Substitute Wife for the Mafia King

Substitute Wife for the Mafia King

By:  Realfantasies  Ongoing
Language: English
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Dahlia thought that she would be marrying the man of her dreams when she took her twin sister’s place in a political marriage. After spending a passionate night with her groom, she wakes up to find that he wasn’t who she thought he was. Instead of marrying her twin’s fiancé who was her first and forbidden love, she ended up marrying Bradon, the man known as the Mafia King of the underworld. With her sister gone after eloping with her lover and with the country’s economic stability at stake, Dahlia has no choice but to continue playing the role of Bradon’s willing wife. Little does she know that being the Mafia King’s wife would be so physically and emotionally demanding. Being married to the cold, calculating, and dominant Mafia King changes Dahlia’s life forever as his seductive touches tame her body and ignites her soul. With each and caress, he teaches her of pleasures unlike any she has ever known and shows her a way to escape her dark past. Shunned by society and her parents since childhood for always being second to her twin sister, Dahlia’s life had never been easy. With no one to take her side, Dahlia was used to fending for herself, but what if her only way to survive this time around is to find the key to unlock her husband’s cold heart? My other books: Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion, Forbidden Heat, Love Slave to My Devil CEO Boss, Conquering the Emperor, The Alpha Prince's Purchased Maid, and Lust Contracts

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Linda Smith
Great story please do the ending
2023-12-22 06:19:58
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Delinda Schumacher
105 chapters 10-5-23
2023-10-06 10:51:01
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Christie Beckett
Please finish it, I am so needing to see how it ends. I am so in love with this story. I can’t wait finish it!
2023-10-06 04:32:32
default avatar
Elizabeth Oyenuga
I have always loved love in marriage stories, and also love ur style of writing ...🥹. I will support you in any ways. fighting ...
2023-09-19 03:27:09
user avatar
parfait abikunda
this book is so romantic I enjoyed it so much
2023-09-04 15:19:51
378 Chapters
Marrying the Man of My Dreams
Today, I’m finally getting married to the man of my dreams and my first love. I don’t remember when I first fell in love with him, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been in love with him. I wasn’t certain whether it was because of pure good luck or ill-fated misfortune that my one-sided forbidden love would be fulfilled today after I have spent countless years yearning for my twin sister’s fiancé. I’m not even sure where to start to describe all the pain, suffering, and misfortunes that I’ve had to deal with before reaching this moment. Dressed in a very expensive designer wedding dress with a white lacy veil covering my face, my hand tightened slightly around my father’s arm as I tried to stop my legs from shaking from the mix of nervousness and overwhelming excitement. It just didn’t feel real. I didn’t dare close my eyes for too long for fear that when I reopened them again, I would find out that everything about this wedding was just a sweet fantasy dream that I’
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His Substitute Wife
After what felt like a short eternity, we finally arrived in front of the altar where my groom was waiting for me. It felt like time had stopped and in that moment nothing else in the world mattered when I laid eyes on him. Just taking a peek at him from the other side of the veil that I had on made my heart race dangerously in my chest. “Do your job properly. This is going to be all over the news,” my father whispered close to my ear. Honestly, he didn’t need to tell me that because I knew from the moment that we made our agreement that I had to do my best to uphold my end of the bargain. Once again, I reminded myself that I wasn’t doing it for them, but I was doing it for my elder sister and for myself. My poor excuse of a father walked away from my side, and I was left alone to face my groom. Seeing him again right in front of me in the flesh reminded me that we had been apart for far too long. The day I left this country, I never thought that I would one day return and I defini
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Devouring Kiss
That’s right, we have to kiss…I felt like I was lost in a daze as Anthony turned to face me. He gently placed his hands on my shoulders before his hands slowly slid down my arms. My body felt frozen in place as a fluttering feeling developed in the pit of my stomach when I realized that he was going to kiss me. Even if it was supposed to be just a ceremonious kiss to seal our wedding vows, it was still a kiss and it would be our first kiss ever. It wasn’t like I didn’t have experience with men but standing in front of Anthony made me feel as nervous and anxious as if I was a young virgin girl all over again.Without saying a word, Anthony pulled me closer to him as his face approached mine. I felt his large manly hands slide down to the small of my back as he pulled me even closer to him. We were so close that our bodies were pressed together, and I could feel the heat of his body against mine. My eyelids instinctively slid closed as I offered my lips to him in sweet surrender and ac
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Gone Missing
**Roughly a week ago**It all started when I received an unexpected phone call. To be honest, it was also a phone call that I dreaded. After being sent abroad by my family and breaking things off with them, I had not heard from my parents for more than four years. The only person from my ‘old life’ that I kept in touch with was my elder twin sister and that felt like more than enough for me. It was hard but I had moved on with my life and I was working hard toward building what I hoped would be a bright and free future for myself.“You’re working so hard again today. Don’t stay too late, ok?” Louise turned to tell me with a sweet smile on her lips.After graduating with a degree in business, I was lucky to have found a job in sales and planning in a decent-sized company in the city. On top of that, I had a very supportive team leader who always looked out for me.“Thank you but don’t worry about me or the work. I’ll definitely get it done by tonight,” I replied with confidence.“Hones
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Can’t Escape the Past
Even when it came to her absolute favorite daughter the family’s reputation still came first. Something about what she said bugged me and I gasped out loud when I finally realized what it was. She mentioned that they were running out of time, and she was right.“Wait! Isn’t her wedding in less than a week?!” I exclaimed before my hand flew to cover my agape mouth.I can still recall the call that my sister gave me to tell me that she was finally getting married to Anthony, her long-time fiancé. Ever since my sister and I were around ten years old, our family and the Vulkan family made an agreement for their only son to marry the eldest daughter of our family and that was my twin sister.“You’re not completely stupid after all…” my mother replied sarcastically.We have to find her, and we have to find her as fast as possible.“I’ll do what I can,” I replied begrudgingly while trying to seal away my pride.My mother did not say anything, and the line went silent for a few seconds. Just
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Falling from Grace
That night, I returned to my apartment after rushing to complete my work. I sent my boss an email apologizing for my sudden request to take leave for ‘urgent personal matters’. After packing some clothes along with a few things that I thought I would need into a small suitcase, I was ready to take the next flight back to where I was born and raised.…Standing in front of the tall gates in front of the estate where I grew up made me feel uneasy inside. I bet that not so many people felt the way that I felt when they returned to the place that was supposed to be their home. No one was there to greet me, but the gate was left unlocked showing that they were expecting me. Nothing much had changed at all about the estate and the large mansion was still in great condition and the large gardens well-tended to. The money from Anthony’s family along with his generosity was truly being put to good use here, I thought sarcastically as I pushed the gate and entered.Soon I was standing in front
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Taking the Blame
“You can’t sell my things! I won’t ever allow that…” my mother countered as her face transformed into a mask of shock.“We don’t have any other choice. Stop acting so selfish!” my father screamed back.“Me? Selfish? How can you blame this on me when you’re the one at fault!” she shouted back while pointing her index finger at her husband accusingly.“Contact your brother or someone from your family. I’m sure they have some money to lend us,” my father suggested.“Stop! I won’t let you embarrass me any further. This is already bad enough for me…” my mother said through gritted teeth.I had never seen her so openly angry before and she never spoke this way to my father. Normally, she was obedient toward him, and it seemed like the only person in our family whom she would direct harsh words toward was me. I felt my sister’s arms around my waist as she hugged me close. That was when I realized that I was scared of what was happening and also about what was going to happen to us in the fut
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Hunting For Clues
“There’s no need to threaten me. I’ll do my best to find her even if it’s not for your sake,” I replied in a flat voice.Back then, I had no idea what he had in mind when he told me that I would have to take responsibility if I couldn’t find my sister.…**The next day**Despite telling my parents that I would try my best to find my sister, I still didn’t have any solid idea where I would find Diana or why she had suddenly decided to disappear. The timing was just too perfect because it was so close to her upcoming wedding. The only source of comfort for me was my gut feeling that told me that she was doing fine wherever she was. If she was truly distressed or if she needed help, I was sure that she would have tried to get in contact with me by now.After making my escape from my parents and out into the long hallway of the mansion, I ran into one of our oldest housekeepers. The way her eyes lit up told me that she was pleasantly surprised to see that I had returned. Lauren must have
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My Twin Sister
After thanking Lauren again and giving her a brief hug, I quickly made my way out of the mansion. The sun would be setting soon, and I wanted to take a stroll in the city for a while to take some photos for what I needed to do next. Although I wasn’t absolutely sure what Dina was up to, I had a very good guess.The city center felt even busier that early evening when I arrived than I remembered the last time that I was there. It seemed like a few more shopping malls had popped up and some new skyscrapers that were under construction the last time that I was there had opened up as well. As usual, the crowd was a good mix of people ranging from couples, university and high school students and regular working adults. I used to come here with my sister all the time to hang out after high school or whenever we were allowed or had the time.After finding a good spot in front of one of the shopping malls that my sister and I liked to frequent, I took out my mobile phone and snapped a few sel
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Runaway Bride
“Come back home. This is just another fling of yours and it will be over in less than a month or two based on your historical track record,” I snapped as I clutched my mobile phone tightly in my hand.“You’re wrong, Leya. This time it’s definitely different. I don’t blame you since you’re no longer living with us. You see, I’ve been secretly dating him for almost a year now and we are truly in love with each other,” my sister announced while sounding very proud.A year...“You’ve been engaged to Anthony for over ten years! Also, please don’t make your success in staying in a relationship for longer than a few months sound like a lifetime achievement because it is not!” I barked through the phone.After shouting for so long, my throat had started to hurt. I was panting as my anger started to boil over. It wasn’t that Dina never matured from the days that we were kids but she had matured in a way that was uniquely and completely her own. Her view of the world wasn’t normal but I couldn’
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