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Belle is an ordinary teenager, she has few friends, she goes to school (and she hates it), she has three triplet brothers who would do anything to protect their little sister. She is just like the others with one detail: everyone around her is werewolves, vampires, angels, giants, dragons, witches... In any case, they are not beings of this world. She will have to, with her partner and friends, recruit allies for the coming war, yet, in addition to everything, she discovers something that will change her whole life. Belle's fate is written in the red moon.

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love it ...
2024-02-24 21:54:24
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Ella kristoff
nice start... I hope belle finds all she's looking for ......
2024-02-24 19:28:49
user avatar
Too goodddd...
2024-02-24 16:24:09
user avatar
Perry Gomez
I love it ...
2024-02-24 15:56:44
user avatar
Monica Decastillo
I love it But with who would Bells bed up with?
2023-12-02 19:27:44
63 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Happy birthday Belle! Wake up now!” In the early morning, while I was still enjoying my late sleep, I heard my brother Brandon yelling in my ear. I moaned and covered my head with my pillow to try to get rid of him."Go away! I'm trying to sleep!” I shouted through the pillow, even though I was sure that my voice came out choked. Shortly after, I heard Ryan, the eldest of the triplets, ask me in a teasing way:"Well, if you don't get up right away, we'll have to force you to do it. Are you sure that's what you want?” Instead of answering him, I turned my head the other way round."Very good Belle! You don’t give us a choice then”, said Charles, the youngest before everything became strangely silent. Just when I was about to check what they had intended to do, I found myself on the ground with three huge burdens on me. I moaned desperately when their weight crushed me."Why are you so stupid? ", I yelled at them when they finally managed to let go of me. I didn't really think what I
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Chapter 2
Once in the courtyard, I lowered my head and started heading towards the entrance of the building. My family members were not aware of what happened when they dropped me off there.However, I couldn't tell them anything. I should deal with it myself. Well, it wasn't like I was alone in this place.As I was about to climb the steps of the entrance, I heard someone call my name. I stopped and looked around, looking for the person. I knew who it was, since only two people in this school called me by my real name.Dominique.We have been friends since we started high school. I always remembered our first meeting. That day, I was calmly having my lunch, and he, crazy that he was, had decided to try to steal my lunch.I punched him in the face and he slammed me on the ground, which cost us both to be glued.It was interesting to be glued with him. I didn't know that a person could throw a spitball so far that it reached the inside of a sleeping teacher's nose. I didn't know what I would do i
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Chapter 3
"No! No! No! No!”“It can't be possible. I can't meet a companion now. I'm leaving today. I won't see him again for a year. What if he rejects me? I can't be there for that, I can't," I objected to my shewolf inwardly.After my she-wolf pronounced the exact word, I began to panic mentally. I kept thinking about so many different scenarios and none of them ended well. My hands began to sweat and I began to hyperventilate.My she-wolf screamed with joy, calling her male again and again. I knew she wanted me to follow the smell, and judging by the way the smell became stronger and stronger, I knew it would be there from one minute to the next, I didn't stay around to find out who I was destined to be with. Instead, I pushed back my chair and ran through the back door of the class.I wasn't ready for that. I didn't want a companion.My she-wolf kept yelling at her partner, growling at me for running away, but I didn't care. Not only did I not want to, but also, I could not face it. All I
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Chapter 4
Edmond’s POV:When I woke up this morning, my wolf was very excited. He kept running around, smiling and shaking.It was strange for him, however. He wasn't the type to be "happy». He was always calm and steady, not really interested in my life, except when it came to my pack problems.Intrigued, I asked him several times why he was suddenly in such a mood, but he simply ignored me and continued to jump everywhere. I finally gave up by shrugging my shoulders.I grabbed my school bag, dragging it over my shoulder before going down the stairs. "Hunger brings the wolf out of the woods," I said. As soon as I got down, I rushed into the kitchen. As I entered the kitchen, I saw my father sitting at the kitchen table, reading a few files while drinking coffee.As for my mother, she drank her coffee, leaning against the kitchen counter.She smiled when she saw me."Hello, my heart.” I also smiled, and I sat down to prepare cereal."Hello guys," I said before I started eating my cereal."Son...
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Chapter 5
Finally, we arrived at the airport.I was sure my parents were getting lost on purpose. I did not know why, but I didn't want to dwell on that. When I got out of the car, I went to the trunk and grabbed my bags. I took them out before putting them on the floor. Thank God for the wheeled bags. Once everyone had their belongings, we headed to the entrance of the airport. As they passed through the doors, people all around walked quickly, some even ran, while others remained seated without doing anything. Without wasting time, we went to the counter to get our tickets. While we were there, I couldn't understand the fact that my heart still tended to break and that I wanted to cry a river of tears. But I had to be strong at that time, I couldn't let anyone see my pain, especially my brothers.While we were waiting in line, I felt my stomach gurgle. I told my parents that I had to go get something to snack on while they were all waiting there. As I entered the little shop, I looked around
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Chapter 6
My eyes slowly opened before closing quickly because of the meteoric pain that ran through my head. I moaned loudly, as I slowly straightened up by squeezing my head. Looking next to me, I saw that there was a glass of water, with a little pill and a little word from my mother."It will help you with your headache. Kisses. Mom."I smiled while taking the little pill with the water. Looking around me, I saw that I was in my new room. At first, I didn't remember how I got there, but then I remembered seeing my wolf shape. I was still in shock, I mean, yes, we don't see many white wolves, but a white wolf with blue and brightswirls? It was unprecedented. While I continued to question everything that had just happened, I didn't noticed that my brothers were slipping into my room."Hi, Belle. How do you feel? ", Ryan asked with concern as he approached me. He sat next to me on the bed and felt my head to see if I had a fever. I didn't know why he was doing it since I wasn't sick, but it
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Chapter 7
Edmond’s POV (1 year later)I remember that when I was younger, my mother told me how she and my father met, how all this was perfect when they looked at each other for the first time. It was as if she was alive for the first time. I still remember that I aspired to this feeling, that I wanted to find the person who would make me feel this, understand and live the same love that my parents shared for each other. Now, when luck was finally presented to me, I ruined it. I rejected my partner because of her status in high school. What an idiot!When she left, I was already heartbroken, instantly regretting my decision when she walked through the front door. I wanted to catch up,try to talk to her and apologize, maybe even try again. I wanted to be the perfect companion she deserved but her dreams were broken when I tried to call her for the first time.It took a long time to ask my father for Belle's number. He was the last person I wanted to talk to. Indeed, I had gone around the whol
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Chapter 8
A year later.A whole year away from my hometown, away from my best friends and my ex-partner. However, I don't regret anything since the training I received to become more powerful and stronger. Speaking of not regretting this experience, my brothers had finally found their companions.We had been living with the Elders for a few months and we had been informed that there was a part of the castle that housed abandoned werewolves, who had lost their families or who did not have a pack and who had refused to wander in nature. I had heard a lot about it and I really wanted to volunteer, as I did at home. It gave me the feeling of having a purpose in helping the less fortunate . It took a little time to convince my brothers, because they did not share the same passion as me to help the less fortunate, but very quickly, they agreed to follow me.We had just entered this wing of the castle when all three stopped and spotted their companion respectively.They immediately rushed inside, foll
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Chapter 9
“We are nowhere so good as at home!" I shouted joyfully, without worrying if the whole world had just heard me. When I entered the corridor, I immediately dropped off my luggage.I missed our old house. Everything looked the same as we left. My parents had managed to bring a family friend once a week, to keep the house clean while we were all gone. I heard a growl behind me as I watched the others enter the house.“Are you really obliged to scream like that?”We are not deaf, and you are starting to give me a headache, "snored Liam, dramatically rubbing his head as if someone were hitting him on the head with a hammer. I rolled my eyes at his words.Indeed, I had already gotten used to this for a while now. “Can you really blame me? We were stuck in this flying machine of death for hours and I couldn't fall asleep.” I pouted, looking at him with the innocent air of a beaten dog. He gave me a mischievous look, knowing very well that I had not slept on the plane and that I had taken the
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Chapter 10
Mireille's povThe day had just begun and I had already had enough. I didn't like the students of this high school. In my history class, I had only inquisitive and disgusted looks. What did I do to make them already hate me? I already understood why Belle hated being here, but now I understand her pain even better, and it's not even been a whole day. I had to hold on.Belle was my friend, she needed me, and I had to at least finish high school.That being said, I went to my next class, English, and I complained about it to one of my friends on the phone.Why did I have to have a rotten and lonely schedule? Rolling my eyes, I came in and spoke with the teacher before he told me that we should work on William Shakespeare's play "Hamlet", and showed me where I should sit. With a smile, I thanked him before heading to the back of the class. There were already a few students in the classroom.Some chatted while others contented themselves with staying alone.Soon, the bell finally rang, whic
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