to my desires. This was going to be so awkward. I turned to my side to find Austin sleeping peacefully and trailed my eyes all over his chiseled chest. I remembered how amazing last night was and blushed at the thought of it.
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Chapter Five
"Au--Austin? What are you doing here?" I stuttered, shock evident in my tone. He was wearing a black jacket and white T-shirt underneath it with cargo pants, that hung dangerously low on his hips. His hair was disheveled, making him look even more hotter and those hazel brown eyes bore into mine. Damn, this guy can pull off any attire. He looked so young and sexy in casual clothes and I found myself drooling at the sight of him."Who is this?" he pointed to Liam with raised eyebrows, not answering my question.
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Chapter Six
I lay on my bed, trying to process everything that happened. He wanted to use me as his sexy toy, only for fucking. It made me so mad and I had no idea why I was mad. It was not like I wanted him to like me and go on a date with me or did I? He was making me go crazy. This was way too much to handle. I thought about how good it felt when he touched me. The masochistic part of me wanted to agree to it and enjoy it but another part of me knew the consequences of what would happen if I catch feelings for him? He would never reciprocate it which will tear me apart. I screamed into my pillow, feeling frustrated and kept tossing and turning until I fell asleep. Fuck you, Austin Williams.I'm not gonna let you win.
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Chapter Seven
Austin’s Pov:I kept tapping my feet impatiently, wanting to get out of Jake’s house as soon as possible. I wanted to see her tonight but she didn’t come as expected. She kept defying me at every turn and it only made me want her more and more. I know she wants me too but something was stopping her. I had no idea why I was pinning for this woman when girls were throwing themselves at me. I tried to get her out of my mind and went to pick up some random girl at the club last night but returned home, drunk out of my mind, craving for her body. I couldn’t believe that I visited her last week. I never go to such lengths for a
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Chapter Eight
The next morning, I woke up feeling well-rested and blinked a few times to be fully awake. I noticed that I was naked with the sheets covering the lower half of my body. I turned to find the other side of my bed empty. Of course, what did I expect? Breakfast in bed? I sat up straight and threw my messy hair in a bun. It was almost 10 am and I heard my stomach growling for food as I didn't eat last night too. I made my way towards the bathroom and looked at my reflection in the mirror. My make up was smudged and I noticed a few hickeys on my neck and boobs. I blushed at the memory of last night as a small smile crept on my face. It was so amazing and he was right about the fact that I was indeed begging for more. That man had an amazing sex drive and I felt a bit sore down there. I let out a huge breath and jumped into the shower. After scrubbing myself clean, I came out wearing a towel around my body and bumped into a naked chest. I screamed in
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Chapter Nine
The next few weeks were like pure sexual bliss. Austin and I were fucking like sex-starved teenagers and still couldn't get enough of each other. He kept complaining about how he got to fuck me only during the weekend and wanted more but I told him that it was a strict no on the weekdays. He was already on my mind most of the time and I didn't want to be completely distracted by him. I knew that I was starting to crush on him slowly and couldn't help it. I tried so hard to brush it aside and even convinced myself that it was normal to have a crush on him since he was hot and sexy. I just didn't want this to end as I enjoyed every minute of it. "What are you thinking?" he asked, running his fingers all over my back as we were both lying naked on my bed. We went to his house only after the game nights. This weekend, I didn't go to Ashley's house as I had my exams next week and I wa
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