By:  Fiona Cakes  Ongoing
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Ava-Rose Redclaw is excited when she meets Alastor Drexel on her 19th birthday. He's handsome, powerful, and the Alpha of The Drexel Forest pack. Proud of the mate the Moon Goddess gifted her with, she wants to jump into her role as Luna only days after meeting. As soon as Ava-Rose touches the Drexel Forest pack's soil, her mate's true nature surfaces. He's a cruel tyrant, with a thirst for blood. Ava realizes that her mate has no love in his heart for her. Saddened by this fact, she turns to his younger brother, Beta Trenton Drexel and they begin a 10-year affair. He loves her dearly, but he loves his brother more, so much so, that he turns a blind eye to the abuse Ava-Rose endures by his brother's hand. Tired of the abuse and humiliation, Ava teams up with a White Witch she befriended who lives alone in the swamps. Winifred invites Ava to run away with her to a land far, far away, out of the reach of her mate. Ava sees this as the perfect opportunity, as she's been planning her escape for a while, knowing that the day is near when her secret will come out. On the day of the voyage, scores of she-wolves from near and far show up to journey with the Luna. They are tired of their abusive relationships as well. Days later and they arrive at Mount Hecate, a sacred place for white witches. Ava is content with getting revenge on the pack that tried to break her. Love is the furthest thing from her mind until she meets Typhon, a mysterious shifter that lives on the top of the mountain.

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Fiona Cakes
TO MY READERS: This book is on hold until further notice. I will be finishing my longer books first so I can focus on this one later on. Please feel free to read one of my other books in the meantime. Thank you.
2024-05-22 08:27:06
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That B¡tch
Such an amazing writer. I would love to see how this story progresses.
2023-09-11 03:34:07
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Frederick Carmichael
There's only 3 chapters but man I'm invested. Please I beg you , continue
2023-07-18 10:32:57
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Fabz Dolly
I'm jumping up and down. I am all for female power. I wonder how Ava-Rose will get the revenge.
2023-04-09 12:04:17
default avatar
Please update. I'm fascinated. It's been a week. I want to know what will happen with Winfred
2023-04-09 11:51:25
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Maisie Deacon
Eager to know more.
2023-04-09 11:47:19
user avatar
Please update. This is the best entry I've read so far on the fate or mate competit0n. You have something here auth0r
2023-04-09 11:38:36
default avatar
An impressive first 3 chapters. I can't wait to read on. I'm loving this writer so much.
2023-04-04 05:19:31
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Fiona, I hope you get your break soon. I see you becoming one of Goodnovel's best-selling authors. Your stories are very different and well written. Can't wait for more updates.
2023-03-30 02:45:48
3 Chapters
AVA-ROSE'S POVGracefully, I glided down the aisle leading to the dining hall. The naked monstrosities of white-marbled statues that my mate called art lined the hallways like guards in Buckingham Palace. My wolf was torn. She wanted to obey the obligations the Moon Goddess bestowed upon us. But she also wanted her pack to be happy. But being mated to the Alpha of the Drexel Forest Pack wasn't an easy task. Alastor Drexel was a man so ferocious, he ate the hearts of his enemies. His humanity was, if not non-existent, it was close to being so. My stomach girdled as I anticipated tonight's feast. Dexter Black, Alpha of the Midnight Rune pack, was defeated by my mate. He owed our pack a significant amount of money, and he was days overdue. Alastor challenged him to a duel, a fight to the death, and the poor unfortunate fool accepted. Now his head was mounted on a spike on the front lawn, next to Alastor's other kills. The big clock to my left chimed, waking up my tired legs. I picked u
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I wasn't always this unhappy. I was a happy child who grew up in a happy home. Memories of my childhood were what kept my belief that happiness existed. Because now, at 32, happiness is nothing but a distant memory. My father, Adam, was a wise man. He taught me we are humans first and beasts last. Our compassion and understanding made us stronger than the average werewolf. My mother, Rachel, was a nurse in the human world. Saving beings was her calling. It didn't matter if they were wolves, vampires, or a weak little human. A tear slipped from my eye when I remembered that they were gone. Killed a day after I left to go live with my mate. I still couldn't believe that the whole Redclaw pack was just wiped out like that. It still baffled me. But I was proud to have come from that pack. I still lived by their teachings and worship the Moon Goddess. The Drexel Forest pack was an ungodly set of demons. They disobeyed the way of the Moon Goddess, and they curse her name. If only she'd s
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I slipped out of my heels and quietly pushed the door open. The room was a little dark, but my were-vision assisted me with finding my way around the pink room. I stepped on something sharp. I swallowed my yelp and paused, waiting for the sting to subside. I peered down and removed the Lego piece and tossed it quietly in the play box. I gently slid the curtains open, allowing the moonlight in. My breath hitched when my eyes landed on the tiny person sprawled on the bed. I swallowed hard and slowly sat on the edge of the mattress, making sure I didn't wake her. Her golden curls lay in bundles around her head like a crown and her cute button nose looked just like my mom's. That's why I named her Rachel in honour of my late mother. It was a good thing she looked like my side of the family because Alastor would have figured out she wasn't his a long time ago. I ran my fingers over her chubby cheeks, admiring how smooth and perfect her skin felt. Her button nose crinkled, then she rolled
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