Panic Room

Panic Room

By:  Mrs.rie  Completed
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Teivel is a small town where nothing ever happens. But all of that changes when the Panic Room sets up shop. A place where all your nightmares come to life and your sins are awakened. Lilith is no exception to the temptations that lurk in the dark. But when she encounters the seven deadly sins and finds herself drawn to them, she finds herself willing to do anything to please them. But how far is she willing to go? Who will she destroy to get another taste of the Demons who have branded themselves on her heart? In a world not for the faint of heart, only the strong survive. But is Lilith strong enough to resist the evil within, or will her soul become as black as theirs?

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Holly Mazzarelli
I really love this book so far. It has kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Very good writing.
2023-06-10 04:10:24
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T L Nichols
Looking forward to new chapters
2022-11-30 11:05:10
60 Chapters
* Trigger Warning, this book contains violence, dark fantasy, abuse, death, murder, and trauma*PrologueBlood was everywhere, on the ceiling, the floors, the bed. The coppery smell of the warm red liquid filled the air, making my nose wrinkle in disgust.I rubbed my blood-covered hands through my hair. The rage simmered as the adrenaline left my body. It was like I was stuck in a haze. Why was I covered in blood, and who did it belong to? I looked down at the mutilated body before me; her face was no longer recognizable. All I knew was she had done something to earn my wrath. I move my eyes up to the blood-splattered wall; a picture of a young woman hugging what appeared to be her husband stared back at me. The memories came rushing back—the club music pounding in my ear drum, the smell of sex and alcohol in the air. But I couldn't focus on the words that were being sung or the people around me as my focus locked on her and him. The way she threw herself at him like the whore she
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Chapter 1 - HomeLilithThe cold air kissed my skin, leaving behind the promise of winter in the breeze. I took a deep breath and enjoyed this final moment of solitude as the train whistled behind me. Ringing out the last call before it left the station for the evening. My last chance to turn back and return to the safety of my dorm room and the piles of assignments I had to leave behind to come here. 'No, Lilith, your parents need you. It would be selfish to go home now.' That little nagging voice in my head shouted as it tried to reason with me. I opened my eyes, taking in the empty little station of Teveil. My hometown, where I had spent my whole life trying to escape, only to wind up back here only a few months after leaving because my sister had been murdered. Of course, I was sad my sister was gone, upset that someone had ripped her out of our lives, but at the same time, she had it coming. Was that a horrible thing to think?'Yes, horrible and not okay,' The voice reminded
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Chapter 2 - LiarLilithA light knock at my bedroom door stirred me from my sleep. My eyes felt heavy, and my body content as I wrapped myself up like a cocoon in my blankets, keeping the warmth around me. I let out a grunt of an acknowledgement as another knock at the door filled the silence of my room."Lil, time to get up. We have to leave soon." My father said softly, his deep voice vibrating through the door. Suddenly I remembered where I was and what today meant for me. I burrowed myself further into the blankets wondering why I decided to come at all.'Because it was the right thing to do.' The tiny voice in my head answered.But was it, though? Was it okay for me to attend the funeral of someone I didn't like? Was it alright to pretend to be mournful when in reality, I felt angry at my sister for dying and leaving me to clean up her mess and try to fill her shoes? "Lilith," My father said more sternly this time. I let out a sigh, flinging my comforter off of myself. I instant
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Chapter 3 - Vengeance Lucifer I didn't believe in coincidences, or at least not until now. Because as I stared down at the woman before me, her skin so pale it looked like snow, and her long black hair so dark that it made her emerald eyes shine like jewels. I got a sense of Deja vu. Like I was staring down at the one woman I had ever been so foolish to love. Well, as much as a demon could come close to loving another anyways. A woman who wreaked havoc in the underworld and destroyed my relationship with all six of my brothers. A relationship we have spent centuries rebuilding because of her, might I add.After decades of fighting and finally agreeing to reconnect, it was almost fitting that this woman who looked exactly like Lilith and even shared the same name as her walked back into our lives. Lilith, the once Queen of the underworld. A monster in all sense of the word, the one woman so powerful she brought my brothers and me to our knees in awe. And drove us all against each o
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Chapter 4 - ChoicesLilith I walked into Teivel's bakery, a tiny little shop owned by the Johnsons. I kept glancing behind me at every turn I made after meeting that man who had all my instincts telling me to run in the opposite direction. I was so lost in my need to escape that I didn't even get his name. I had no idea who he was, but he knew who I was, and somehow I knew that wasn't a good thing. Maybe it was in the way he presented himself, or perhaps it was the way he looked at me like I was his next meal. But I just knew that if I saw him again, there would be trouble. The kind of trouble I wasn't sure I was ready for. As I pulled open the bakery doors, my fingers traced the card in my pocket, the tiny piece of paper now posing as a diminutive form of temptation. The smell of freshly baked bread and cookies filled the air, and I felt my stomach loosen a little. This was one of my safe places as a kid. It was also the business my best friend's parents owned. I let the familiar
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Panic Room
Chapter 5 - Panic RoomLilith"You can't be serious. Even on the day, we're supposed to be mourning the loss of your sister, you insist on going out to party. You haven't changed at all." My mother cried out as she took in my short black dress, fishnet stockings, and black doc martens. I had even curled my hair and put on a bit of makeup, not too much because it wasn't me, but enough to please Kylie. I planned to tell them I was tired and going to bed early, but that was quickly derailed when my mom walked into my room to check in on me. Instead of finding me in bed sleeping, she caught me with one leg out the window dawned in my jacket and shoes. It was sad that I, a twenty-one-year-old woman, had to sneak out of her parent's house like a sixteen-year-old sneaking off to see her boyfriend. Not that I ever did that; the boys here only wanted one thing from me: information on how to get with my sister. "I don't see how me going out at this hour means that I didn't mourn Eve. I have
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Chapter 6 - Danger Lilith Kylie and I both exchanged nervous glances. The man stood patiently as we both silently decided whether this was a good idea. I bit the inside of my cheek as Kylie shrugged her shoulders. "We're already here." She moved toward the door, only stopping when she noticed I hadn't followed. The sin of a man kept his eyes on me, sending a shiver up my spine that made my skin pebble. "You leave to go back to school tomorrow, Lil. So let's make tonight a night you won't ever forget." Kylie said, a small plea to her voice as she gave me her best puppy dog eyes. The tiny little voice in my head was silent, making me face this decision alone. My eyes shifted from Kylie to the guy standing at the door. I let out a sigh, giving a stiff nod. "Alright, but just remember I have to be back by three, or my dad will send out the brigade in search of me." Kylie laughed, her shoulder shaking. "I promise you, just a few hours, and then we will go home." I stepped beside Kyl
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Chapter 7 - PridePerseus I had already seen Lilith once today when Lucifer had stopped her on the sidewalk, too curious for his own good to keep his distance from such a beautiful and familiar face; Lilith's beauty was what had enraptured us the first time we came across the goddess of chaos and destruction. But this Lilith looked even more, captivating up close than the Lilith we once knew. She was almost a spitting image of the snake who almost ruined me. If it weren't for the missing beauty mark on her upper lip, I would have thought it was Lilith herself. Though we all knew it wasn't possible, not after what we did to her once Lucifer ripped out her heart all those centuries ago, it still stuck a cord to see this woman before me. Ripping out female hearts had actually become Lucifer's preferred method of killing when he was through with one of his play toys. Lucifer, who always seemed to lust after emotionally unavailable females, was a savage son of a bitch compared to the r
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Sore Loser
Chapter 8 - Sore Loser LilithI felt like I was in a lucid dream; maybe it was from all the alcohol I consumed or from the lack of sleep I got while being here, but I swore I felt magic in the air. It felt like static electricity as it brushed against my skin, making my hairs stand on end. The carnival music filled my ears, and as we stepped through the red curtains, I had to pinch myself to make sure it was all real. All sorts of games were laid out before us, from bottle toss to fishing for ducks. It wasn't at all what I was expecting, especially not when Perseus had said that this room was the best. I had my doubts, but as I looked over at the ring toss, one of my all-time favourite games, I had to give him this. Pride was on the top of the list as over-the-top and most exciting. My blood was practically vibrating with excitement until Persues looked at me with those blue eyes, eyes that seemed to be made up of sins, and a glint of excitement flashed across them. Maybe I was na
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Twilight Zone
Chapter 9 - Twilight Zone LilithSamuel reached out for my wrist, gripping it tightly so he didn't lose me to the crowd that swarmed us when we exited the tunnel leading out of the room of Pride. I didn't fight him as he weaved us through the sweat-covered bodies; all seemed lost to the music. I hadn't noticed it before, but as I took in the expressions of the people we passed, many of them looked like they were seconds away from passing out from exhaustion. Their skin was so pale, and their movements were sluggish. I swore I saw blood staining one woman's toes as she danced, which could only have happened if she had been stuck in her high heels for days without rest. A body bumped into me, and I was forced to look away from the strange people, moving around the person who was clearly so lost in whatever drugs or alcohol they had been consuming to even notice our encounter. "Where's Kylie?" I shouted over the music. Nothing sounded the same as it did before my head hurt, and I co
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