Nameless: The Darkness Comes

Nameless: The Darkness Comes

By:  Crystal Lake Publishing  Completed
Language: English
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Luna Masterton sees demons. She has been dealing with the demonic all her life, so when her brother gets tangled up with a demon named Sparkles, ‘Luna the Lunatic’ rolls in on her motorcycle to save the day. Armed with the ability to harm demons, her scathing sarcasm, and a hefty chip on her shoulder, Luna gathers the most unusual of allies, teaming up with a green-eyed heroin addict and a snarky demon ‘of some import.’ After all, outcasts of a feather should stick together...even until the end. ©️ Crystal Lake Publishing

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Holy crap.. what a story! I definitely was NOT expecting all of that! So, so we’ll written! This story will drag you in and keep you hooked til the end, begging for me. Absolutely a must read! Amazing job author - will there be a sequel? Either way, we’ll done!
2021-12-11 12:28:16
52 Chapters
PROLOGUEThe demonic love the taste of little girls. Luna Masterson went to her first sleepover when she was six, armed with a Superman sleeping bag and a pink pillow, pigtails and sour candies. Before she left, her dad pulled her onto his lap.“Sweetheart,” he said and looked worried. Even though she should have been too young to tell, Luna could see the anxiety running under the lines of his face. “You’re sleeping somewhere other than home tonight. And I know you see things in the dark . . . ”“You don’t want me to talk to the Tip-Toe Shadow tonight.”His face broke a little. A man’s face isn’t designed to carry so much emotion at one time.“Sweetie, I never want you to talk to the Tip-Toe Shadow. He’s a bad thing, and he lies. But especially tonight because I’m not going to be there with you. Do you understand?”She understood. Her mother didn’t see the shadows, and neither did her brother, Seth. But for some reason, her Daddy could, and it made her feel better. Even a child k
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Chapter One
CHAPTER ONE“Dude, that guy has a demon,” I said to my brother. We were sitting side by side on the front porch, but he wasn’t looking at me. I nudged him in the ribs and pointed at the guy discreetly.“What’s it doing?” Seth asked, still flipping through his Runner’s World. He never even looked up. I wasn’t surprised in the least. I squinted at the guy across the street.“Well, the guy’s carrying groceries into his house, and it looks like the demon’s trying to open the door. And you’re not listening.”“I’m listening.” Flip flip flip. He wasn’t even looking at the pages, he’s flipping them so fast. Trying to keep his cool, as usual. Sometimes, his calmness was maddening. I wanted him to get excited sometimes, to stand and shout at me until the veins pop out of his neck like Dad’s did. But he’ll never be Dad. He’d die first.“There’s a demon, Seth. Hanging around the guy next door. And you’re completely unfazed by this?”“Completely.”“Of course,” I muttered and took a bite out
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Chapter Two
CHAPTER TWOI’m sort of a jack of all trades, I guess. I do a little bit of everything, and all of it is mediocre. Except sticking people with needles; being stabby seems to be the only thing I really excel at. So when I blazed into town full of glory and good intentions, I snagged a phlebotomy job, no problem. Something about siphoning healthy-looking blood soothes me. I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day with that one.I was busy prepping my station for a routine blood draw when a shadow fell across me.“Hey, hotshot, I’m not ready for you yet. Wait for me to call you, okay?” I said, not looking up.The shadow didn’t move. I bit the inside of my cheek in frustration and raised my eyes.There was nothing there. That I could see, anyway.Well. This was new. There was always a person or a demon, but an invisible presence? Something unseen casting a shadow? I don’t know much about physics and its laws, but I’m thinking they’d have a hard time accepting this.“So . . . ”
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Chapter Three
CHAPTER THREESeth slammed the milk down on the table. The Raisin Bran followed suit.“So tell me about the demons,” he said. He sounded frustrated.I smiled to myself and scattered some Cheerios on Lydia’s high chair tray. She chirped and dove for them with pudgy hands shaped like stars.“It’s such a lovely day, big brother. Why do you want to botch it up with talk of the dark side?”“The dark side?” He flopped down in his chair and rubbed his hand over his unshaven face. Not a bad looking guy, all in all, but he was looking particularly harsh this morning. Worn out. Maybe he had more dreams about the Elusive Miss Sparkles. Like I said, I think the nightmares were hereditary.I sat down next to him, stole the milk for my own bowl of cereal. “Seriously, Seth. You haven’t believed me in years. Why the sudden interest now?”He leaned back in his chair, covered his eyes with his hands. “Gar. Just tell me already. I might never ask again.”I sighed and pushed my bowl away. I was ne
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Chapter Four
CHAPTER FOURThe encounter with Sparkles rocked me more than I’d care to admit. How could somebody so vile have a child as sweet as Lydia? She’s definitely cute, I can tell you that much. And smart. And astute. I can tell she has my genes in there somewhere.And, like me, after a few minutes swabbing at the counters with a washcloth and the like, she was bored.“Right, let’s go shopping,” I told her, and then I sprayed her down with sunscreen. Hey, even out here in the Northwest, you can’t be too careful. Demons and sunburn and cancer, oh my. Not my little girl.I ran a dark red lip stain around my mouth, pulled tall boots up over my jeans, and threw on my sunglasses. Suddenly, I was a femme fatale, a woman of mystique. And all under ten minutes.Lydia had pulled out her pigtails, so we did them over again, and that took nearly ten minutes right there. She has a knack for yanking beautiful doodads out of her hair. For this, I blame her father.“Ready, Princess Pretty Fingers?” I
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Chapter Five
CHAPTER FIVESomebody was saying something indecipherable, and it was much too loud. I groaned and tried to put a hand to my head, but the effort made my stomach heave.“Cleanup in frozen foods,” the muffled voice shouted again. It sounded slightly hysterical.“Cleanup. That would be you,” said a different voice. A calmer voice.I managed to force open one eye. It was teary from the effort.“Bartholomew? Are you back with me?” Bland-haired Reed Taylor was kneeling over me, peering at me with his fantastic eyes.I groaned and shut my eyes again. Suddenly, I shot up into a sitting position. It made my head spin. “Lydia!”Reed Taylor put his arms around me. “Calm down. She’s okay, just sitting right there in the cart. Can you see her?”Lydia peered down from her seat and smiled at me. “Mama,” she exclaimed.Reed Taylor’s arms loosened around me. He stood up and started to pull me off of the floor.“She’s my niece,” I said a bit too quickly.“What’s going on around here?” A red-
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Chapter Six
CHAPTER SIX“So I have a date tonight,” I told Seth over the phone. He was eating at his desk as usual. Noisily. In my ear. Brothers never change.“You? A date? With who?” He slurped loudly from his drink. Obviously, his body was crying out desperately for hydration.“Well, his name is Reed Taylor and has awful, blah-colored hair. And he was a user way back, so he says. And he has this invisible thing that hangs around with him all of the time. It kind of gets in my way, but it has its uses. Like today when the demon attacked me in the middle of the hamburger section—”“What’s wrong with his hair?” Seth asked. “I mean, what is it exactly that you don’t like?”And that’s Seth for you. He has this amazing mind, right? Quick, eager. His brain has tentacles and is always waving them around, ready to grab something interesting and suck it all in to its brain-mouth, or whatever. But the things Seth finds interesting, well. They just baffle me. I mean, I am boggled.“His hair, it’s like
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Chapter Seven
CHAPTER SEVENI was still freaked out by the demon’s change in personality when Reed Taylor came to pick me up. On a motorcycle, nonetheless. He roared to a stop in front of my house and pulled off his helmet. I couldn’t feel the invisible presence anywhere, and that might not be such a bad thing.“It’s me,” he said helpfully.Thank you, Captain Obvious.I eyed the bike. I was standing there in a filmy, light blue skirt and top. Ethereal looking, even. He was so killing my mystical vibe.“Do I, uh, need to come in and . . . meet your brother or something?”I’d filled Reed Taylor in on the phone earlier. “Come pick me up, and oh yeah, I live with my brother. And be sure to kick the demons in the face when you come. In the face.”Okay, so maybe I made that last part up.I blew my hair out of my eyes. “Nah, he’s my brother, not my warden. Besides, if you really want to say hi, you can wave from here. Most likely he’s peering at us discreetly through the kitchen blinds.”Reed Tayl
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Chapter Eight
CHAPTER EIGHTReed Taylor’s bike purred like a kitten, but I needed it to roar like a tiger. I was pushing it as fast as I dared, but I knew it wasn’t fast enough. You can’t outrun these things, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t going to try.Even now, darkness twined around the trees and buildings like the searching tendrils of a plant. But these were tendrils of despair; they were loss personified. The closer they got to me, the more I felt like throwing my arms in the air and giving up. Except I’m not one to bow down. They ought to know that by now.“Hang on,” I shrieked. The bike squealed, and we hung a sharp left. We zoomed down a smaller side street. The darkness pooled around us, momentarily confused.I chuckled.“You’re enjoying this!” Reed Taylor sounded panicked.“Stick with me, kid,” I said and pushed the bike to full speed again.Demons were coming out of the woodwork. Literally. I saw them spill out of houses and vomit themselves up from the ground. I had never seen so ma
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Chapter Nine
CHAPTER NINEReed Taylor parked the bike haphazardly in our driveway, grabbed me off of it, and ran me up the steps and into the house. In his haste, he slammed my head against the doorframe. So much for grace. Thank goodness I was still wearing the helmet.“Well, it’s good to see you’re—what happened?” Seth demanded. He set Lydia on the floor and raced over to us.“Luna! Can you hear me?” Seth demanded and yanked the helmet off of my head. He ran his fingers over the dried blood on my lips. The look he shot Reed Taylor even chilled me.“What have you done to her?”“I didn’t do a thing, man, it was this . . . I don’t even know how to explain it. It was wild.” Reed Taylor laid me down on the couch and knelt down beside me.“Luna?” he asked quietly. I could feel my eyes rolling in my head, but somehow, I couldn’t make them stop.“Hurts,” I managed to say, and Seth shot to my side.“What hurts? Where?”Reed rolled me onto my side and pulled my shirt up to show the demon’s mark be
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