Sociopath in Love

Sociopath in Love

By:  Kiko Briar  Completed
Language: English
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For her age, Annalia is too skeptical and callous. She indifferently accepted the move from the metropolis to a provincial town on the shores of the open sea. And with the same indifference, she agreed to spend a couple of months in a psychoneurological sanatorium. This is how her meaningless gray days would have passed, if not for new acquaintances from neighboring houses. Having become interested in Leah, they radically change her life and saturate her with all shades of emotions. But is she able to accept all the changes?

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26 Chapters
New homeThere is a sea of ​​trees around. They dived into this sea and sailed for an eternity on their iron chariot in anticipation that one day the long-awaited shore would loom on the horizon. Sometimes an island of light could be seen in the distance, to which they quickly approached. But all that was visible to the eye was another meadow stretching for tens of kilometers, flooded with sunlight. For a brief moment, they were overcome by warmth, and then it dissolved, as soon as they again drowned in the shadows under the crowns of a palisade of centuries-old pines and spruces.- What fresh air here! — Kayla said enthusiastically, enjoying the breeze coming from the half-open window. She gracefully tucked a strand of resin that had escaped from her hair behind her ear and turned to her daughter, who was sitting in the back seat. Her face lit up with a smile: “Lia, isn’t this a wonderful place?”- It couldn’t be more wonderful. It’s reminiscent of a hackneyed opening to a horror fil
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“It’s somehow strange.”The staircase leading to the second floor is located just opposite the entrance. And facing a crossroads: what to explore first - Leah began to rise again. If the house had a standard layout, then the living rooms were on the second floor, and in this case the first floor would have to wait.Five closed doors plunged her into a slight stupor, since from the outside the house looked much more modest, but the very next minute, remembering the bathrooms, storage rooms and dressing rooms, she exhaled with relief. Knowing her mother, Leah could already be preparing for the assignment: cleaning the entire floor herself. However, there is a significant difference between five rooms and two or three.Opening the nearest door, she saw a narrow staircase, apparently leading to a lonely turret. The dark corridor ended with another closed door.Succumbing to curiosity, Leah climbed the groaning steps and pulled the handle.Closed.She squatted down, leaned forward, touchin
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Pulling the back of her slip-on onto her heel, Leah awkwardly galloped on one leg to the front door and, finally taking off her shoes, impatiently ran out onto the porch. A quietly humming car was already waiting in front of the house, driven by a sleep-deprived father. He yawned sleepily and didn't even try to cover his mouth with his hand.- Why so early? “Normal people sleep until ten in the morning,” Leah wheezed displeasedly, plopping down in the back seat. - And I’m not averse to it until noon.“Who gets up early,” Marcus began.“He’s annoying everyone,” Leah finished and immediately heard an approving chuckle.In their family, only the mother was an early bird, rising, if not with the first rays of the sun, then certainly no later than seven in the morning. Of course, she tried not to make noise for the first two hours after waking up. But, starting from nine in the morning, her “turbo cleaning lady” mode turned on: the vacuum cleaner roared, the coffee grinder rattled, and thi
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For some time, Leah wandered around the shelves, looking at the used book books full of multi-colored spines: some pretty shabby, with wrinkled or even torn corners, others practically new. And there were even ones that had never been opened, with a crunchy sound pleasant to the ear, as soon as she tried to leaf through one of these.“Your coffee,” Yuna announced in a playfully formal tone, lowering a tall glass goblet onto a special wooden stand. — I hope you like the latte?“Cappuccino, mochaccino, latte, glace - yes, I’m practically omnivorous in the coffee variety,” she walked up to the table and, trying not to make noise, carefully pushed back the chair. The seat turned out to be really soft, and the freshly brewed coffee was so aromatic that it instantly stupefied her.—Where did you move from?- Is it written on my face: “not from here”?— Не совсем, — коротко усмехнулась Юна. — Я живу в доме напротив, поэтому видела, как вы въезжали.— Так мы соседи... Ты дочь Хьюго Бьёрка?—
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Opera HouseIt may be strange to meet in one day, out of forty thousand people, precisely those two who lived in neighboring houses. To some, this might even seem suspicious: deserving of special attention and some caution in communication. However, it’s not that Leah didn’t fall into the number of suspicious paranoids; now she was rather barely worried about the very fact of the existence of a new acquaintance, not to mention his proximity and obvious desire to get closer.After she got out of the water, the air temperature seemed to drop by ten degrees. Sharp, angry gusts of wind forced her to shiver from the cold: they pierced through her long summer cardigan with a large knit, blew their cool breath on the wet fabric of jeans and slip-ons - they did everything to make her teeth beat out the ragged tap dance.Wrapping herself tighter in her jacket, Leah ran up the stairs, leaving behind her a trail of wet sole impressions and damp sand on the steps. She tried to keep her mouth slig
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“The main cultural center of our region,” Neil straightened up and placed a couple of cans of soda and a large bar of milk chocolate with berry crumbs on the tabletop. He looked at Leah and explained with a playful smile: “Roughly speaking, the first four floors are divided into two huge halls: on the right is the theater, on the left is the opera.” Are any of these things of interest?- Not really. Have you worked here before?- Yeah, I worked part-time in the summer.- And no one cares that you steal from the local cafe? And anyway, no locks... You must have very lenient laws.- How to say. Compared to other countries, our crime rate is much lower. Robberies are so rare that many people, especially in the provinces, don't even lock their front doors. Violence and murder are also infrequent phenomena. True, sometimes people go missing, but you saw it yourself - around the forest, the sea. Either they drowned or were chewed up by wild animals. Usually someone finds the remains of bodi
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Chapter 4. The neighbor's catThe door bell rang loudly behind her, and two pairs of eyes immediately fixed their gaze on Leah: Yuna was sitting in the center of the room at the table, bending deeply over sheets of tables; and a stocky girl with short-cropped hair froze near the shelves on the first floor.The visitor's interest quickly waned, and she again switched to the book she was holding in her hands, while the good-naturedly smiling shop worker hurried to clear the table of papers.“Hello,” Leah pulled out the chair next to Yuna and tiredly plopped down on it.“I already thought that you wouldn’t come today either.”- Yes, it somehow got twisted. Mom took me shopping - I needed to replenish my wardrobe with warm clothes. Yesterday I simply didn’t have the strength to crawl here.— Did you have fun shopping?— Do I look like a happy person? Leah grinned in obvious amazement, barely able to stop herself from gushing about the hardships she'd had to go through over the past two da
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The weekend has arrived. Since early morning, Kayla had been working hard in the kitchen with such desperation, as if she were organizing a dinner party and not one of the invited guests. First I prepared a meat terrine with liver, bacon and pistachios - hoping to surprise with my knowledge and exquisite taste, and now I was fiddling with a sponge cake topped with curd and sour cream. And when she got to decorating the lush top, she suddenly realized that she desperately needed whipped cream.Leah also followed Marcus as he headed to the nearest store, wanting to escape from under the yoke of the domestic tyrant-exploiter for at least half an hour. The excessively fussy mother did not allow her to sit quietly for five minutes, either running on small errands, or needing ears to listen to her and a mouth to assent to every word.A new department has opened in the shopping center under a rather catchy name: “Desperate Prankster”. Scary masks and toy plastic knives with blades extending
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Chapter 5. Dinner PartyNeil sat in the kitchen and silently tapped his finger on the countertop, listening to the sounds coming from the second floor: water gushing; something landed with a loud thud on the ceramic surface of the sink. Then for a few minutes Leah became completely silent. And he, too, sat, frozen like a predator before the decisive throw, even reducing his breathing to a minimum. He lowered his eyelids and became fully alert.Careful steps. The tap water began to rustle again; The pipes hummed dully. Finally, the door swung open, and the steps became more distinct: she was heading towards the stairs; the steps sometimes creaked under her thin legs. A couple more seconds - and Neil opened his eyes, looking with a half-smile at Leah, frozen in the doorway.“I’m done,” she said shortly.The red spots had disappeared from her face, and the swelling had visibly subsided. But still, simple cool water cannot wash away all traces of half an hour of sobbing. She couldn’t do a
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— I graduated from school as an external student at the age of fourteen and university in four years.For some time, silence reigned in the dining room: everyone stopped eating and, as a result, making noise with cutlery; the Lagvuri family looked at him with admiration, like some kind of museum exhibit, but of course, not all of them - Leah continued to be in her thoughts, indifferently picking at her food with a fork.- No I do not understand! God, Martisha, how could you not say anything about your son? Kayla howled, turning to his mother. - Yes, you should be proud of him, everyone you meet will comment on how handsome and smart he is.“You shouldn’t attack mom like that,” Neil gently besieged her and, reaching for the pepper shaker, added: “I myself ask her not to talk too much about my successes.” Sometimes the reaction of others is very confusing. And she obviously wanted to introduce me to you at dinner. Am I right, mom?“Yes, of course,” she stretched her lips in confusion an
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