My One Night Stand WIth Mr CEO

My One Night Stand WIth Mr CEO

By:  BELLA  Ongoing
Language: English
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One drunken night after breaking up with her boyfriend and passionate sex with a stranger at a bar, Kathleen wakes up on a strange bed in a hotel room the next morning. Panicking as she rushes to get to a job interview—Call it unfortunate luck........her one night stand was her soon to be boss Mr Gray.

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Great job Bella, enjoyed the novel
2024-06-12 12:22:19
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Well molded Characters and Best story line
2024-06-05 12:32:55
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davidene september
very good story and charactor choise love tge content ,the fact that you cannot wait for tge next part of the book from the beginning up to the end you will not feel like putting down this book at all.
2024-05-18 03:10:17
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Great story ...
2024-05-09 21:43:20
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Delinda Schumacher
92 chapters 4-26-24
2024-04-26 20:54:52
92 Chapters
Chapter 1 A bad bad day
(A bad bad day...)Kathleen Turner never expected a gin and lemon tonic to taste like sand when thrown at her face, it also sent a peppery sensation to her eyes and she shut it for almost ten minutes for the fear of being blind, and listening to the crazy blonde seated opposite her table berate her for being a classless stupid whore who couldn't keep her money mongering hands to herself.Considering the fact that Jake Coleman was a stingy human she would hardly call herself a golddigger, he barely had a nickel for her to dig and even helped in the paying of his car bills a lot of times as a devoted girlfriend even if it meant skipping meals for a few days—all for the conniving bastard to be married.She took a deep breath and finally opened her eyes, his wife was gone and she already knew the thoughts running through the heads of the other customers in the restaurant. Rising from her seat, she quickly apologized to everyone and grabbed a napkin from the table, bolting out in a second
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Chapter 2 The worst day ever
(The worst day ever)‘You've been avoiding me Kathy'Kathleen was still amidst trying to get her shoes to stay together when Mr Garrison her landlord walked up to her, Oh God not again, she thought to herself and nipped on her bottom lip as she finally looked up to face him. Apparently she was covert enough, she'd been able to avoid him for a week now but her dumb luck had run out today. It was no longer a bad day, it was the worst day ever.‘Hey Mr G'. She playfully touched his arm.‘Don't call me that', he frowned deeply, ‘You owe me rent Kathy'.She sighed, ‘I know Mr Garrison but I have this thing and—'‘Lemme guess', his frown morphed into a full blown scowl, ‘Your mother's dog died, or you buried your grandfather or oh wait— let me think of your favorite one, your boss hasn't paid you yet due to the IRS!!'.She bit her bottom lip again, she was caught in a lie before she could even tell it and awkwardly scratched the back of her head, ‘Look Mr Garrison I don't have any excuse ot
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Chapter 3 Mr Knowles
(Mr Knowles)Kathleen put on a beautiful smile as she stared at her reflection in the mirror, satisfied with the black dress she had on that had such a risque neck line and so short which was enough to make a sane married man turn, she straightened her hair and tucked both sides behind her ear and adorned herself with a pair of dangling star earrings—with a simple touch of compact powder, mascara and blush with her favorite black eyeliner and red lipstick to seal the deal she was ready now.She put on thigh high boots lended to her by Gloria who wanted tonight to be the best night of her life even though she would've preferred her leather sandals, and walked out of her room only to be showered with praise from her best friend which fueled her ego by a mile.It was a new Chapter now, she had the worst day but she was also going to have the best night of her life—single, free from the testosterone and most of all...she was going to dance her heart away. She chuckled softly as she made h
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Chapter 4 Mr Knowles Part 2
(Mr Knowles Part 2)Grayson was in the middle of a conversation about how sour his year had been with his best friend when he spotted the beautiful curly haired woman sitting alone and drinking gin, she was obviously distressed considering how she was drinking the worst kind of beverage with her shin rested on her arm, still he couldn't help but admire her beauty.The music from the club was loud and the party blue lights were on but that didn't take away the fact that she was the prettiest woman in the room tonight, so he sipped on his drink and kept on gawking like a hawk until Connor realized his best friend wasn't paying attention anymore.‘Hello there Mr Grayson Hunter...are you in the land of reality??'. He said wavering a hand over his face.Grayson frowned, ‘I'm fine it's just—'‘Damn I'll be pretty lost too', Connor laughed and nipped on his bottom lip the moment he saw who his friend was staring at, ‘You should go talk to her'.‘No'‘What do you mean no??'‘I barely know her
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Chapter 5 Mr Knowles Part 3
(Mr Knowles Part 3)Devante's had the best Philly cheese steak sandwich in the city and Grayson was glad Kathleen showed him the wonderful restaurant which almost left him breathless, she was a full bred New Yorkian considering the way she spoke about knowing all the hidden gems in the city unlike him who just fully relocated a year ago and traveling out consistently.They both shared a sandwich and another shot of vodka which almost knocked her out but she remained strong, he was actually baffled and impressed at the same time with the way she was able to hold her alcohol—it was fun drinking with a woman who wasn't knocked out by the third glass of Martini.Occasionally they both sent sultry glances at each other and Kathleen knew he wanted her, she wanted him too and going home with strangers on the first night wasn't her thing but Mathew Knowles was special—something about him sparked a flame inside which she didn't even know existed in the first place.Finally he mustered up enoug
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Chapter 6 A night to remember,,,,or forget
(A night to remember....or forget)The bright Thursday sun of New York city shone brightly into the grand hotel's private suit and thus waking Kathleen from her slumber. She groaned under her breath and opened her eyes only to be bombarded by the most excruciatingly painful headache, she reluctantly sat upright and scratched the back of her head wondering what was going on.....and then the haze in her eyes cleared. She wasn't at her apartment!.A loud scream left her as she looked down and found herself naked, she yelped and jerked out of the bed in a midst of panic and looked around wondering what had happened the night before, and what she was doing in an obviously luxurious suite with her clothes on the floor and her panties on a chest drawer.She panted heavily and started to retrace her steps. She went to the club, then she met a beautiful charming man.....there it was Mathew Knowles! she met Mathew Knowles and they bot shared a delicious sandwich and she had the most beautiful,
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Chapter 7 Mr Knowles is Mr Gray
(Mr Knowles is Mr Gray)‘Are you here for the interview?''Y.... yeah'‘Goodluck then. I hope your pretty face works in your favour', he laughed nervously, ‘That came out wrong didn't it??'.‘Ohhh you're fine'‘Well then', he nodded and stretched forth his right hand, ‘Jacob Hempstead. Internal relations other words I work here so no pressure'.Kathleen forced an awkward smile, ‘I'm Kathleen....Kathleen Turner but I go by Kathy or at least that's what people call me'.‘Nice to meet you Kathy and good luck with the interview. You're going to need it and take it as a tip—Mr Gray loves a good resumé'. He smiled and walked away.Kathleen wasn't sure why he was giving her such a tip but she appreciated it nonetheless. He was really lanky with frizzy blonde hair and nerdy glasses, he was handsome and charming too but she'd had her fair share of charming men—she had a one night stand with one of them and was abandoned in a hotel suite.Taking a deep breath she walked into the b
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Chapter 8 All men suck
(All men suck!!)‘All men suck!', Kathleen could feel the tears brewing in her eyes as she plopped down on Gloria's couch, sipping a cup of coffee as she was ready to tell her best friend how embarrassing her interview went.Gloria sighed deeply, ‘I can't believe he lied to you like that'.’Ohh he didn't just lie', Kathleen hissed, ‘He acted like he didn't even know me. Like I was charmed by this man Lorie, for the first time since a few hours ago I had a glimmer of hope....only for me to be abandoned at an hotel with two hundred bucks like I'm some cheap hooker'.She was bitter, she was bitter and angry to the point where she felt like she would start crying. For the first time in her life someone made her feel so cheap that it hurt her ego, he stared right into her eyes and denied ever knowing her even after making her feel like she was special the night before—but who was she kidding anyway? a man like Grayson Hunter didn't go for the likes of her....poor and in debt.Gloria could
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Chapter 9 The first day is the worst day
(The first day is always the worst day)Grayson knew he was in for a long ride when he spotted Kathleen standing right in front of the door with a cup of coffee ready for him. She was even more beautiful than the last time he saw her, her pencil skirt accentuated her curves and the green blouse with a little flower by the side just made his mouth water—the winning part was her hair, long, lustrous, shimmering and he knew she came from a line with good genes.With a hard lump formed in his throat he walks towards her and the plastered smile on her face threw him off guard for a moment, ignoring her greeting, ‘Where's my coffee??'.‘With no cream and two cubes of sugar as you requested sir'. She responded still with a smile which he was starting to find annoying. Honestly she didn't seem to be as shocked as she was two days before—a part of him found her determination impressive.His brows morphed into a frown as he took a sip, then it changed into a scowl, ‘Follow me into my office Mis
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Chapter 10 In a monster's hole
(In a monster's hole)For the rest of the week Kathleen had made a total of twenty-five coffees, thrown out ten packs of doughnuts which she didn't throw out of course but kept safely in Ophelia's cubicle, and had been yelled at thirty eight times over the darndest things.If his coffee wasn't hot she got yelled at, if it was too hot she got yelled at, if it was warm she also got yelled at for it not being too hot. He was at his worst after fighting with board members and she was at the receiving end of it, getting yelled at for even the paperweight not being placed correctly on the table.She was exhausted and not only was she exhausted, she was mentally and emotionally drained. There were a lot of times where she wanted to quit, slam his head against the wall like she always dreamed off and walk away in the most powerful stride ever.... but here she was, on her lunch break, in the employee lounge, eaten a stale macaroni salad given to her by Nana willow with the most depressing expr
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