Our Contract Marriage

Our Contract Marriage

By:  Syanja J.  Ongoing
Language: English
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Her father was killed by a strong gang. The daughter of a well-known business executive, Leon Soo-Yun was a lawyer. She wed Jang Jun-Sang, who was her childhood friend and the most successful man at a young age, in order to advance the family business. Soo-Yun desired to track down her father's murderer. She only wanted to punish the offender, but it also made life miserable for everyone.

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Mia Evergreen
Interesting!! Contract marriage, revenge. can't wait for more! btw the characters are Soo cute!!
2023-06-14 17:52:56
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Mrs. Jeon
Very Interesting Story.
2022-03-11 21:32:00
90 Chapters
Signing The Contract
Leon Soo-Yun was a 23-year-old female. Her personality was unlike any other. She was a sweet, gentle, and sensitive young lady who valued herself and her self-esteem above all else. Her parents never cursed her. She was a sweet and shy person. Jang Jun-Sang was a CEO twenty-five years old. He had a cold demeanour. Jang had no faith in love. Jun-Sang believed that he could buy love with money. He valued his work above all else. Jun-Sang is obsessed with perfection. He disliked people who were clumsy. ~ Soo-Yun and Jun-Sang sat across from each other, discussing their unexpected wedding, which their mothers had requested. Jun-Sang shifted his gaze to Soo-Yun, who was constantly looking down at her hands, heaved a deep breath, and leaned in close. I know you don't want to marry me, and I don't want to marry you either, so I made a deal. Okay? " "We can easily divorce under this contract." He looked at Soo-Yun and waited for her to say something, but she was lost in her thoughts. ~
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The Wedding Day
Soo-Yun stopped the car in front of a huge, beautiful mansion. She opened the car door and went out of the car. Soo-Yun heaved a deep sigh and started taking steps towards the main gate. As she reached the gate about to ring the bell, he opened the door wide. He was looking at her with a deep glance."You are finally here Soo-Yun"He said in a deep voice and was about to hug her. She took a step back and tried to avoid his touch."Sang-Woon, I came here to clear you something."He looked at her, confusingly, about to touch her again, but she stepped back."At least let me hug you, So-Yun."She shook her head as no. He understands there is something wrong with her. Sang-Woon invited her in."Come in Soo-Yun, let's sit and talk about it."
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The Main Rules Of The Contract
Soo-Yun sighed and took a glance at the window. “He has changed a lot,” she stated, and went to freshen up. Jun-Sang took his phone out and glanced at the wallpaper. He smiled sadly and shook his head. “We were so happy, Haneul” Jun-Sang caressed his phone’s screen.In the morning, Soo-Yun came down for breakfast, where Jun-Sang was waiting for her. “Good Morning Jun-Sang.” She greeted him with a soft smile. Jun-Sang nodded at her without taking a single glance at her. Soo-Yun sighed and sat opposite him. “You remember what I told you last night, Soo-Yun?” He asked in a deep voice, making her flinch, and a glass of juice spilled on her. She gasped and turned her gaze on Jun-Sang, who was shooting her death glare. “What the–'' Jun-Sang controlled his anger before saying further. “Why are you so clumsy, Soo-Yun?” He retorted, making Soo-Yun sad and embarrassed in
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Soo-Yun's Ex
Soo-Yun looked at the mirror and checked her last look before stepping out of the room. She went downstairs and passed by the living room. Jun-Sang was reading a newspaper while sipping his hot coffee. He secretly took a glance at Soo-Yun, who was talking on her phone with the Client. "Yeah, I will be there, Mrs. Kim. Don't worry. You will win this care." She gave some hope and positive comments to Mr. Kim just to cheer her up. Soo-Yun glanced at Jun-Sang as she felt the powerful gaze of someone on her. He immediately looked away as their eyes met for a second. Soo-Yun rolled her eyes and sighed. "I hope I win this case. There is no way to prove Mrs. Kim's son is innocent." She hoped and was about to leave, but stopped at her track as Jun-Sang called her. “You need to eat your breakfast first if you want to be active in your work." He said out of blue, making her frown her eyebrow. She chuckled at his sudden caring behaviour. Soo-Yun was about to go out, saying nothing, but Jun-Sang he
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My Drunk Wife
Jun-Sang started the car and glanced at his wife's sleepy figure who was resting her head on his shoulder. "You are so bad. What took you so long?" Soo-Yun said cutely while pouting her lips. Jun-Sang shook his head and smiled a little before driving away. "Answer me, do you like someone else?" Soo-Yun asked out of the blue, causing Jun-Sang's eyes to widen. "Yaahh, Let me." She shook him a little. "You are always rude, cold-hearted and annoying." Soo-Yun crossed her arms on her chest and made a grumpy face. Jun-Sang chuckled slightly at Soo-Yun cuteness. "You know Jun-Sang?" He hummed softly. "I missed you, I missed us." Jun-Sang eyebrows frowned and he shifted a glance at Soo-Yun then back to the road. "You know when my father died I waited for you to come and comfort me. You didn't give me a single look, I was so hurt by your cold behaviour. I will never ever forget how you threw me away when I needed you the most as a friend." She chuckled in pain as a tear rolled do
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He Love Her?
Soo-Yun sighed and glanced at the doctor. "What did they say.?" she asked impatiently. Dr. Deff shook his head in disappointment. Soo-Yun nodded and smiled before heading out of his cabin. "How?" She whispered and stepped out of the hospital.Jun-Sang rested his head back and rubbed his temple. It was an exhausting day for him after the yesterday’s night. The memories of the last night flashing back into his night. It felt like something bothering him like hell. Jun-Sang never experienced such things with Haneul. He closed his eyes and a small smile curved on his lips.“Answer me. Am I ugly?” Soo-Yun asked again when she didn’t get her answer. Jun-Sang shook his head as no. She smiled and pulled him closer. The powerful smell of wine made Jun-Sang disgusted, but his world stopped and heartbeat fast as she leaned her face near to his. Soo-Yun's gaze landed on Jun-Sang's lips, and she
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New Business Partner
Soo-Yun threw herself on the bed. She was sobbing massively. “Why am I feeling hurt? I don’t love him, right?” Soo-Yun sat on the bed and ran her hand through her hair. “WHY? WHY IS IT SO HARD.” she screamed in frustration. Jun-Sang let out a sigh before resting his back on the hair. He frowned as he heard a scream coming out of Soo-Yun’s room. He rushed to her room and knocked on the door softly. “Soo-Yun, are you okay?” Jun-Sang said calmly to make her feel better. “JUST GO AWAY. I DON’T WANT YOU HEAR RIGHT NOW.” Soo-Yun took her anger out on him, making Jun-Sang more worried about her. “Please open the door and let me in.” “NO” “Soo-Yun, please open the door or I will break it.” Soo-Yun panicked and her eyes landed on a sharp knife. “Soo-Yun, please.” He begged, but she was on her thoughts.“NO. I AM GOING TO MEET MY
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New Business Partner (Part Two)
"Sang-Woon?" Soo-Yun whispered under her breath. Sang-Woon smirked as his gaze shifted to Soo-Yun. Jun-Sang clenched his jaw and glanced at Soo-Yun, who was in shock. "It's okay. I am here with you." He whispered into her ear. Soo-Yun nodded and looked away from Sang-Woon. "Everyone, meet Moon Sang-Woon. He is the new partner of our company." Mr. Jang said while smiling slightly. Everyone stood up and bowed to him. Soo-Yun smiled at him and took her seat back. After an hour, as the meeting was over, everyone stepped out of the hall. Soo-Yun took her file and was about to go out, but stopped by Mr. Jang. "Soo-Yun, as you are handling this case, I want you three to talk about some serious matter. I need you to attend to something important. Hope you don't mind Mr. Moon." Sang-Woon shook his head and smiled. "Yes, you can go. I don't mind when I have Soo-Yun." Mr. Jang looked at him confusedly. "I mean, I don't mind at all." Mr. Jang nodded and went out.
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She Will Live Here
“Leave me, Jun-Sang. It’s tickling.” She laughed harder when Jun-Sang didn’t stop tickling Haneul on her belly. She pushed him lightly as she was out of her breath. Jun-Sang pulled her closer and laid her head on chest. “I love you.” “I love you too.” they giggled into each other's arms. Haneul opened her eyes and chuckled sadly. She poured a drink on her glass and gulped a tear roll down her cheek and Haneul wiped it aggressively. Bartender glanced at her shockingly as her condition got worse. Her head fell on the bar counter, making the bartender panic. He gazed at her worriedly and took her phone from her side. Jun-Sang’s phone started ringing as he entered the house. He sighed and took his phone out of his pocket. Jun-Sang's eyes widened as he saw Haneul's name. He quickly answered the call, making Soo-Yun roll her eyes. She walked away as when Jun-Sang attended the call. &ld
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Mine Not Yours
Sang-Woon Held her hand as she was about to sit in the car. Soo-Yun tried to get out of her grip. “Leave me,” she said, struggling in Sang-Woon's grip. He pulled her close to him as she turned around. W-what are you doing?” Soo-Yun stuttered. Sang-Woon let out a sigh and stared deep into her eyes. “You don’t love me, right?” she frowned and her gaze turned dark. She didn’t utter a word and sarong at him blankly. “Answer me Soo-Yun.” Sang-Woon asked her again politely as his eyes softened, seeing her in such a stage where she was emotionless. She chuckled in pain and looked away. “Love? I am good for it and I don’t deserve to be loved.” She sadly moved herself away from him and hopped in the car. “Stay away from me. I am married now.” Soo-Yun drove away as she warned him. He looked down and let out a sigh. Haneul yawned while rubbing her eyes as she entered the living room. A small smile appeared on her lips after seeing Jun-Sang working on the laptop with a cute pout. She gi
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